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  1. If Sprint were smart, they would have offered these to consumers directly.
  2. Then its possible that this chunk of Nassau is grouped within the NYC market? Zipcode 11570/11572 was the extreme eastern point of the WiMax deployment.
  3. Talked to someone responsible for fixing a basically catastrophic tower issue on the South Shore, thats killed data service to a huge chunk of the Town of Hempstead. NV rollout is supposed to begin on the last week of March/First week of April. LTE is supposed to be turned on in a window between mid-June and the end of July.
  4. Turns out recent connectivity issues (15 towers are down in the area for UPGRADES) but the customer service reps couldn't just come out and tell me that. One of them wanted me to wipe my phone while I was at work and do a full restore, and even got belligerent with me because I couldn't. I wasn't at home near my laptop, itunes, contacts etc. And not near wifi so I couldnt backup to iCloud. Really ridiculous that I had to escalate it three times over three days to get a real answer. All they had to say was tower work with an ETA of being finished on 3/17.
  5. I'd dispute that its a better value. Data service has been brutal for the past month and a half. I've been averaging .15 down and .09 up. if I can even run speedtests during the daytime. Then you get on the phone and they deny there are any issues with the towers in the local area, even though its basically unusable.
  6. or are we just going to see Rev A/SVDO with massively improved backhaul/capacity upgrades? I've always been confused on that point, thanks.
  7. The Galaxy Nexus has a TI OMAP 4460 running at 1.2ghz. The same CPU also powers the Motorola RAZR. Both devices are more or less on-par with the Exynos Galaxy S2 and are far better performers than the Qualcomm S3 powered variants.
  8. I'm talking about in aggregate. The fact that the average sprint post-paid customer might skew slightly towards the lower end of the middle class compared to ATT/Verizon is more or less irrelevant. The fact that the area is virtually uniformly middle class means that this area has a much better post-paid/pre-paid mix than either Queens or the Bronx with only a minor drop-off in density and that they're screwing up by relegating it to a second tier.
  9. In my view, actually very foolish for sprint to classify this area as a secondary market. Its a very densely populated area that shares three million people between the two counties and is among the highest income per capita areas of the country. They also used to own the area outright and have tons of former customers that they could lure back if they got this done in a timely fashion.
  10. My guess would be that sprint wants to get ahead of people who might otherwise use lte as their primary home internet, consuming hundreds of gigabytes a month.
  11. People on post-paid plans deserve network prioritization, we pay much higher prices.
  12. I know that deployment in Central NJ and NYC is happening as we speak, but I'm alarmed that Long Island is treated as an entirely separate market as Long Island customers got completely hosed by Clearwire during the WiMax rollout. I'm really tempted to leave for Verizon. The furthest point east that WiMax was ever deployed was Rockville Centre and 3G is borderline unusable during peak hours.
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