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  1. Well, both my wife and I have replaced our handsets since this saga started, and so there have been a few profile updates, network resets, etc, and I have done a hard reset on the VoicePro itself. But it does sometimes just work, and then everything is fine. I just wish I could figure out what the magic is...
  2. Mine is showing that it's connected, but neither of my handsets wants to connect to it. I really wish it had the location beacon in there to help with that.
  3. Hey Mike. Sorry, I wasnt very clear in my previous post. So the BSL for the 1xRTT is actually the tower down the road. When I had a functional Airave, it was showing my home address. So SCP detected things properly and knew what was up. Interesting enough, we got a pretty heavy snow storm last night. When I checked my phone this morning, I was connected to the Voice Pro! It is showing the BSL as my home address, so thats working fine. I dont know if its because the local tower is messed up from the storm, or if it just took a while to get provisioned, or what. But at least as of now, I can tell the thing is working. Hooray! Thanks for all of the ideas and input everyone!
  4. Hmmm. Signal Check is saying that the BSL for my 1xRTT is down the road. Previously when my first Airave was hooked up, it said when I was connected. I have to wonder if this thing isn't broadcasting or if I just cannot connect...
  5. So I was trying it that way, but nothing seemed to change. I was able to definitely switch when I went into the "Radio Info" menu, and then pushing the three dots and "select radio band" option. But still no luck. Moves from 1x800 to 1xRTT. I have to wonder if the Voice Pro isn't letting my phone's connect because there are also two Airaves still on my account? One was shipped back and is yet to be removed, the other is boxed and will head out shortly. I'm curious about the custom PRL, but that's beyond anything I have played with. Also will be getting a replacement handset before too long, so maybe I'll tinker with that one more....
  6. Huh, I guess I didn't realize that. Well it's white! That's about all that seems to separate it from the Airave 4 aside from not having any LTE...
  7. I have a Moto Z2 Force. When I open Signal Check Pro, I see 1x800 and LTE 800, along with my WiFi connection. The LTE connection sometimes changes to eHRPD depending on where I am in the house, and the 1x sometimes changes to 1xRTT. So is it bad that I have the 1x800 connection? When I cycle airplane mode or try to select PCS from Signal Check Pro it doesn't seem to change anything. Thoughts?
  8. I do, but it's pretty poor. My 1x is -103 db, and my LTE signal is -110 db. Do I need to loose both before I'll be able to pick up the Voice Pro?
  9. So I have the Voice Pro fired up, but neither line on my account wants to connect to it. Even with SCP and selecting to use PCS, it doesn't try. So now I don't know if it's my handset, or the Voice Pro not working. Is there supposed to be someplace you can whitelist numbers to connect to it?
  10. Hello again everyone. Bringing this topic back up about a year later since it's black Friday time and deals are to be had on handsets. Have been using the Moto Z2 for the last year with fairly good results. I like the durability and the mods are handy for when I have a long day and need the battery. But recently my wife's phone has been acting very strange and she has been missing lots of calls or texts were not getting delivered. After multiple factory resets, she is up and running, but I want to see about swapping her into a new phone. The Pixel 3a is on my list, but I wanted to see if anyone here can comment on its network performance. Or should I look at another Moto or a Samsung? Thanks!
  11. Called tech support, they tried a remote reset, had me wait 24 hours, and now they are going to send me a Voice Pro because this one must also be broken. From what I can see its the same thing as an Airave without having the data/LTE side. I wish they could have gotten one of the two Airaves to work, but apparently its just easier to keep swapping equipment...
  12. So I called Sprint, and they sent me a new Airave. The GPS light is now solid without issue, but still flashing LTE. It has been doing it for over 24 hours. Just tried a power cycle, will try a hard reset next to see if that helps, but then I guess its back to tech support for thoughts and ideas.
  13. Thanks for the update, good to know its not just me. I need to request a new one, but just dont have the stamina to deal with calling back in again just yet.....
  14. Good Evening all. Recently asked Sprint for an Airave since they ran fiber down my road (woo hoo!), and we now have the backhaul for it. After plugging it in, it did the disco light show, and i was able to get CDMA/voice service on it, but had a blinking LTE light still. I tried a soft reset, a hard reset, and power cycling, but no go. This past weekend, we had some rough storms go through, and we lost power sometime during the night. Since then, the GPS light has also started flashing red, and I lost CDMA service. I called the support line, and they were able to remote into the device, but didn't have much insight. They pushed a reset on their end, but 45 minutes later nothing changed. I tried to hard reset again, but I'm not seeing any change. The tech on the phone thought the device might be defective, but then told me I had to go through the Chat feature on the support page to get a replacement. They recently added B41 to the tower near me, so I dont know if that is impacting the LTE, or if the time change has messed up how the Airave wants to look for a GPS lock, and so its just stuck in an endless loop. Any ideas?
  15. Yup, I agree entirely. I had hoped that what I had been reading online before I bought it was just people who are complainers, but turns out this was a time to listen to the internet. Also, was worth listening to Shade and Joski above who suggested going Moto. The formfactor still has me cringing a little, but making phone calls without fear is way worth it. (Plus it has great specs and is cheap!)
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