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  1. I'll take Jersey Mike's over Subway anyway. #13 with extra pepperoncini please!
  2. Really? All the problems some phones (M9 specifically) are having in areas like California and this is what they are worried about?
  3. damn those speeds are nice. Me, still having issues with this thing here in Cali. I can't figure it out, I'm on a solid RSRP on 3G and bang I jump to roaming.
  4. Can we stop talking about all this wireless carrier nonsense and get back to BBQ????? I'm making a BBQBL (BBQ Bucket List) for when I retire!
  5. Hmmm...I like that it brings both removable storage AND battery back into play. I hear the camera is pretty amazing, but hesitant to go another step up in size. Have to dig around on XDA and see how easy it is to root/custom ROM too.
  6. AJ's Wall post seems to indicate the S6E+ is not much better than the S6
  7. Thanks AJ...I may bite the bullet and just buy an S5/S6 off swappa or ebay. I'm only paying $1/mth on my M9 lease so it's not uber painful to have it collect dust. I really love the HTC design, features, ease of root...but it's getting to be less and less worth the headache. Edit: until I went back and looked at all the issues with the S5 and poor S6 RF...LG maybe? Ugh. Might have to explore a new Nexus.
  8. You said she's on wifi most of the time at the college and would guess the same for home. Plus wifi at every Starbucks, McDonalds, Target, and who knows where else would mean issue would only crop up when traveling and why is she worried about data when driving somewhere unless she's addicted to streaming Spotify or Pandora or something. 3g > 2G > No G. 3G is absolutely usable for most data needs anyway. Consider these forums to be your intervention convincing you to escape the Magenta Curtain!
  9. There seem to be several levels of fanbois...two popular ones: Your network sucks and mine is great and nothing you say, no data you show will prove otherwise (lots of TMO from what I've seen) Our network is improving but we know we have a ways to go, but damn get ready when it's done. (Sprint) I just don't see the rampant hatred spewer from Sprint fans that I do from TMO fans. Hence the comments were really, really surprising (Fabian excluded of course). It's as if some of them think data is the only thing a phone is used for. I don't care if I can download a song in 12 seconds if I can't call my kid to tell her I'm running late picking her up from school (using BT of course since texting while driving is illegal!).
  10. Maybe CA network work is still part of the issue, but I was in Laughlin this weekend (hello 117 heat)...standing next to my daughter she exclaims "wow, I've got great 4G here!" on her S5...I look down to see 1 bar and then flips to 3G. Again, this is across the river from a live 4G tower and between two others on the Nevada side...
  11. When the network is really done/optimized and blowing TMO away again.... SPANK Mobile. Get it? Combine SPrint and softbANK = SPANK WINNER!
  12. Wished I never dropped my M7. Whatever the root cause is - crappy provisioning, network optimization issues, poor real world RF - I think this phone is a loser. If ANYONE knows how to tweak things so improve RF performance, I'm all ears. I don't know what's going on, but in areas by my office where I used to latch onto a usable LTE signal, now I end up roaming 3G on VZW...WTF??? I dread looking at my battery life because that little bar showing network is 99% red.
  13. Until the Sprint experience improves in more major markets (LA/OC/SD as a HUGE example), a rebrand is useless. You don't want a "new name, same crap" feeling. But I do sort of like Spark Mobile. Optimus Mobile? (referencing Optimus Prime and the TRANSFORMATION of the old Sprint)
  14. Might be different now, but I've seen as many as 6-8k texts/mth on accounts of friends.... But what's the point of limiting or paying for them? Who even has plans like that anymore? It's all about that data...
  15. I'll be in LAX and MIA this week with an M9 rooted/custom ROM with no Connections Optimizer and will test it out.
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