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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgO63VUcDEo :D :D :D
  2. I have never seen a transfer from 1900 to 800. My call will drop then the phone will switch to 800 and I can start the call again. This is maddening, the failure to hand off to 800 kind of defeats the purpose (maybe my phone is one of the ones with software issues ) I do however, experience successful hand offs from 800 to 1900 anytime when I start a call on 800 in the Shentel market then drive into the Sprint market. I have rarely connected to 800 in the Berks County Sprint market even though the S4GRU Maps would indicate 800 is complete. The exception would along the route 422 corridor where I have occasionally connected to 800. Out of curiosity I created a PRL without 1900 to see if I could connect to 800 in the Berks County Sprint market. When restarting my phone it would briefly connect 800 then switch to no service. This would seem to indicate 800 is turned on but Sprint is blocking access for some reason.
  3. Been reading over Shentel's Q4 2014 results and came across this quote from Earle MacKenzie... We have 800 megahertz voice service on 94% of our cell sites, only 15% of the voice traffic is on 800 megahertz as we continue to have software issues on certain phones that prevent us from activating cross band loading balancing on our network. Our vendors are working to address this issue. Curious if anyone here has any technical information as to what these issues might be.
  4. $69.95 per month. Enough said. Thankfully Comcast installation is supposed to be completed on January 10
  5. prophead


  6. I know everyone likes to win Speedtests however, I know of NO-ONE in my area that left Sprint because of their data. Everyone that I know that left Sprint left because of DROPPED CALLS. This used do be a very strong Nextel area. So strong in fact that the local Lowes and Home Depot had a direct connect number posted inside the contractor entrance. I used to know hundreds of people with Nextel and sad to say very few of those people now have Sprint. When I ask them why they left Sprint for whomever they now have (usually Verizon) the answer without fail goes something like this....."The Direct Connect on Sprint only worked half the time which would not have been to big a deal IF THE PHONE WOULD HAVE WORKED! Seems every other call I made got dropped. I am trying to run business and need something that works" EVERYONE SINGLE PERSON I KNOW that left Sprint left because of DROPPED CALLS. The dropped call issue has gotten much better in the last year however it still causes problems occasionally. So the milestone that I want to see reached IS the ABILITY TO HAND OFF CALLS FROM 1900 TO 800 AND VICE VERSA. This would fix the remaining dropped call issues and might prevent the very few people I know still on Sprint from defecting. (Way back when Hesse announced NV he said this could be done)
  7. It is possible....I have done it....the only problem is the 800 signal, while great outside is also a little weak inside. This is a house with aluminum siding. An 800 MHZ repeater that supports the SMR band would be ideal.
  8. I am sure there are alot of folks on this site that know alot more about wireless networks than I do, so hopefully those experts can give me a bit of advice.... I have an useable (barely) 800 signal in my house but the 1900 signal simply does not work inside. This creates a bit of a problem if you're on a call outside on 1900 and enter the house. I had an old zBoost YX500 PCS I decided to install to boost the 1900 signal to prevent the call from dropping when entering the house. The external antenna is a 13DB Directional antenna (YX-023). The instructions say to prevent Oscillation (and therefore reduced performance) there should be a minimum of 15' of VERTICAL speration between the external and internal antenna. The issue I have is that if I place the antenna with the 15' of vertical seperation I will have a tree between the antenna and the tower producing the strongest signal. I've thought about placing the antenna on the tree trunk but that would be on the same plane as my internal antenna athough the horizontal seperation will be about 45' with an interior wall and an exterior wall (with a window) between the two antenna's. If Oscillation is happening the repeater will simply reduce output kind of defeating the purpose. So the questions for the experts.... How good is a direction antenna at preventing Oscillation? Am I better off mounting my antenna lower where there is a risk of Oscillation or higher where that risk is reduced but a tree (bare now, but a very dense leaf canopy in the summer) is between the strongest tower and my antenna?
  9. Two Microphones? Interesting...My past experience with VOIP, enabling HD Voice was as simple as installing an HD Voice Codec. I believe all the phones we were using only had one mic. Would you have a link for the hardware requirements? Wouldn't mind doing a little learning
  10. Anyone know if Sprint has plans to push firmware updates to older devices that would include support for the HD Voice Codecs?
  11. Don't want to start an argument about the negatives\interference issues etc of repeaters....not the point of this question What I am curious about is whether or not old iDen repeaters would work with the new Sprint 800 SMR. Frequency range is the same so therefore they should right?
  12. Dan Hesse himself said that the third quarter will still have effects from the iDen shutdown. If my memory is correct he stated this is the last quarter they expect the shutdown to effect.
  13. Doesn't seem to be my experience in the Sprint markets of Eastern PA. In the Shentel markets I am on 800 all day long, in the Sprint markets I have seldom to never connected to 800. However as I said in my post above I am seeing many towers that visibly appear to be done but give no connection to 800.
  14. I guess what I am really curious about is the many sites that have the new equipment installed, the old removed but no 800. Seems these would have already had all the crew visits necessary but for some reason Sprint is not turning on 800.
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