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  1. I could understand that if I was closer...but I live 2 counties away from Birmingham (Jefferson)...I'm in Talladega county...the southwest corner of it. I emailed back to Sprint and told them that I couldn't understand why it's been fine for nearly 2 years, and suddenly this sector of the tower can't allow MB...but the western-facing sector can.
  2. Apparently, according to an email that I just received, the magic box no longer can be used in this area. But, I can travel to Sylacauga, in town within 3 miles of the tower (on a different sector of the same antenna that is my donor) and it works fine. But on the sector that serves as my donor, I can't have the MB... That doesn't even sound correct...but that's what I just got told via email. Why would this happen? It works fine for a year and a half, suddenly it can't work anymore?
  3. Since all the saga began with all gens of MB doing the {GPS Lock, Donor/Relay Lock, B41 broadcast won't connect/broadcast} thing... there is still no word from the upper-level Sprint MB team on a resolve. My family member that lives 4-5 miles away DID however receive an email from Sprint on Thursday of this past week telling him that basically "we're sorry, the Magic Box is no longer going to work in your area".. He called into Sprint to discuss this email, and was told that the tower that his magic box connects to (the donor site) has scheduled work that began in January 2019 and the expected completion date of this work is January 2020. They told him that he could hold off for a couple of months on sending back the MB, and wait to see if the work is completed sooner, or he could check back in February of 2020 and try to get the MB again. I, however, have not received that email, and I don't connect to the same tower that he does for my donor site. His donor site is in Shelby county, AL...just across the Coosa River. My donor site is 7 miles away on Settlement Rd, US Hwy 280. Regardless, I don't understand what kind of site configuration Sprint has done to the towers that has caused the MB to not rebroadcast B41. The last email conversation that I had with Justin Aldridge, he told me that he does see my demo acct MB online. So it's connected to the donor site, just isn't giving me the B41 carrier to attach my devices to.
  4. That would be great...but I think they have broken areas like mine where the boxes work just fine. I really hope there is a resolution soon..both my sons have already burned thru their roaming data on their lines... So it's really hurting them more than me..
  5. I wish we could get a heads up on who's having this issue...I haven't heard back from Justin Aldridge... So I have nothing informative to share... I sure wish something would start working again..
  6. For me, it's happening on the MB Gold, MB2, the Demo MB 2, and a family member's MB2... It's an across the board thing for us..not sure what they've changed, but it happened on March 2...when I got up that morning, it had dropped the B41 ..but was still connected to GPS and Relay.. Same for other versions.
  7. Still awaiting a resolve on my issue that I've had. Justin told me that they are seeing my MB's on the network, but they just aren't broadcasting b41 for me to connect to. So the donor connection is fine...but the b41 broadcast isn't starting. I have a family member who is adamantly voicing (to me) how much he's beginning to become frustrated..because I referred him to Sprint 2 years ago, then helped him acquire a MB last year..now I'm getting the heat from him because his isn't working either.. And I don't know what to say to him. I am not quite as upset..if it works, it works. If not, then I'll wait.
  8. yes, the XP8. The phone connected to LTE via my MB but not sure on much else. i just know that it was showing LTE signal and it had to be from the MB...as the only other signal around me (in LTE flavor) is AT&T b2, b17 and VZW b25 (and b4?? I think). There are no other LTE carriers in my area except for b41 MB...I'm pretty sure it was the MB supplying it.
  9. My wife finally got her CriticaLinc last week... Lots of set-up issues trying to get beep-beep to work.. They tried to do a 250+ group activation...told them not to turn on the phones until last monday..and still it didn't activate PTT correctly. There are 4 apps she has to run in order for PTT to connect correctly.. She doesn't like the phone either..it's heavy and big.. says it's way more phone than what she needs for work. Haven't really tried it around my house since the MB has been out since she got the phone... and still having issues with MB...
  10. Here's what he told me earlier today:
  11. In contact with justin Aldridge at sprint via email.. he's the CTO over magic box.. my discussion with him has uncovered a problem that they are working on right now. I emailed him just this morning about the issue.
  12. Haven't seen VoLTE around here yet...I'm headed to Centerpoint, Birmingham today so I'm thinking I"ll take my inverter and MB..just to see if it's the entire Bham area. I'm placing my bets on yes. I'll check for VOLTE also.. I am seeing some B41 now and then... I noticed in Sylacauga when I was trying to use my inverter + magic box on Sunday that I could cycle airplane mode, and I'd hit B41...but the speeds were ATROCIOUS..like 2mbps down, 0.5mbps up...then, phone jumped to b25 2ca and speeds went immediately to 30mbps down, 17mbps up.. This was all within the same parking lot. So ...something is happening.. I hope that b41 stays hidden until it's WAY better than it is now.
  13. That is along the line of my thinking. It's been a LONG while since they've done anything @ the tower sites in my area.. I would be pleasantly surprised to see some upgrades happen here.. Hopefully the maintenance doesn't last long. I just can't see them having the donor frequency for magic box work fine for over a year around here, then suddenly it just isn't there anymore. And as I mentioned, it's not just the tower that I connect to. It's the entire area... I've tried on all 3 towers that I am in reach of during my travels... Plus, I know it's not working on the tower in Shelby county that my cousin connects to with his magic box (because he msg'd me the same morning that my box quit working to say his had quit also)... So, my usual tower (On Settlement Road) which has housed my magic box freq for over a year, the US280 tower in Childersburg, and the Shelby county tower we hit in Wilsonville...they are ALL not allowing magic box to complete setup. At this time, I can't get to any of the physical tower sites to look around..Been so busy with trying to learn Microtik SXT stuff..and trying to configure a home ISP option for myself to use since I'm fed-up with AT&T and their absolutely moronic pricing on 20 year-old DSL -- plus overages after 150gb of data use...I just haven't had time to go stroll through the area and check. My first thought when I found that my boxes (3 of them) wouldn't work at all, and they've been working fine...is that Sprint is doing something in my area...now what might it be...is the question.
  14. Usually Sprint says my address doesn't show up as available for the magic box. When Magic Box launched, I called to get one..at THAT time, my address was eligible for the Magic Box and had the proper freqs, according to their map. So they sent one. That magic box worked fine for over a year..then I wanted the gen2...so I swapped. That magic box worked fine...until the Gen2 got wet and I needed to swap..then I got the Gold...and it worked fine... Fast forward..I've added a 2nd MB, plus gotten a MB on a demo account by emailing Mr. Schnelbacher...and they've all worked..until Saturday morning. While my address may not show up as eligible, the MB does work here.
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