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CricKet announces more LTE markets, LTE phones


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CricKet now has a reasonable amount of LTE, up significantly from the two cities that they had before (Las Vegas and Tucson):




They have a version of the LG Connect 4G (they call it the Optimus Regard) and will have the GSIII soon.


Data cards aren't yet available in the new markets, but tethering on a phone is available. As usual, all plans include unlimited everything-except-data; data speeds are throttled past 2GB, 5GB or 10GB, depending on whether you get the $50, $60 or $70 plans, and tethering is allowed on $60 and $70 options.


Now if only CricKet had an inside source that provided information similar to what S4GRU has for Sprint...then I could figure out just how overblown CricKet's coverage maps are (I'm right on the edge of LTE coverage here, according to their map)...

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I wonder if this is related




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I get this sometimes. It usually means I am on Cricket 1x and Sprint 3G (eHRPD). Check your 1x and eHRPD Engineering screens and see what channels you are on.



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SID 06441 is definitely not Sprint. Sprint has no PCS 1900 MHz SIDs that high and few PCS 1900 MHz SIDs outside of the 04xxx range. So, if this is Tulsa, Cricket or VZW seems likely, since they are the other CDMA1X 1900 providers in the market. It is not USCC, which is CDMA1X 850 and has a much lower Cellular 850 MHz SID. Regardless, as Robert indicates, you could have been CDMA1X roaming yet with native Sprint eHRPD.



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Went to two stores just now (one CricKet corp, one reseller) and couldn't find an LTE phone to buy/loan so I can see how CricKet's network fares in Austin on LTE. I'm curious about what channel width they're using here; it could be 1.4x1.4, 3x3 or 5x5.

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Negative. I might grab the Optimus once I can find one and do some LTE-spotting, but it'll be a lot more difficult to pinpoint towers since I won't know where they are in the first place (unless CricKet actually owns the towers, which pretty much doesn't happen).


I would imagine that CricKet is using RRUs or antenna-integrated radios since that's all the rage these days, and probably ends up being a bit cheaper than ground-radio based designs.

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