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  1. New security update. Made changes I don't like to the message app (dark mode is gone???) Anyone find dark mode let me know..
  2. Or if not a field test, you're in an area that has been Magic Box capable since it's inception...and suddenly, a closer look at the map is warranted because I'm a mile from the "line" and I can no longer use the magic box...so I must send the 2 I'm using, plus a family member that I referred to get one also must send theirs back. I'm still trying to use the Airave 3 LTE which works fine for a data connection...but does nothing for voice. Wifi calling can sometimes be a joke (fiber 150mbps down, 150mbps up).. I've been overly frustrated with Sprint this past 8 months or so... and mainly because the magic box was working fine for us..then suddenly they realized we are going to cause a huge FCC ruckus here in bumfuct Alabama...a little area with a pop of 5k and no traffic lights... So off with the MB..and back to Sprint they must be sent.
  3. Good!! I can't wait until my router arrives that is wifi 6...I'm not sure on the exact date, but should be the next week or so. I'll be getting a sneak-peak at one of the first consumer-grade routers certified for wifi 6 and also mesh wifi from a well-known company in networking equipment. The only thing I questioned on the specs that we were disclosed about was the requirement of internet speed to be AT LEAST 50mbps in order to function properly. I actually received an email from the person managing the trial that asked specifically for my internet speed, and that I needed to have at least 50mbps for this router to perform properly. Most recent speed test gave me 128mbps down, 141mbps up...so I might be ok.
  4. I hope I'm correct in my thinking that the note 10 is wifi 6 capable... Anyone using wifi 6 yet and know for sure?
  5. I don't understand why my note 10 doesn't do volte on b41 from the airwaveLTE
  6. Why does the note 10 and note 9 see the airwave lte as roaming... but the signal check app says I'm on b41. Does the lte LTE airwave not do cdma voice?
  7. You might want to look over my posts in the last month or 2...I've had to deal with the exact same thing. Chances are, you're in the same type of area that I am in...where they allowed MB to work, then discovered they didn't have the proper licensing for it to operate. I'd be ready to get some return boxes ...they are probably gonna want you to send the MB units back. I just got the S1000 femtocell yesterday...I vowed after the Airvana 2.5 that I wouldn't have another femtocell (charged for data from ISP, just to use that same data on my phone and get charged again)...but with unlimited it doesn't matter much. I only agreed to use an LTE femtocell because I'm having fiber 100/100 installed in about a month when it becomes available to us. On my old DSL, not an option at 6meg down, 0.5meg up. Not very happy with that licensing crap...I was under the impression that Sprint had the B41 spectrum by the reigns for the most part. But apparently i'm in one of those areas where they don't.
  8. It's all over now but the crying. I had the flu last week...but during that time, I found out from George Schnelbacher via email that I'm in a "bermunda triangle" per se... Inside the outlined area below is where (I'm guessing) B41 can't be broadcast by Sprint due to licensing ... I"m not understanding this from the license perspective..maybe someone can divulge what the restraints are for this particular area... and why is it off in the middle of bum$$ck Alabama, no where NEAR a major metro area...but splits an area across 2 counties. Makes absolutely NO sense to me.
  9. Nor that I could tell Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  10. Got email that says this is the line. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  11. The addresses are as follows: 1999 old Fayetteville road is congratulations 2000 old Fayetteville road is sorry, not available. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  12. What's funny is it's not even 1 street down. A couple miles down the same road from me, the magic box address checker says it will work
  13. Pick any address around me in a circle and if it's more than about 3 mile in diameter...the magic box says "Congratulations...available".. But, anything near me, within a mile or so...says unavailable. This is absolutely absurd. There's nothing here...no county lines, no weird stuff like airports within a mile or 2..we're talking..my address is dead-a$$ in the middle of the country with the nearest walmart 8 miles away. The closest address that I got for magic box to say it would work was 3 miles up the road on the same road I live on. There's no explanation for that. One little tidbit they seem to be overlooking at Sprint...it's worked FINE for over a year. Since around August of 2017 when I got the very 1st magic box...I've had NO trouble at all. Why all of a sudden now? Nothing has been done to the spectrum holdings in this area!!! One thing that I have seen...Sprint has some B41 here in Sylacauga but it's awful. 40mbps download, 0.5 mbps upload. Great download speeds. Upload either won't test or barely has any speed. Tuning issues I guess.
  14. NO!! The address for Walmart is 41301 US-280, Sylacauga, AL 35150
  15. I can't bring myself to do it...I'm skeered!! I don't understand what's going on...however, maybe it's a good thing that Justin last emailed me 2 days ago saying that "I'm sorry, after meeting with my team, it has been discovered that MB is no longer going to work in your location..." Paraphrasing here..but that's pretty much what he said to me. Then, I conducted my test .....by going to Walmart with my inverter and MB Gold edition... Once I saw that the MB connected and was finally working as it should, I unplugged and came home with it..and put the Gold in place of the Demo Acct magic box..which is where it's at right now and working normally. I took some pics while at Wal-mart of the box connected to the relay, then broadcasting b41 like it should..and also saved my GPS coordinates in a longitude/latitude format...and when I got to my PC at home, I pieced together the photos of the mb, the GPS coordinates, and sent Justin an email saying that I hated to hear about the boxes no longer working..but that I have been using magic boxes flawlessly for over a year (since launch/inception) and never an issue. So it really was bad news for us to hear we can no longer use it after great service for the past 1 year +++. I haven't heard back yet. I hope that's a sign that he took what I said and isn't going to just chalk it up to listening to GIS software... This area should be fine for MB use...and I hope they discover what is causing this entire central AL area to show up as unavail to use magic box in the address tester. I don't know exactly how much area it is but EVERY single address that I've entered in the magic box address site says unavailable. That CANNOT be right...especially with all the bandwidth that Sprint has in this area... CAVEAT: At launch, this area was PERFECTLY APPROVED for a magic box. SOMETHING has changed in their GIS mapping software or location data..not sure what. But my kids raced through their roaming data in 1 week without the magic box being on...it's really starting to bite...
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