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  1. Hey all I sent an email Wednesday evening to Mike Sievert CEO of T-Mobile about upgrades in my area. Lastnight (Thursday) I got a call back from a guy in TX named Marcus who said that T-Mo was currently doing tower modernizations in my area and that they would be starting upgrades next month. What does tower modernizations intail exactly? My friend said that just means upgrades but if so that makes no sense to me Can someone explain?
  2. I don't even know where to look lol but I live in Somerset, KY if that helps
  3. That sucks. I've been trying to find out cause where I live I don't have very good coverage without the signal booster T-Mo gave me (which also loses signal from time to time lol) I thought we would have b71 by now cause I was in stage 6 which cleared in Oct of 2019. Lately my signal booster has been losing signal about ever 10 mins or so and other times i'd connect to Sprints b41 but with signal stregnth between -111 and -130 Tforce on Twitter say they aren't seeing any upgrades planned for the next 6 months (tho that was over a month ago) so I was curious if there were any perm
  4. How do you guys find out about upgrades and permits? I've googled everything i can think of and only thing i get is building inspections, tower lease rates, Verizon stores tower locations. etc. but nothing on cell tower permits
  5. That makes 2 of us LOL where I live I usually have 3 bars (or dots since it's an iPhone) or less sometimes it'll go down to 2 then 1 then lose signal completely and I have to either turn it off and back on or do an update and sometimes when it loses signals completely the update doesn't even work so I have no choice but to turn the phone off and back on gets quiet annoying to say the least lol
  6. Ok thanks I'm just wondering if it has anything to do with what someone mentioned in another thread on here about Ericsson blocking the 800Mhz even tho it's installed
  7. hey guys just wondering are any of you in the Lexington/Danville/Somerset areas able to connect to 800Mhz voice at all? several reps have told me that 800Mhz voice was completed in Sept (I believe on a tower that was 1.35 miles from my house not sure if they meant the whole area or not) I joined Sprint Oct 31st/Nov 1st (ordered phone/service Oct 31st and activated on Nov 1st) and have never once been able to connect to it. I have the iPhone 5c so dunno if it's actually the network or the phone it's self
  8. so they are doing it on every tower? just little at a time? (Verizon I mean) I knew Sprint was doing that I have been keeping up as much as i can with NV (mostly in my area lol) as well as other companies cause I was tired of paying Verizons over priced under capped prices I had planned to switch to Sprint in Jan when my contract was up with Verizon but just said screw this and broke my contract on Oct 31st/Nov 1st and switched to Sprint anyway at the time tho 1 of the reps told me they added 800Mhz to a tower about 1.35 miles from my house which actually happened to be 3G data n
  9. no the coverage map for Sprint has been the same for the past year or so in my area for voice that has never changed LTE however has changed in my area it's lit up with orange now. But the network updates site http://network.sprint.com/ for Somerset, KY 42501 says there has been 5 data speed upgrades in the last 6 months and no voice however if u just put in 42501 you will get a bigger area that says 11 upgrades 1 voice and that is around London, KY I believe Wouldn't Verizon had put LTE on every tower if this was the case? (just trying to understand lol) I read th
  10. See I agree with VoLTE I think it would be a lot better than the CDMA voice as far as coverage goes cause I can see in my area LTE has a lot better coverage on Sprint than the voice does the 800Mhz LTE would make it even better I believe
  11. But isn't HSPA+ a faster 3G network? I mean I have read cases where ppl get 12-25Mbps on HSPA+ alone. And with VoLTE it wouldn't matter would it? Not trying to argue here just asking your opinion on the matter but tbh I don't think we have 800Mhz voice installed here in my town cause when u check the updates thing on Sprint site it says 5 data updates in the past 6 months but someone told me the otherday that Ericsson blocks 800Mhz as well so I am confused.
  12. I did what you said on the laptop and it seems less than what the phone app showed like u mentioned but not by a whole lot it still has more coverage than Sprint does in Kentucky If Sprint/T-Mobile was converted to HSPA+ it might actually have great coverage I Think. Do you know if there is away to tell where T-Mo's towers are in my area? Sprint only has 4 towers and If T-Mos are at different locations than where Sprints are it might actually improve my area
  13. well I guess so I just went by an app called CellMaps my area is really bad on Sprint my signals fluctuates between 1 and 3 bars up and down at my address go east a bit and it's worse
  14. I guess that makes sense. And you are right Verizon said they would get rid of it by 2021 If this does go threw I really hope they switch off CDMA and go direct to HSPA+ cause here in KY it seems T-Mo has more 2G coverage than Sprint and if it goes ALL HSPA+ then might make better coverage between the 2 for all of Kentucky according to a map I've seen T-Mo covers about 80% of Kentucky with 2G where as sprint covers about 20-30% with 2G (just guessing here not actual facts lol)
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