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  1. ab30494

    HTC Bolt

    I have a galaxy s7 edge. Either way I can count on Sprint for coverage, just can't count on Sprint for any kind of speed, never have prob nvr will
  2. ab30494

    HTC Bolt

    they have B41 with multiple carriers here on B25 i am getting around 3 down. and i am a 3rd of a mile from the tower.
  3. ab30494

    HTC Bolt

    lol enhanced network. be lucky to hit 6 down where i am at
  4. I am just waiting for sprint to get the replacement note 7 in, they said Monday:) i was tempted in the iphone7, maybe for about a minute, lol
  5. ab30494

    WWDC 2016

    i have used it before and it is nothing special
  6. ab30494

    WWDC 2016

    Apple still playing catchup
  7. I chose lease. I don't mind handing my phone in, since my last 3 phones are still laying around anyway.
  8. Sent my donation. Even if I don't win. money is going to a great site. Would like to keep it going forever!
  9. Could possible be a GMO site. No all of them are able to get LTE.
  10. whats the point of those speed for a cell phone. A hot spot maybe, but not needed for a smart phone.
  11. Both "Magnetic Secure Transmission," or MST and nfc, won't transmit you card's data. it only transmits a code that is only good for a few min, and it uses a new code each time. It is secured with knox, and have to be unlocked with fingerprint or a pin, for it to work . I think it is more secure then having the card with you.
  12. You don't have to swipe the phone, Just hold it against it. NFC will work just fine with samsung pay. The other way is meant for where nfc isn't available. NFC is only available at 1% of the places i go. I can't wait ti 9/28 to test it. I won't have the note 5, but it will work with the s6
  13. I leased the s6 shortly after It came out. would there be a way to upgrade to the note 5, or do i have to wait a full year for that?
  14. Samsung Galaxy S 6 Software Update Effective Date: 7/13/15 (all dates are subject to change) Details:  A software update to G920PVPU2BOFE is available for the Samsung Galaxy S 6 beginning, 7/1315  Stores are reminded to update demo devices to the most current software version. Fixes/Enhancements:  Enable Carrier Aggregation 2x20  Various Bug Fixes Rollout Schedule:  7/13 5% of base  7/18 20% of base  7/20 30% of base  7/22 40% of base  7/24 50% of base  7/26 60% of base  7/28 75% of base  7/30 100% of base http://forum.xda-developers.com/sprint-galaxy-s6/general/g920pvpu2bofe-air-software-update-t3156310
  15. I plan on getting the air dock. I like the idea of how easy it is to dock plus wireless charging. I have a s6 so the back will be smooth enough not to need a magnet http://www.theairdock.com/collections/all/products/air-dock-2-0
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