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  1. HTCSOURCE website is claiming that Verizon will get a 2 week exclusive launch according to story picked up by PhoneArena. I hope this isn't true and have some doubt with AT&T giving away one for five days previous to tomorrow's announcement. Sorry, I can not post links still.
  2. You should of read the post above you from 12 hours earlier.
  3. "And take a peek here for the ENTIRE presentation." That one hour video was well worth the time to watch it. It explains the plan in detail and how he can get the USA there.
  4. Posted on Android Central. Son says he will start a Masssive Price War if T-Mobile purchase is approved. http://www.androidcentral.com/sprint-chairman-claims-price-war-will-start-if-t-mobile-buyout-allowed-go-through
  5. OhioCalling


    I also got the final update today but hesitant to load it. I may wait and see if there is a public release in the next few days / week.
  6. Is this a close out sale before a name change,
  7. For some unknown reason I am not being able to quote any messages but this is in reference (quote) to the previous post. The Truth Hurts sometimes but if it gets results then it is a good thing.
  8. Everyone would not have to be Premier today if the qualifications were changed so you have to be an account in good standing with 10 or whatever number of years.
  9. I would like some advice and opinions from the S4GRU members. I have 2 lines available for an upgrade and 3 more available on 03/01/2014. With the possibility of subsidized upgrades going away most likely would you upgrade the 2 phones to Nexus 5 now through Sprint for the 16GB models or would I be better off getting the 32GB from the play store and possibly loose all upgrades when they disappear from Sprint? Is there that big of an advantage or need for the extra 16GB to cover the extra cost of $300.00 per phone? in advance. Dennis
  10. I leave Sunday for a week in Disney and will check what I can with my EVO LTE so it wont be as good as a Triband device. Just hoping to have coverage at the parks and surrounding area.
  11. Okay I am trying to crunch the numbers as to whether this makes sense to switch from my current EPRP data plan. Am I understanding this correctly? With the effective date being January 10, I have 5 lines now and 2 are upgrade eligible. If I upgrade them before the Jan 10 then convert all 5 to Framily, Sprint will wave the $15.00 per month, per line for the 2 lines I just upgraded and got new phones for the subsidized price of $199.00 each or so?
  12. Stake in Company to grow to 70 percent over the next five years. Japanese carrier SoftBank is eyeing an investment in U.S. phone distributor Brightstar. The deal will see SoftBank take a 57 percent stake in the company for $1.26 billion in cash, and has already been approved by SoftBank's board. Brightstar is a name you may not have heard of before, but is one of the biggest phone distributors (acting between manufacturers and retailers) with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide. The deal will make Brightstar the exclusive distributor of handsets to some SoftBank affiliates, presumably including Sprint here in the U.S. Along with its investment in Sprint, SoftBank's stake in Brightstar could give it a better foothold on securing the latest devices for its carriers. The deal is still in need of regulatory approval, but is expected to close by the end of 2013, the companies said. http://www.androidcentral.com/softbank-take-57-percent-stake-phone-distributor-brightstar-126-billion Will this improve the phones available to Sprint if it is approved?
  13. I am also wondering why the Lima area seems to be ignored. I am in Van Wert and it seems this area is the Big Hole they forgot about.
