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  1. Security update is out October 1, 2021 (SM-N981U)
  2. I was paying for the same thing on android with Samsung... Samsung forever or whatever it was called... but I found out when I tried to get that upgraded new note last year that they weren't doing that. Even though it was still on my bill every month. I paid 11 months into it and got nothing.
  3. I'm on Sprint billing...but I was able to get a trouble ticket sent up, and the system sent me a text message with the ticket number and a phone number to call in about the ticket that was opened... The agent told me if I would switch one of my 5 lines back to a Tmobile SIM, he could order me the femtocell..but I had to have one of the lines on a Tmo SIM for him to be able to order it. That is how I got it.
  4. Well, the femtocell works as it should. Calls, texts and data all are OK ...even though I'm completely out of service coverage, with not even a spec of fringe to connect to...and the closest signal is 2 miles away... B66 AWS is what is shown on SCP... (Irony edit for a fun fact) The irony in how this is connected....I have the Airvana/Airave on Sprint still hooked up...which gives my Sprint-SIM'd devices connections... but I am using the LAN port on the Airvana as the WAN connection to the Tmobile Cellspot... So the Airvana is connected to the Cellspot. Seems to be working ok..but I need to log in to the Airvana and possibly DMZ the Cellspot so there's no weird double-nat issue on the Cellspot...or other weird things. So far calling, texts, etc all seems to work fine.
  5. Well..I just received the Tmobile femtocell. I am not sure if this is the device referred to as "Pebble"..but here's the model number: ALU 9961v2 4GLTE CELLSPOT. I wasn't sure exactly what they would send...since they've gone from some sort of cooked-firmware Asus routers, to some type of femtocell as this. Has Nokia on the back of it. I've had it for about 3 hours and it still hasn't finished activating. Since there is ZERO signal here..not even fringe signal... I have to go somewhere else to let it catch a couple bars then bring it home and see if it's going to hold. "somewhere else" where I go to get signal is 2 miles up the road. Literally speaking... And it's B71 that I latch onto...if they would just bump the power a few mW...wouldn't take much to get signal to me.
  6. I was told by a tech that I called in and talked with (because a trouble ticket was created, and I received a text msg saying "call <this number> in regards to ticket #_______ at your convenience"...) that my account actually says that Tmobile is NOT recommended because network conditions in my home area aren't the greatest. He told me that he was going to 1)issue a request up to some higher techs/engineers about the power levels of b71 in my area, 2)issue a new ticket about coverage in this area, and 3)switch me back to Tmobile SIM on just my phone, then placed an order for the Tmobile Pebble.
  7. I had a tech try to switch me back to TMO SIM yesterday -- well, he actually did switch temporarily...and it wouldn't activate (at my home), so he switched me back to Sprint. I'm in the 3rd week of having a non-working phone unless I'm within range of wifi that is fast enough to have wifi calling connected. I had to call the store and explain to the tech that during the screen replacement that I had 3 weeks ago, it appears that an antenna wire was not connected because wifi works fine, but cellular doesn't hardly work at all..and the way it goes is: WIfi calling connects and works. VOLTE will connect and work. LTE will pass data but no voice calls...Roaming won't connect at all. At home, in range of the Airave (B41), i show on SCP that it's on the Airave...but soon as I place a call, it goes from 4 bars, 3 bars, 2 bars, 1 bar...then 1 bar of R...then the call just drops. Same for places where VOLTE doesn't connect and it's just LTE only...has the same behavior. It's strange that my wife has the exact same phone..and hers will work fine but mine will do the 4-3-2-1, R, then drop. I explained to the tech in the closest store...detailed my hours-long convos with various levels of tech and online chat..and told her that i just wanted a working phone...so, over the phone, she was nice enough to just order me a replacement. I told her that I had brought the phone in to have someone take it apart and verify everything was connected..but all they did was "run tests" on it and didn't do anything to the actual internals...which doesn't solve the problem. I was forced to use my Firstnet phone for the past 3 weeks and missed a couple of job interviews because the apps I put in were a day or 2 before I had the phone screen replaced due to stuck pixels. So I'm not sure who's tried to call...but unless it's been on wifi calling...they haven't managed to get me.
