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  1. Well here in Houston (as I'm sure its the.same in other live markets) its extremely exaggerated as I don't have it at home but if I go the next street over, I can get a 1bar lte connection
  2. Thanks Robert, I appreciate the response.I was thinking the same thing about the threshold needing to be adjusted. Even when I had one bar of 4g lte, I had very decent speeds. Attached link to image of screenshot http://imgur.com/tBGhz.png
  3. A question for anyone that is knowledgeable about connections. I connect to a tower that has lte and is only about 5 streets away and way under a mile away and if I go to the street that the tower is on, I can get an lte connection but when I'm at home, in still connected to that tower and have anywhere from 2-3 bars, but my question is why won't it connect to lte and only stay on 3g and have 2-3 bars?
  4. Don't know why we are having a small issue with posting the pix on here.
  5. They were pretty good. I got 14 down and 7 up Tried to post a pic but says to big.
  6. Nothing here in Houston (well my area at least, even though an lte tower is .08 of a mile away .) Even drove and parked at the tower to see if it'll connect and nada! Then drove to another lte tower that's 1.8 miles away and it connected to lte
  7. I finally got some LTE while I was at Walgreens so I did a speed test and got 14down and 7upload . Pic won't post, says its to big . But now that I'm home, I don't get 4g . That tower is 1.8 miles away from my house. There's another tower a lot closer to my home that's an LTE tower, but I don't think they have stopped blocking that one just yet. They need to stop blocking it soon
  8. I'm at Walgreens and decided to look at my phone and noticed that I have an LTE connection and so I did a speet test I got 14 down and 7 up can't attach screenshot. It says file to big.
  9. I'm in Houston as well and have not had an LTE connection yet, if it is live now.I keep losing 3g every few min or so, don't know if its trying to connect to it.
  10. Thanks for explaining this to me
  11. I live about 5 min from I-10 and Wayside and 3g sux there as well but I'm between 2 towers that are going to have lte, so I really hope its worth it as well.
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