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  1. I stand corrected then, Guess part of it must be not available to the public. My bad.
  2. Under Seal just means where it was filed. Not the same as "Sealed" which means it can't be seen.
  3. Thanks for this post. I have been noticing that my clock also is off by 4 hours sometimes inside my building. I didn't think to check that it was carrier related but will check it the next time. I do roam onto other carriers inside the building unless standing next to the front window.
  4. I like that look better for businesses. Wish my area had the needed coverage to qualify for one I could use in our coffee shop. These old brick buildings downtown loose signals once you are about 5 feet from the window.
  5. Sprint Awarded $26.9M In Cell Phone Trafficking Suit http://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-awarded-269m-in-cell-phone-trafficking-suit.htm?linkId=52549886
  6. Intresting, FORBES Will Townsend predicts Sprint wins 5G Race and that Nokia and Ericcson will merge. https://www.forbes.com/sites/moorinsights/2018/01/10/3-predictions-for-telecommunications-and-enterprise-networking-in-2018/#7668ffd7776d
  7. Yes it is and probably why the phone is being discounted so heavily. Think we may own an expensive paperweight now.
  8. Have tried self activation twice and failed both times. Says to contact provider. But also did not copy any data from the Samsung G6 edge that I am trying to replace. Copied the apps but none of the data within the apps. Has anyone been successful with transferring content and data from another phone to their essential? Hmmmm, maybe I can return this one and do another after the 23rd to get the camera.
  9. Just received my phone. Like the look and feel of it. Downloading update to 7.1.1 now. Need to contact Sprint and pay off the lease. Has anyone found a good case and screen protector?
  10. I ordered one online. Plan on paying the lease off as soon as possible. If it works good enough may buy a second one to replace a Samsung G5.
  11. This is a great improvement in how the map displays full screen. Looks like a lot of areas are now more accurate. I do wish the colors had more contrast as you zoom in on an area but it is definitely a big improvement. Hope they continue to improve and densify their LTE coverage. Will be glad when it gets to my area and they fill in the remaining holes in Ohio.
  12. I just received an email that I will not be getting a Magic Box at this time. Not a big surprise but I was hopeful. Maybe in the future. Not sure why it came from and includes the link to The Employee Phone Care Team" I am not an employee of Sprint and never have been? "Dear Sprint Partner, Thank you for your interest in and registration for a Sprint® Magic Box. We have experienced a tremendous response from our employees, customers and prospects (15 times higher than expected!) for the Sprint Magic Box. Due to very limited inventory, we are currently undergoing a soft launch (extended test) with approximately 500 Sprint Partners in different locations throughout the country. These Partners are being asked to help evaluate the customer experience, and performance of the device with Sprint network prior to a national launch. This additional testing is to help ensure a smooth customer experience when we start to roll out more boxes as more inventory becomes available later this fall. Based on the very limited available inventory and a variety of network related factors, we are not able to select your current location as part of this 500 Sprint Partner test. However, as we receive more inventory over the coming months, additional Sprint Magic Boxes will be distributed. We will continue to keep you informed and reach out by email to communicate next steps. We appreciate your patience and interest in Sprint Magic Box. You can reach out to us with your concerns/questions at employeephoneprograms@sprint.com Thank you again for your interest in Sprint Magic Box. The Sprint Employee Phone Team"
  13. Robert, I am not Bitching, I am giving my opinion. So, I can't say that I am frustrated with them spending money on other items instead of their network is frustrating? Many have had similar post and opinion that the Radio Shack, Pokémon, Tidal etc. was money that could of been used to improve the network. That is not the same as saying Sprint Sucks or other negative comments that we all see on many other sites. I have been with Sprint long time and recommended them to many friends and family over the years. While I can no longer do that to anyone in my area, I just last month had a family of 5 switch to sprint in my old hometown of Indianapolis based on my recommendation and example of how good the service was there. I have supported this site from the day I found it (while searching for info concerning switching) and became a supporting member. I have continued to support the site as best I can including participating in the raffles or other fund raising events when you post them. No I do not have a large post count on the site as that is not my area of expertise, that knowledge as to the wireless frequencies, equipment, etc. is better left to many here that are. But I didn't join the site to provide that information, I joined it to learn more about Sprint and wireless service, I have done that. In fact if it wasn't for this site I would of most likely regrettably have switched providers years ago. But due to the knowledge learned here and the hopes it developed for Sprint I didn't. But that was then and the information on the site is still great but the lack of upgrading towers near me isn't. I roam on Verizon every day unless I am outside or sitting next to the right window at work. If you think I am Bitching, that is your Opinion, and I was just giving mine. It is your website you have the right to do whatever you choose and I respect that.
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