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  1. RT @fox6alancollins: @repjack says UAB Booster Jimmy Filler commits $7.5 million to build on campus stadium. Total donations to bring back …

  2. Can't chat with you on Periscope :)http://t.co/33F1Nk7cQg

  3. RT @UAB_MBB: BIG NEWS! UAB announces four-game men's basketball series with Auburn. Details here: http://t.co/XS1usXr4fy http://t.co/WT0Y6D…

  4. I stand behind UAB! This is about more than just Football. #FreeUAB #GoBlazers http://t.co/dUUUqlg4NO

  5. RT @CUSAbbs: WBC heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder's next fight will be at Bartow Arena in Birmingham http://t.co/3Ub2lDYoUj #FreeUAB

  6. RT @JonSolomonCBS: Sources: C-USA has told UAB the league won't amend its bylaws to keep UAB without football http://t.co/lytoAOtP5G

  7. RT @David_Ingram: Kennedy: "It seems to me that we shouldn't consult the social science on this because it's too new." #ReutersSCOTUS #SSM

  8. RT @MarkHalperin: .@HillaryClinton goes w/ the rainbow avatar in honor of SCOTUS day. #NewClintonClassic http://t.co/Adsh1pme6y

  9. RT @CUSAbbs: C-USA's share of Football Playoff money comes to $15.2 million. More than Sun Belt, AAC, and MAC. http://t.co/SiLGMNmoLX

  10. RT @ElliotSpillers: It is with great disappointment that I share my appointment for Chief of Staff was once again rejected tonight at Senat…

  11. RT @pattonoswalt: Madeline Kahn being dead continues to be completely unacceptable.

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