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  1. I would like an invite if someone has one left, Thanks in advance.
  2. You send weekly emails to CENTURYLINK. Complaining that they need to get off their asses and install the long overdue fiber to the 2 towers closest to your house. Advising them that they are holding up most of the LTE advancement in most of Northwest Ohio.
  3. Hopefully the Kansas City Star sees the value and accuracy of the great information here. They should donate sufficiently to become a Premier Sponsor so they can get all of the information. They would only be able to publish (make the information public) with authorization from Robert and the S4GRU staff. With them quoting S4GRU, maybe some other papers, media websites and companies will visit the site and become sponsors through financial support. Actually the best would be for Sprint/Softbank to contribute to the cost of having this website up and online. They are the ones receivi
  4. Great Article Seth, Thank You. And thanks to Robert also for his continued contributions and clarifications on this article but also all of S4GRU.
  5. Are than any options for backhaul besides CenturyLink? I know that Van Wert County is using another company for their service here. Wasn't there any dates et in the contract to keep these companies from delaying progress, a financial penalty for delays should have been included.
  6. Will these partnerships show up on coverage maps for Sprint indicating what type of roaming it is? Or will there be a S4GRU coverage map to show them?
  7. Done. Condolences to the Families and all affected by this loss. May God Bless you all..
  8. OhioCalling

    New Guy!

    Welcome to the best Website there is. The knowledge available here is just the honest truth you will find no where else. Enjoy the ride with the rest of us.
  9. S4GRU is the only thing keeping my hopes up and staying with Sprint. Had I not found this site I would have left Sprint on my last contract renewal. Robert Sprint most definitely owes S4GRU for a lot of Customer Retentions
  10. I don't know that I can offer anything compared to most of you attendees but I will try and stop in when I can. Hopefully I can learn even more than I have from S4GRU
  11. I am not rooted and the Reset Mobile Connection works fine without WiFi Calling enabled.
  12. When you turn on WiFi Calling, does the software turn off all other radios? I loose my 1x800 and eHRPD connections when I turn it on. Once I turn it off, they reconnect with no problem. Is data still being received with WiFi Calling enabled? Also when using Signal Check Pro with WiFi Calling enabled and hitting the Reset Mobile Connection button I get an error saying Reset Failed: Root permission required on android 4.2+
  13. Still can't quote any other post on S4GRU but I wish I was one of the "most" Robert refers to. Service is worse now than it has ever been unless I travel to a location that has finished upgrades. I know "Patience is a Virtue" but it is terrible to be surrounded by completed areas for over a year and see no progress here. I no longer get excited when I see an update has been posted to the Completed Maps as I know it will be depressing.
  14. This is a great update. Congratulations and Thank You to those who worked on it. Would it more beneficial to move it to the Home Page in the banner with The Wall, etc so it is only a click away instead of pinned in this forum? Might get seen more and eliminate some redundancy of questions.
  15. Hachsa, I had that same problem develop on my wife's M8 after using it for less than a week. Sprint tried resetting the device including a master reset, wiping the phone and it still will not connect and make calls. They are sending me a new replacement phone as they suspected an antenna problem.
  16. I have a new M8 replacement on the way for my wife's phone. It would not hold onto any Sprint signal for over a few minutes. It would not receive or make any calls after loosing Sprint even though roaming on an Alltel signal. Only way to get it to connect again to Sprint was to reset the radios using ##72786# and let it go through a hands free activation, updates, etcetera. hopefully I just got a lemon and this problem doesn't cover many phones. My M8 purchased at the same time sitting right next to hers has no problem holding onto a signal.
  17. A very big THANK YOU to themuffinman I downloaded and use the Helium app and was able to transfer all data from our EVO LTE phones to the new HTC ONE M8. The application worked so well I purchased the pro key to help out the author. And we all know when the wife is Happy everybody is happy.
  18. Happy Birthday Robert!!! Thank You for making S4GRU and so we can all work together to gain knowledge and feel less dumb.
  19. You are correct theMuffinman our phones new or old are not rooted.
  20. I transferred everything from our 2 EVO LTE phones to the New Ones using HTC software. Looks like everything transferred okay for contacts, apps, photos, etc. except some Game Data on the wife's phone. Anyone know how to get the data for a game transferred? She does not want to start over and loose her 2 years worth the progress.
  21. I use hangouts and like it. Can also do video hangouts. You can turn it off in the settings menu and go back to using messages later if you don't like it.
  22. UPS just delivered mine Time to play with it.
  23. Mine shipped today UPS Ground at 2:15pm and will be delivered tomorrow.
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