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  1. AT&T uses band 4 in areas where it doesn't own any band 17, like in Bremerton, Washington.
  2. Feature request: show last four digits of WiFi AP's MAC address (or full MAC address) in notification pull down
  3. I'll post another thread with an edited image like the one here once you update yours!
  4. I edited one of the coverage maps from here to make it easier to tell the difference from native Sprint coverage and roaming. Darker spots have no coverage at all.
  5. Simplybits and Bluespan are quite popular in Tucson, Arizona. http://www.simplybits.com/ http://bluespanwireless.com/
  6. I believe its the one in the middle. I'm seriously considering. Can you describe the maps/info you are granted access to? I haven't found much info on it on here. I know for a fact the tower on 196th has AT&T on it, because I got access to American Tower's site database and looked at photos of equipment at the base, and of course AT&T had their branded signs
  7. I love this tower. I believe Blue and Red are on there too. Which floor/layer is Sprint? I thought Sprint was on the one behind Target.
  8. Hah, true. Thanks for the help. I'm excited to switch!
  9. Hate to bring up another carrier on here, but I am on AT&T right now and do plan to switch to sprint as soon as my contract is up. is there a forum similar to this but relating to the AT&T network?
  10. 99.999% of my followers don't interact w/ me :(

  11. bad memes, broken dreams

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