  8. Visited a Sprint-converted-to-Tmobile store last week because my GNote 20 5G suddenly had a small cluster of stuck pixels that wouldn't go away (tried 3 apps that ran "tests" and made it flicker like crazy)..so they replaced my screen - and battery. Something didn't get plugged back in, or came loose...now I can literally watch the SCP app bounce from B25, B26, B41 back to B25...all within 5-6 seconds. Try to make a call with 5 bars and it suddenly drops to zero bars and the call doesn't complete. Headed back to store tomorrow to see if they can fix it... But beware the "techs"...doesn't sound like they check everything like they should. I was 3 miles away last week after they replaced my screen when i realized they kept my damn stylus and I had to turn around and go back!!
  9. I wish I could get some detailed signal information for my area... Using a microtik LHG with a quectel EM160R modem...I was able to do an antenna scan and find Sprint signal...but it wants to latch on to "extended network" ...and doesn't report MCC/MNC of "Extended Network"...however the signal for Extended is around -68..but it also says "roaming not allowed" above the LTE interface. Won't show any of that when i put an AT&T or Firstnet SIM in the LHG...only when I use the Sprint SIM. (not TMO sim).
  10. I definitely don't want to pay 4 phones (probably $2500+) off just so I can turn around and put those same phones right back on as a Tmobile customer, just to get...what..maybe $20-$30 a month in savings? I am sure if they wanted to really give a discount, they could.
  11. While Tmobile is doing hardly anything near me...I can't say much for AT&T either. I have been assigned as the administrator for firstnet for my FD...so I am able to order prod/services for the station and members...and I'm here to tell yall..AT&T isn't doing much better with the B14 rollout. My station, according to the map that AT&T gives me access to (basically it's a map of all the towers in the USA with a dot on each tower's location), is 3.5 miles from 1 tower to the east, and 5.9 miles from another tower towards the southwest. With towers that close, and the Microtik SXT LTE on the roof of the station...I can barely get a -95 on B14 and B2.... I even changed out the modem in the 'Tik to a Quectel EC25-AF and it still doesn't do much better. And Tmobile advertises discounts for first responders...i found out because I clicked a Facebook ad showing a discount... They called me and said I needed to verify with paperwork..and to physically take the paperwork to the nearest store -- so I did. I printed out my AL Fire College certification for Firefighter II... The manager of the store told me that there was nothing he could do because I am still considered a "Sprint" customer, and unless I paid off all my devices and started over, the discount wouldn't apply to me. WHAT?!?!? So yeah... not the best thing to hear.
  12. I don't know what's going on here either (35150 // 35044) since there is apparently no permit system or what-have-you...it's hard to find much information... However...it is becoming like a broken record now with Tmobile...every time they speak to me (chat, phone)...the SIM swap speech. Maybe some account notes would help mitigate this..but I'm on Sprint SIM STILL because Tmobile sucks bigtime here. Like literally there is not even a bar at my house... So much suck that I can't even activate a Tmo SIM at home...The last time I attempted...I had to leave and drive up the road 3 miles just to get activation to work.. For 2 weeks I dealt with the wifi calling not working correctly (it would work for about an hour after we got back home from being within Tmo coverage then would just quit allowing calls/texts)..and zero bars of service -- inside, outside..whatever..the phone said "no service"
  13. Trying to use Sprint/Tmobile with a 5g unlocked hotspot is really not easy. If you order a test-drive from Tmo, apparently they lock the SIM to that cheap hotspot and you can't move it... Not sure if it's done pre-shipping or if it's done upon turning it on and registering on the network...I will find that out in a couple of days... but it's not easy to test out the network with a hotspot device. I guess I should note that the hotspot being used isn't whitelisted on ANY carrier yet... but I don't think that should matter (It does work fine on AT&T and Firstnet and Tmobile business plan)....
  14. I am confused on something in the lte / nr area... and I have reason for asking because of a current hotspot that I'm using.. The difference in 5g and LTE. I see LTE B66... is there a n66 and LTE66? I see people talking about the 5G icon when they are on B2... is there a chart or something that breaks it down?
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