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  1. I asked revik2 on reddit and got the following answer (for my situation which is slightly different from yours):
  2. I guess it is a database error in that case - on one or the other. My "Affected Lines" is wrong too, also for an LG phone. I am going to ask about it...
  3. Devices are still being moved on and off the list. Software updates are planned by year end for a number of devices that will make them supported after all. TNX will be broadened to include some more devices that have VoLTE on T-Mobile but not on Sprint.. Also I have found that the checker is going off an older list and does not update when you change phones. So I would strongly suggest wait until the holdays at least. New models are coming out by then as well. As to the G8X, one may be factory-unlocked and one branded?
  4. It has been like this for me for the 18 months I have has my S20 with no change whatsoever. I agree it seems to occur only with Samsungs. Of course, that does not necessarily mean it is a Samsung bug. Samsung might be implementing something correctly that certain vendor tower equipment is implementing incorrectly. .
  5. There are also a bunch of people here like me in my area where it keeps hopping cobtinually between multiple bands and frequently also enters a "no signal" condition.
  6. Quite possibly. I have had the problem of continuous band hopping and signal drops on my S20 from the beginning. I am in Raleigh NC . I do not know what equipment manufacturer is used here but I would guess you may know.
  7. Basically yes. That was from the beginning and still is the sole purpose of the FAST.com site - to test for and prove carrier thottling. It was created by Netflix for that purpose, for the benefit of Netflix users who have inadequate Netflix performance, to allow them to know for sure what the source of the problem is.
  8. Yes I get the no data access every few minutes as it hops around. Even though it has been that way for many months, I suspect it must be some sort of temporary /emergency patch for something or other. I assume it is targeted for eventual fix but waiting on other planned changes. I am sure they must know all about it.
  9. My S20 also bounces cotinually between bands and no signal, making it useless. However, there is a bypass: Lock it to band 71 with the Samsung Band Selection app.
  10. Another number that might help is: Oklahoma Network Center 1-855-423-6623 Normally they ask of a ticket is already open but people say they will usually help even without one. .
  11. The direct number to Account Services/Retentions is 844-382-3317 . I think they might be able to help.
  12. Band 71 is highly contrained in capacity and therefore, according to other posts, is reserved to be a last resort for those at a distance who have no other alternative.
  13. Many people who have McAfee installed are having this happen when they try to TNX. In a lot of cases the store employees are doing factory resets to recover, whioch however loses the prior contents unless backed up.
  14. Do you have McAfee installed? It can lock phones on a sim change.
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