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  1. I have an active Magic Box and the eNB is 1025026-118. It is on 2518.4. This is in Raleigh NC.
  2. Except on 5G phones, ROAMAHOME is said to have now been replaced for most phones by MOCN, which allows access to both TMobile and Sprint towers interchangeably. It is now set from the profile and no longer uses an SOC code.
  3. In distinguishing between T-Mobile-branded and non-TMobile branded Androids for roaming purposes, I had assumed it uses the IMEI but I could be wrong. Of course it should not be making such a distinction in the first place, but people say it does. Some have suggested that you can cure such issues by moving the sim to an iPhone for a few hours, which causes T-Mobile to whitelist the sim and it stays whitelisted even when moved back.
  4. You might want to switch back now as I do not think you can do it while outside the U.S.
  5. According to this post from Sprint's very-well-connected revik2, it should be about a month until Pixels 3 and up are supported for TNX.
  6. Did the name shown for your plan change to include the initials T.I. or Tax Included?
  7. That is more likely a switch to a Tax Included plan. Emails were sent ahead of time asking you to opt out if you wished. You can also change back afterward on request.
  8. TNX refers to using a Sprint plan with a TMobile sim. TNX does not switch your Sprint plan to a T-Mobile plan as such. If it did, it would not be TNX but would be "Move to Magenta". Now, maybe it did get switched to a Tax Included plan that may look like a T-Mobile plan but is still actually a Sprint plan. That is occurring but is optional but can be opted out of. If so, you can reverse it.
  9. It is a lower-spec phone. I am not sure it is worth getting locked in for 24 months for. https://www.t-mobile.com/news/un-carrier/t-mobiles-next-un-carrier-move-5gforall
  10. Oh you certainly can go back but it requires help from Support. I have done so and so have numerous people.
  11. Even with the Note , it is optional to switch to the TMobile sim as you did (and it usually adds no value to do so). You did not need to do so (although they do push it hard). So you can switch back to the Sprint sim if you want to, by calling in. Then you will be on TNA instead of TNX. TNA is still TMobile by default, like TNX, but at least with TNA you can lock to band 41 with the Samsung Band Selection App and thereby hopefully connect to the Pebble. However the Pebble would be limited by the reliability of your wifi. Also Pebble does not support VoLTE until 2 weeks acco
  12. Sure, I think you have good points in your favor. The literal terms of the merger are not the only basis to ask for equity.
  13. I know people keep saying that the merger terms say that because it seems logical that they should have, but there is no such commitment in my opinion. The commitment was to offer plans of equal or better value than plans *currently* being offered at the time of the merger. That commitment is entirely satisfied by the "Exception plans" and nothing more is there in my opinion.
  14. No (as posted) but equivalent functionality is expected to be added to TNX as well in due course, according to another post by Chris Price.
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