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  1. @twilio Y'all's test API doesn't properly count SMS segments for multipart messages :(

  2. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    It would be if there was a solid broadband connection to feed it. There isn't, so it's not :).
  3. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    @lilotimz while I'm waiting for an RMA on my MB, mind checking if 78624 has proper spectrum for the MB? Was getting stuck at 20% or timing out there, despite solid B25 and B41 signals to play with (tried setup outside). Fingers crossed that this is just an MB HW issue and the replacement will bring that sweet, sweet B41 action indoors at my parents' place, which is limited to 25 or 26 depending on where you are in the house. Metal roofs + multi-hundred-foot towers will do that.
  4. @Beryllium9 I mean, default is now 64GB for the current-gen iPhone. Should be sufficient :)

  5. RT @aprilmpls: We all know HTTP status codes 200 and 404, but what happens when you send browsers HTTP status code ONE TRILLION? https://t.…

  6. HTC/Google Pixel and Pixel XL Users Thread

    Again, the LTE roaming bit is obviously meant as a replacement for 1x roaming. So it's a net improvement. FPop doesn't roam AFAIK. It's either ATT native (I have the SIM kit, not the older Sprint based service) or nothing.
  7. HTC/Google Pixel and Pixel XL Users Thread

    Just switched back to Sprint home network. There was no artificial dead zone between AT&T and Sprint, at least on this trip.
  8. HTC/Google Pixel and Pixel XL Users Thread

    Bits, not bytes That was Sprint. My FreedomPop SIM in my ZTE K88 tablet, on AT&T natively, hit 90-ish Mbps down at the same stretch of road, though speeds would probably be faster if everything wasn't being proxied via Jasper Wireless...or if the device wasn't as cheap (though it does CA). The roaming LTE appears to be throttled to on the order of 100-128 kbps, probably set that way to provide an experience that's always at least slightly better than 1x. Which, with the lower latency, it definitely is better.
  9. HTC/Google Pixel and Pixel XL Users Thread

    Figure I'd chime in because I'm posting this from AT&T roaming LTE on my Sprint SIM. Interesting experience. Will post my SignalCheck screenshot later, along with a nearly 120 Mbps speed test I took earlier on this road trip between Austin and Longview. Maybe doable on 2xCA with the TD slot reconfiguration but maybe that was 3xCA? SignalCheck wasn't helpful on telling which at the time. Around 15 Mbps up.
  10. What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

    Got called up today to be told that my Pixel didn't support B41. I argued otherwise, something to the effect of "I've had three generations of B41-capable phones, and my current one supports B41 + CA thankyouverymuch". After a few minutes on hold, the rep told me that they'd send a second-gen unit out in several (6-8 I think?) weeks.
  11. I'll bet the bigger issue there is latency, which already isn't great when you compare to, e.g., T-Mobile's FD implementation (I've seen sub-20ms). If you're only handling uploads every once in awhile (comparatively) that'll manifest itself as higher RTTs I'd think, so you'd only want to do that if you're really capacity constrained. Flip side of course is that you go from 20% of your slots being used by guards to 10%, so if raw bandwidth is what you're looking for that's an optimal configuration. Doing some math here, assuming one upstream frame translates to 4.5 Mbps of real-world capacity and one downstream frame translates to 18 Mbps (hopefully I'll get corrected on these numbers if they're way off) you're going from 72/18 on config 1 to 108/9 on config 2 (hey look, 12:1!). Bumping all the way to config 5 (and incurring the latency penalty) would get you 144/4.5 on the same slice of spectrum. One thing I'm not sure of here is whether you could use run different configs on the same cell site, e.g. running 3xCA with two at config 5 and one at config 2. That'd mitigate the latency penalty if devices could push their upload bits on the correct carrier and aggregate all the downstreams (plausible, since that'd basically be asymmetric CA like we're seeing now). But you'd have to run the same TD config on that same block of spectrum across the entire market (well, across an entire "island" of 2500) in order to avoid interference, which is I'm sure why Sprint couldn't do this while WiMAX was up, and why it took this long to flip the switch.
  12. HTC/Google Pixel and Pixel XL Users Thread

    /me blows the dust off his S4GRU account Add me to the list of folks experiencing complete signal drops while handing off. I need to compare between markets (I'll be back in Denver for New Year's) to see if the issue is network vendor specific...it shows up full-force in San Antonio and Austin, that's for sure. The issue feels like it's specifically B41 related, where multiple B41 cells are visible. For example, the 16th floor of a building in downtown Austin. Or a few blocks away at street level in an area where there are fewer buildings to block the signal. Or while heading down I-35 between Austin and San Antonio...or heading along I-10 in San Antonio. B25 and B26 handoffs seem to work fine, on the other hand, and if the phone has settled on a single B41 cell everything's fine. But if multiple cells are within earshot...good luck. Fingers crossed that Google fixes this. I feel like my 5X had somewhat of this issue, but not anywhere near this level.
  13. Black 32GB not-XL + protection plan ordered. Have high expectations for the device, to the point that I'll return it if it's not everything I'm hoping for, 'cuz $650 is a lot of coin to spend on a phone. But hey, this looks like everything I like about the One A9, plus everything I like about the Nexus line, plus current-gen specs, with no upsell to a larger screen size that I don't want. So there's a chance that this will deliver on my expectations.
  14. Checked before posting, hence the 15x15 PCS A reference. That block is San Antonio MTA. SA is geographically closer, though for TV and network classifications it's a toss up between SAT and AUS.
  15. My N5X won't show bandwidth though. Will see if the A9, M8, S III or Galaxy Victory phone(s) other family members have will...