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  1. ScipioUSA

    Android Phone with Best Reception?

    So managed to find a Moto Z2 Force to try out, and the results are pretty substantial sitting at my desk. The Moto is better pulling LTE by 3 dbm, and the 1x (which I believe is what I want for just making a voice call, right?) was better by 16 or 20 dbm. Might have me shopping soon...
  2. ScipioUSA

    Android Phone with Best Reception?

    I havent looked into the E line, would probably go with one of the G series phones to stay on the cheap without a good deal. Im going to check into the Z2 Force, although Im also wondering what might crop up next week for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal. I would consider one of the Moto X4 devices on the Android One platform, but I know that hardware is getting to be a little long in the tooth.
  3. ScipioUSA

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Im in Washington County, over on the VT border. Not sure that you can get FIOS everywhere, depends on who won the Round III of the Broadband for All Funding in NYS. https://map.nysbroadband.ny.gov/html5viewer/?viewer=broadband If you go to that link it should tell you what is available at your address, and then possibly a "BPO Award" which is the funding to a private party to provide a broadband option. Verizon just happened to win where I live, and there isnt anything else to choose from near me.
  4. ScipioUSA

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Great, thank you! Im sure that VoLTE will roll out to my area within the next decade or so... Although where I am in NY supposedly Verizon is running fios down the road, so maybe that will help speed along some of the local towers getting an upgrade or two...
  5. ScipioUSA

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Quick question, and apologies if its already been addressed, I havent been through the whole thread in detail. So I know the MB is supposed to help with data only, and not voice. (For that I would need an airrave I believe) With the upcoming push to move to VoLTE, would a MagicBox then actually help out with voice service? Once upon a time I was approved for one, but never finished my request. Wondering if it would make sense once they have some of the latest generation ones available. Thanks in advance, and sorry if this was already discussed.
  6. ScipioUSA

    Android Phone with Best Reception?

    Thanks for the responses, and I was hoping someone would say the Moto was a good performer. I actually had tried to get some of them when Sprint/BB was closing them out super cheap, but they went before I could get there. I was thinking of trying to nab one for my wife to use, as her old LG G5 is getting tired and the GPS is shot. I usually always try to put the tempered glass protectors on when I can, but it sounds like thats a big necessity for the Moto phones. I really like the feel of the Essential, but Im thinking I may need to part ways with it given where I spend most of my time. The fact that the latest update seems to have interfered with the WiFi calling feature may have just sealed its fate...
  7. ScipioUSA

    Android Phone with Best Reception?

    Thanks! I have used Swappa in the past and had good luck with it, as well as some of the more trusted sellers on eBay for NIB phones. I really dig my Essential, but it has to work as a phone first and foremost. Not sure if Sprint has been working on any tower upgrades in my area lately, but it seems the past month that service has been spottier than I was used to, and this new handset has just further compounded things.
  8. ScipioUSA

    Android Phone with Best Reception?

    Thanks for the response. Ill take a look. Any other thoughts on something that might be one iteration behind? Hoping to stay sub-$500
  9. Hello All. I've been with Sprint a long time, and have been relatively happy with their service. But I live in a rural area, and lately my work has had me traveling a lot. I recently started using an Essential PH-1, which has a great feel and the fast updates are great. But Im not sure if I am going to be able to live with the very poor signal that it can pull in. I'm honestly not as concerned with the data speeds as much as just being able to make a voice call. Does anyone have a thought/recommendation on a phone that gets better reception? I would prefer to stick with Android just because I am in their ecosystem, if possible. Not looking to buy a 2019 flagship, but just wondering what that is current or from the past few years might work a little more reliably.... Thanks in advance!
  10. ScipioUSA

    Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    Hello everyone. I just recently picked up a PH-1 off of Swappa, and I really like the device itself. Nice feel to it, and I like that its not loaded with bloat. But I also live in the sticks, and travel a fair bit for work. From some of what I can find, this phone isnt known for having great luck with easily pulling a signal in. Im more concerned with voice than data, but not sure if there is anything that I can do or not to to help me out with it. I do use a TPU case on it, but Im trying to avoid putting the metal plate on the back that is useful for my car... Would love to see if something else can be done via software, but dont know that it will happen (especially with their recent layoffs)
  11. ScipioUSA

    Hello All

    Good Evening All. Wanted to say hello, and to say that Im immediately out of my depth. Having slunk around some threads here, I dont know what half of it means. I joined mostly because Ive been with Sprint 14 years or so, and wanted to get a better grip on the service in my area. I also had a very specific question for those in the know, but didnt know where to post it. Ill start here, and if you can let me know a better spot, I would appreciate it. So service at my home has never been great, but has seemingly gotten worse over the past few months. I also just recently upgraded to an Essential PH-1 due to some issues with an older LG handset, and I know it isnt know for signal strength. On a whim, I checked out the Sprint coverage map, and it has me blanketed in the best 4G data and voice signal that they have. But that is very much not the case in my house. It doesnt get much better outside, so Im wondering if there is something up with a tower upgrade, or if the maps or wrong, or if something else is askew. Can anyone here shed any light on anything? Thanks in advance!