  14. Approval sets dates for when their HSPA and LTE networks must be completed in the Alltel areas. Current Alltel customers will also be given free phones equal to their current device with no contract extension. The sale includes spectrum licenses on the 700, 850, and 1900Mhz and over 600,000 customers. AT&T also agreed to operate CDMA voice and data roaming service on the Alltel network until at least June 2015. How will this effect Sprint customers if at all? I know I roam sometimes on the Alltel network here. http://www.androidcentral.com/att-purchase-alltel-approved-fcc
  15. Robert, Congratulations on the New Position (a well deserved Promotion, I'm sure). The move will be the worst part of a very bright future for you and your family. All of us on this site will be forever grateful to you for what you have built here. The staff you have assembled is more than capable of stepping up to the plate to retain the quality during your move. I am sure that like myself many others were thinking of leaving Sprint (after 12 years) until we found this site, not to mention all of the new subscribers that have signed up after getting the truth about the future of Sprint Cellular Service. Sprint and Softbank have gained tremendously from your knowledge and contributions from S4GRU and should do whatever they can to speed up getting your service at the new location. I am sure that someone or multiple people from Sprint and Softbank also are aware of and follow S4GRU as it's reputation is widely respected and that is being acknowledged by other websites covering the cellular industry. Safe Travels, Dennis
  16. Thanks David. I had to change it from a .png to .jpg file and put it in the Public Folder. I edited my original post. Dennis
  17. I connected to 1x800 and eHRPD this morning in Van Wert Ohio for the first time. BSL: 6500-6898 Convoy Rd, Convoy This tower is over 7 miles from where I work inside a Brick Building that I normally roam on All Tell or Verizon.
  18. Connected to 1X800 for the first time this morning from my office. I normally roam on Verizon or Alltell unless I am outside the building. I am happy to finally see some work getting done in my area of Ohio.
  19. Robert, First off, Thank you for this website but more Important Have a Very Safe and Fun Vacation. You have earned it 100 times over I'm sure.
  20. Sprint just lost 5 port in phones from AT&T. I was recommending my sister-in-law and her family switch to Sprint from AT&T for better pricing and service. They agreed and just waiting for them to be out of contract this month. I was planning on using the EPRP that is the same My Family is on. Yesterday, I logged on and showed them the plan and even went through everything up to the point of checking out. The MRC was $204.96 plus taxes and fees which was acceptable. Today the EPRP is gone even though it is still shown and described all over that website but when you start shopping the New Unlimited My Way plan is the only option. So I went ahead and again entered the same phones and required data as I had done yesterday and the MRC is now $310.00 plus taxes and fees, not acceptable. This wasn't a good idea but they were willing to do it. This is just terrible timing on Sprints part IMHO. Yes I know it may be a good deal for individual lines but for a family it isn't. You are committing to a 2 year lock using phones that are NOT tri-band for NV best use and NV is at 50% complete (counting towers) at best. It is non-existent in Ohio for the most part still, just like WIMAX was. Not off to a good start for Sprint-Softbank-Clearwire. Sprint's lost they are going to JUMP to T-Mobile and after 12 years I believe I will do the same next year when my contracts expire.
  21. A belated Merry Christmas to all S4GRU and especially Robert for starting this great family. It is such a great site and forum that is only positive information and comments. May everyone have a very Safe and Happy New Year with even better or more Sprint 4g LTE in their future.
  22. Downloading it now. Have been checking every 15 minutes.
  23. The towers that are Red will connect to devices used by Republicans and the towers that are Blue will connect to devices used by Democrats. Well it is an Election Year
  24. I have not seen this posted anywhere so thought I would add it. Anyone starting a NEW line of service with Sprint can receive a $100.00 American Express Gift Card for opening the line. I found this when I logged into my account on July 6 after activating 2 new lines on July 5. The promotion is in effect till July 14. Of course you pay full new line price at the time of ordering and wait to receive your Gift Card in the mail, but still a 100.00 savings. I did a chat with Sprint and asked about it being retroactive for my 2 new lines. The rep stated that she could not do that. She told me to cancel the 2 new lines and then reorder them to get the discount. Yes this would be possible as I still had 13 days left of the 14 day trial program. I called Employee Care and advised them I needed to cancel the 2 new lines on my EPRP account. I did explain them what I was planning on doing to get the additional 100.00 per line. I also stated that this was not a good idea for them as they would get back 2 perfectly good phones used for 2 days that they would have to use as refurbished and loose 2 additional new units to replace them. The rep asked if he could call me back as he wanted to check into this for me. The rep did call me back in about a half hour and agreed to credit my account 200.00 instead of me returning the phones. After being disappointed in loosing my SP Gold status and annual upgrades, I am again happy with Sprint Customer Service and my new EVO LTE.
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