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  1. It is TNA (aka ROAMAHOME) which keeps you exclusively on T Mobile unless there is NO TMobile signal whatsoever. (which is rare). TNX (a TMobile sim) can be even worse because it keeps you exclusively on T Mobile EVEN WHEN there is no TMobile signal whatsoever (with the possible exceptions of areas where there are unified PLMN's). So in my opinion what you want for now is to get TNA REMOVED (and barred from coming back automatically)! I suggest call and ask for it!
  2. Agreed. Eventually it will be best to be on the TMobile side . You can be moved back for now if you do not want to wait, from both TNA and TNX.
  3. I believe that can work for TNA (that is, if you are still using a Sprint sim) but not for TNX (that is, if you are now using a TMobile sim), unless they have the new unified PLMN's in your area. .
  4. Assuming you know that the Sprint bands are still ok there, and assuming also that they have put you on TMobile Network Access, you can ask them to remove SOC ROAMAHOME and add SOC BARRAH on those lines and that will put you back on Sprint's network. If you mention these terms they will recognize them and easily escalate the call to the TMobile Network Access queue where they know how to do this. It could alternatively be possible that the Sprint coverage in your area is just being cut back, but this seems less likely.
  5. If you get tired of waiting, I believe that tech support can remove TMobile Network Access on request now, even though the original plan was that that would not be possible. It would entail loss of 5G access though.
  6. Check the band it actually connects to using SignalCheck. I think you may find it is completely avoiding the Sprint signals, and is connecting to a distant TMobile tower on band 2 or TMobile band 41 (not Sprint band 41) instead. That is what I observe and would explain why the signal is so weak. However I think that this is just a technical restriction that was necessary in their initial design and there is room for an expectation that they will be able to fix this soon - possibly very soon as I think some changes are coming. I think the reason for some of this is that while you a
  7. My TNX'ed S20 will NEVER connect to any of numerous known strong Sprint signals here either, even when it gets NO signal which is frequent (the best it gets is weak band 2 and 4). It says the sim forbids the connection if I try and force it through band selection. And I believe that is exactly what is happening. I can even see it getting full bars to my my Magic box, but it will not use the connection. Because the sim will not let it for a non-TMobile branded S20. After studying many threads on reddit, I understand this is a bug in all non-iPhone non-TMobile branded S20's and
  8. That is a known limitation in the web site for those old phones. In general, just get the rep to add it for you (assuming it still can be added at all - see list of obsolete devices that can no longer be activated: https://www.sprint.com/en/support/account/oma-slot/devices.html ) Actually it looks as if some of the models you mention are on there and cannot be activated any more.
  9. VoLTE seems to have been tuned on today in Raleigh NC. (Of course it might not be permanent yet). It is working fine on my Samsung S8.
  10. It probably forces roaming on TMO where necessary to preserve LTE. Did you check if that is the reason?
  11. Thank you so much! I will relay on the other forum!
  12. On another forum, people are asking what will be the correct sim for the unlocked Samsung S10. I think that will be a recurring question. Could you possibly confirm what it will be? Thanks!
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