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  1. At this point, there's no way to continue getting yearly upgrades unless you fork over a couple grand to do it... and really the only reason I wanted to upgrade just one of my devices, was to see if any 5G becomes available near me. I like the Note 10+, not that worried about 5G because I dont even get signal at home... but this move away from the loyalty program has me thinking about the Oneplus 5g as my next option. We already lost the consumer loyalty program. Then, the yearly upgrade fee that was a waste also, and likewise went away. Now they've silently deleted the Samsung forever p
  2. Yeah I just discovered it...and they've lost their damn minds. Pay $600 now, $30/month for the new note...plus send back the note 10+ that I currently have. Not once, but twice..because me and wife both have note 10+. So...$1200 up front, send back the phones we've spent $900 in the last 12 months, and "finance" another phone for 18 months/24 months whatever. Nah..I'll pass. Oh..and I found out just now that samsung for life apparently is gone. Nice news to get when I'm thinking we've been a part of it ...
  3. Sprint.com no pre-order options for note 20.... But Tmo has it for their base.
  4. I can't understand what is happening. Apparently the LTE airave.. will not work here. Voice won't connect but data says its working fine on the airave. Rep said it likely won't work.. but data is connected? Speed tests are nothing (I have 600meg/700meg fiber) and tests show 39mbps down, 7mbps up.
  5. Hey Robert..check this out (the image size is like 248x92 and still says it's too large..)
  6. Now they've sent me a 2nd airave (LTE) and the guy I spoke with this morning has directed me to move the actual box itself so that it's facing east/north east so that it may help it work...because for whatever reason it will not connect. He said something about the airave not working in this location any longer, but I used one from 2010 until 2016, then used the magic box from 2016 till 2018...then the licensing on magic box changed and I tried to revert back to airave... I didn't think the placement of the box mattered...the GPS is fine and solid green..and long as you got GPS and good i
  7. Is there an issue with adding images to sig? I tried adding my speedtest in many different ways...even edited it down to 150 x 200 and still gave me an error saying the size was wrong.... Any pointers?
  8. And I can't believe it's been TWO DAYS and this new Airave 3 STILL has red lights and won't just connect!! I was unaware of the Airave 3 having a data side, and a voice side until I got the box in..and saw it.. So it has the LTE side on one set of lights, and the CDMA side on the other set of lights. Here's the thing..the LTE side is connected with ALL green lights. The voice side has 2 green, and 2 blinking red. Reset after reset...unplugged for hour..plugged back in... I'm at a loss!
  9. So...yeah...Hi and stuff. I still come around from time to time....just chekin in.

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