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  1. Exactly, I really think that T-mobile is and has been setting the guidelines for the cellular industry lately. I think having the advertised price be the real price was perfect and should also be adopted by all carriers, cable, satellite, and ISPs providing internet service. I have Direct TV at the moment and plan on switching to DIsh and then switch again every 2 years to get the new customer pricing. But that is easier as there is no number to port and happens instantly.
  2. That is only makes a difference if you can access it. It isn't here yet and no plan to be here soon according to Sprint. 10+ year customer, started with Nextel. I don't understand why Sprint does nothing for long time customers and everything is for new customers only. Some of us remember when they did even small things for LOYAL customers who patiently suffered when service was terrible and Sprint was closing to extinction. I am comparing to cost to switch to V or T-mobile, running out of patience here.
  3. WOW, hope Marcelo's latest Tweet isn't what he thinks will work for a response. If so I feel they are going to loose a lot of customers. https://twitter.com/marceloclaure/status/831507181040177152
  4. Marcelo needs to beat it for me not to consider the switch. I have lost most of my loyalty and patience waiting for upgrades here for over 10 years. Sitting here in my shop, roaming on Verizon unless I go outdoors for Spring 3G. LTE is very spotty and almost non existent still.
  5. From John Legere's latest tweet, "and, like only the #uncarrier can do – we’re one-upping it..." Does this mean 5 lines for the same price as Verizon's 4 lines, going to be interesting to watch this all play out. Marcelo and Sprint waiting to go last and better both offers maybe?
  6. John tweeted he will respond in an hour. https://twitter.com/JohnLegere/status/831220907154628608
  7. "Unfortunately the towers in my area aren't planed to be upgraded with 800mhz LTE or b41 for at least 12 months." I have heard the same thing for my area BUT I heard it over 18 months ago so I wouldn't put much of any hope in that statement. There are still towers here with no Band 26 LTE and/or Band 41 LTE. According to a recent post in the TOLEDO NV 2.0 thread it may be due to a BRS spectrum conflict with WatchTV, an OTA Cable TV, Telephone, and ISP that covers a few surrounding counties using antennas mounted on your house/business. Unfortunately the only provider with high quality coverage in the area is Verizon and I will not pay their high prices. I will suffer using WiFi calling here at home and work when indoors and see what the future brings. Have 5 lines with Sprint over 15 years and it has gotten much better since Network Vision but empty promises of continuing upgrades that don't happen can be very discouraging. Had it not been for all the information here at S4GRU I would have switched to prepaid a few years ago.
  8. OhioCalling

    Nexus 7

    I know this is an old topic. My Nexus 7 1st gen has quit charging using the OEM charger and USB cable. They will work on my phone so I know they are not the problem. Following internet suggestions I replaced the USB port on the unit with a brand new port and ribbon cable for the audio jack also. It will still not charge using any charger or cable. Anyone have any ideas on what else to check as to the problem? The Nexus still powers on fine but battery is now at 18%.
  9. I agree that Sprint is improving and have made gains that they should Toot Their Horn a little. And as I stated ALL CARRIERS are guilty of false claims of things being Nationwide when it isn't so. I have been with Sprint since I started with NEXTEL before the merger. I hope Sprint continues to improve as the areas where they have are great. I just have to drive 45 minutes or more to experience it, that isn't Nationwide in my book.
  10. That test had to be in locations that had all 3 bands and CA working to get those results. Not true for many other locations. It amazes me how ALL carriers use test results, coverage results, and other data to claim something is Nationwide!! No carrier has anything Nationwide.
  11. Well that is what I found on the website also but couldn't post a link. So now I am confused as others say they have already connected to it automatically on a Samsung device. Plus I got a reply on Twitter that says I could download Boingo Finder App to locate there WiFi devices? And I thought yeah I could but to use it would not be automatic or free. Still confused. I also cannot QUOTE ANOTHER POST, damn software.
  12. I think this is only going to work on iPhones and Windows Phones. Some of the articles and press releases talk about using Boingo's "Passport Secure" application. Looking at Boingo.com and the Passport Link you will see this; "Start with a device running iOS7 (or higher), OSX Mavericks (or Higher) or Windows 10. Passpoint works with all Hotspot 2.0 capable devices running Windows 10, iPhone 5 (or Higher), iPad 3rd Generation (or Higher), iPad Air, all iPad Minis, and Macs running OSX Mavericks (or Higher)." So maybe no love for Android Phones here. OFF TOPIC - I wish this software would allow me to post Links, Pictures and other things like it use too.
  13. Happy Birthday Robert May you enjoy your favorite food for dinner followed by the sweetness of your choice, followed by relaxing with your favorite beverage(s). All done in celebration with Family & Friends!
  14. All I want to know is; Who do I contact about being the entrepenuer to run the new store here in my town when they take over the RadioShack. I wanted to do this before by adding it to my current business but could not find anyone with the correct information. I contacted Sprint by letter, email, and phone without any replies.
  15. Wishing Everyone a Very Safe and Happy New Year!!! We will be staying home with Family and have an open door for friends that want to stop by for snacks and beverages of their choice.
  16. I would like an invite if someone has one left, Thanks in advance.
  17. You send weekly emails to CENTURYLINK. Complaining that they need to get off their asses and install the long overdue fiber to the 2 towers closest to your house. Advising them that they are holding up most of the LTE advancement in most of Northwest Ohio.
  18. Hopefully the Kansas City Star sees the value and accuracy of the great information here. They should donate sufficiently to become a Premier Sponsor so they can get all of the information. They would only be able to publish (make the information public) with authorization from Robert and the S4GRU staff. With them quoting S4GRU, maybe some other papers, media websites and companies will visit the site and become sponsors through financial support. Actually the best would be for Sprint/Softbank to contribute to the cost of having this website up and online. They are the ones receiving the rewards. I know had I not found this website, I would have left Sprint myself over 2 years ago after suffering since I switched from Nextel to Sprint many years ago. I am still suffering with service but at least S4GRU has turned on the light at the end of the tunnel. Now don't take this wrong, I would like to see them contribute but receive no special benefits other than what anyone can get for the same Sponsorship level.
  19. Great Article Seth, Thank You. And thanks to Robert also for his continued contributions and clarifications on this article but also all of S4GRU.
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