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  1. Sure, I think you have good points in your favor. The literal terms of the merger are not the only basis to ask for equity.
  2. I know people keep saying that the merger terms say that because it seems logical that they should have, but there is no such commitment in my opinion. The commitment was to offer plans of equal or better value than plans *currently* being offered at the time of the merger. That commitment is entirely satisfied by the "Exception plans" and nothing more is there in my opinion.
  3. No (as posted) but equivalent functionality is expected to be added to TNX as well in due course, according to another post by Chris Price.
  4. Well there are numerous posts on r/tmobile by people who have "no roaming". But absolutely what they mean by that varies I am sure and your explanation likely explains a good part of it. There are many posts from people who have workarounds which consist of taking the sim from the Android and putting it in an iPhone for a few hours. They say it then learns how to roam amd you can put it back in the Android. That advice is widely repeated there.
  5. Right I have seen no evidence we have any keep sites at least right where I am. At the link below, IPCTech (who is advanced tech support and deals with a lot of users) says there are very few select places where you can roam back onto Sprint. But I absolutely agree there are such places. Here is another quote and many reps have told ne this also. They us it as a reason to refuse to investigate the inability to roam on Sprint on TNX because they say it is a design restriction. :
  6. For me, on TNX with my Sprint-branded S20, in Raleigh, no Sprint sites can be accessed at all, ever, even when there is no TMobile signal at all and it says no connection, which is frequent. (There are known excellent Sprint signals that I can access on other phones). Many reps have told ne that this is a stated restriction of TNX - no roaming onto Sprint. Reps on reddit confirm it as having been stated on the original internal TNX announcement. Further evidence is that I cannot select anything except TMobile in the operator selection panel. Of course I have now converted ba
  7. except that with TNX, there is no roaming back onto Sprint, its magic boxes, and its roaming partners (with some exceptions possible for iPhones and TMobile-branded Androids only). This is important for some people and unimportant for others.
  8. If initial attempt with Care fail, you can follow https://www.sprint.com/en/legal/terms-and-conditions.html
  9. Yes. The R15 sim is no longer required according to numerous posts on the TMobile subreddit. The reason it was required originally was that the formal 5G spec requires that the sim use encryption for 5G SA. But T-Mobile has now modified its network equipment to accept sims lacking that encryption as well. References to R15 being required have been removed from the T-Mobile web site.
  10. I was wondering was that a 5G phone or an non-5G one.? Just curious because some people are claiming ROAMAHOME with BARRAH is impossible on a 5G phone. Some say you need BAR5G but others say that falls off after a week.
  11. There are some good details in the linked location below as to the various PLMN's being deployed and what they represent. It seems that plausibly (credit Jamal Baker) that:: 312-250 = Harmonized Sprint equipment in areas with otherwise poor TMobile towers, to be eventually converted to T-Mobile equipment 312-490 = Towers to eventually be removed, sold to Dish, or converted to all N41.
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