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  1. If I needed another line...I'd definitely be sending in one of my galaxy s3 phones that I have.
  2. I had to switch back to Sprint SIM. Far as tower info...I can't find much for AL... I know where the towers are for 35150/35151...but I can't seem to find much for permitting in this state.. I don't even think there are any users still hanging around here that are AL residents... Just having the roaming capability that I didn't have with TMO is saving me ...because without a femtocell, on TMO...I got absolutely NOTHING. And wifi calling is a joke... 1.5 - 2 miles away...I can easily pick up n66 ...and B2. Here's hoping they see this ATT tower that's 1 mile from me and de
  3. Sorry for the dumb question, but how do I find out about the sites around me? I know where they are, but I just want to look at them and see if permits are done or what...
  4. This is why I fear going back to a Sprint SIM. My sons are still on Sprint SIM with their phones, which we just got at Christmas. The two notes that I got 2 weeks ago were sent with Sprint SIM inside, but with TMO SIM in the box that I was told to replace and activate... FirstNet phone obviously works great...I didn't really want to get a 2nd phone + carrier for myself just to have service at home, but I really can't afford to miss a call... And is this going to be like Sprint 10 years ago? I called in to cancel back in 2010 and instead was sent an airave... the Samsung version. Told tha
  5. Seems as though my FirstNet order went through. I am bad about going thru nearly the entire order process on stuff and closing the web page at the end...just so happens that I hit Submit order and closed the page on Firstnet...but it went thru anyway... So I will have a firstnet phone in a couple of days.
  6. I tried that...tried *#*#873283#, ##873283##, it's not for the Note 20 5G... The wifi calling, I don't understand...Does wifi calling touch a tower at all..or does it route everything to the wifi connection for the call? It amazes me that after going to town (where I connect to some very good 600/700mhz 5G signal) I have wifi calling for about 20-30 minutes. Maybe even an hour. Then it just goes away.. Might go away on mine...or my wife...or both...but it just quits...and I get the "no mobile network" error... SCP shows IWLAN..but then says the provider is AT&T. I'm on my
  7. It's a horrible time for my wife and I to be having these issues with service. She had a surgery yesterday with an overnight hospital stay..and service at the hospital was great...but then we came home around 12pm today...and found out that her dad has to be admitted to the hospital for something similar to bradycardia ...or afib... and has to stay overnight tonight with a procedure to shock back the rhythm tomorrow... so trying to keep the phones working is frustrating. I did try the band selector Samsung app...didn't have much luck with it...the only thing it will for sure lock on is
  8. I can see it being the router...I have an unreleased wifi 6e router so it may not be working correctly. My ISP is Windstream fiber..1gbs.i have a new firmware to test when we get home from the hospital... right now in the parking lot of the hospital I'm getting great service.. it's just at my house... it's like a dead spot.
  9. So...After 1 1/2 year of the GN10+ with Sprint sim...I finally had to switch due to ...well just wanting to see if TMO worked really. I shouldve just stayed where I was honestly...so disappointed....TMO still doesn't have service around my home... I knew that 12 years ago when I went from TMO to Sprint...because literally one day TMO worked fine, then next day they didnt. TMO allowed their roaming agreement with AT&T to expire on the tower that is 1 mile from my house...and service literally went to sh*t...like, over night. So not much has changed. We got the Galaxy note 20 5G(not ult
  10. I haven't posted in a while.. mainly because I haven't been able to add much to the conversation... but I want to share this [from my note 20 5g]... then I'll switch to my tablet with keyboard so I can type out the things I'm seeing.
  11. Just chatted with Sprint support about ROAMAHOME and the Airave. Apparently I'm getting something called a casa pebble now in place of the airave, and my phones should have ROAMAHOME on them.
  12. At this point, there's no way to continue getting yearly upgrades unless you fork over a couple grand to do it... and really the only reason I wanted to upgrade just one of my devices, was to see if any 5G becomes available near me. I like the Note 10+, not that worried about 5G because I dont even get signal at home... but this move away from the loyalty program has me thinking about the Oneplus 5g as my next option. We already lost the consumer loyalty program. Then, the yearly upgrade fee that was a waste also, and likewise went away. Now they've silently deleted the Samsung forever p
  13. Yeah I just discovered it...and they've lost their damn minds. Pay $600 now, $30/month for the new note...plus send back the note 10+ that I currently have. Not once, but twice..because me and wife both have note 10+. So...$1200 up front, send back the phones we've spent $900 in the last 12 months, and "finance" another phone for 18 months/24 months whatever. Nah..I'll pass. Oh..and I found out just now that samsung for life apparently is gone. Nice news to get when I'm thinking we've been a part of it ...
  14. Sprint.com no pre-order options for note 20.... But Tmo has it for their base.
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