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  1. VoLTE seems to have been tuned on today in Raleigh NC. (Of course it might not be permanent yet). It is working fine on my Samsung S8.
  2. It probably forces roaming on TMO where necessary to preserve LTE. Did you check if that is the reason?
  3. Thank you so much! I will relay on the other forum!
  4. On another forum, people are asking what will be the correct sim for the unlocked Samsung S10. I think that will be a recurring question. Could you possibly confirm what it will be? Thanks!
  5. For unresolved problems, you can contact Marci Carris SVP Customer Management 6200 Sprint Parkway Overland Park, KS 66251 (913) 323-3931 Marci@sprint.com
  6. Erratum in chart: Galaxy Note 9 SE SIMOLW416Q is an error, I think (as you clarified earlier I believe) Thanks for the great chart!
  7. Well I called and she said they do not have any at the moment. That's fine I can wait....
  8. Oh - thanks very much for the information - I will give it a try!
  9. I called a few days ago and the person said they would not send one out if there was nothing wrong with the old one as they are in short supply.
  10. There is a gym I go to where the signal always used to drop to 3G indoors. A couple of days ago I turned on VoLTE capability on my S8+. I have not yet experienced any actual VoLTE calls yet here in Raleigh (we are not in the list of initial VoLTE markets but we are a 5G upgrade location I believe), BUT something else good happened. My phone roamed on LTE in the gym for the very first time I have ever seen it roam anywhere. In fact, it was on TMobile band 4 at 80 down and 28 up on Speed Test. Evidently they will no longer drop to 3G, but will keep LTE, roaming if necessary to do so, in order to preserve the ability to do VoLTE. It seems this gift is being given only to people who have phones upgraded to VoLTE.
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