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  1. RAvirani

    iPhone XS Thread

    Possibly. T-Mobile roaming is active in the greater Chicago area.
  2. RAvirani

    iPhone XS Thread

    LTE > Serving Cell Info.
  3. RAvirani

    iPhone XS Thread

    If you have an Intel iPhone, you'll be able to tell by the MCC/MNC. If not, you can usually tell whether you're on T-Mobile by looking at band (as T-Mobile's bands are completely different from Sprint bands).
  4. RAvirani

    iPhone XS Thread

    Yes, it should be. That being said, T-Mobile roaming is enabled on a per site, per band basis. For example, there are sites where Sprint users can only access L2100, sites where Sprint users can only access L700, sites where Sprint users can access a combination of bands, as well as sites where roaming is not allowed altogether. Your phone should prefer T-Mobile LTE over Sprint EVDO if both are available.
  5. RAvirani

    iPhone XS Thread

    That is correct.
  6. Sprint traffic is prioritized behind T-Mobile traffic. That could be the cause of some of what you're seeing.
  7. I've done a lot of mapping here in Seattle that hasn't shown up, so I stopped using Sensorly for mapping.
  8. RAvirani

    Sprint Backup Power

    Hey guys, Yesterday there was a wind storm in Seattle which knocked out power to a lot of neighborhoods near me. Fast forward to today and I'm noticing Sprint service is completely down in several affected areas while Verizon and T-Mobile are fine (I don't have an AT&T device with me). Does Spint not usually equip their sites with backup batteries or some form of temporary alternative power?
  9. RAvirani

    Sprint Backup Power

    Interesting. Large portions of Sprint's network in Kent/Covington/Auburn were completely out today despite the fact power couldn't have been out for more than 12 hours. Maybe they had originally planned to only power a single 1900 MHz RRU?
  10. RAvirani

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I share this dream too. I wish Sprint could buy licenses below 816 MHz (like SoLINC) and widen L800 to a 10x10 carrier.
  11. B26 + B25 CA would be helpful in situations where B25 has a usable downlink although its uplink is not stable. You can use B26 for the uplink and enjoy the benefit of increased download speeds. The other way around makes less sense to me unless the cell grid is fairly dense and B26 is relatively lightly used.
  12. RAvirani

    Network Vision/LTE - Long Island Market

    I've found that here in Seattle, AT&T's L2300 has less range than Sprint's L2500 without HPUE. With HPUE it's not even a competition. I think it's because their deployment is 4x4 and the equipment they're using isn't as good as what Sprint is using. Additionally, since L2300 is a relatively fragile airlink (due to the high frequency) and only deployed at 10x10 (or sometimes even 5x5), hanoff parameters are set so devices drop connection at relatively high signal levels.
  13. Hi guys, I think Verizon is now offering domestic HSPA roaming on T-Mobile on devices lacking CDMA. While looking on Verizon’s international coverage map (https://www.verizonwireless.com/wcms/overlays/international-travel-coverage-map.html), I noticed 3G coverage in Curlew, WA which only shows up when “World Device (with GSM)” is selected. The coverage is not there on the “Non World Device (CDMA Only)” setting. Upon poking around the source code, I found that map loads several coverage layers, including one called “directumtsamericas”. Upon cutting out all of the layers barring this one, I found that the map exactly matches T-Mobile’s HSPA coverage map. It is interesting to note that UMTS-only (non-HSPA) areas on T-Mobile’s map do not show up on Verizon’s map I know Verizon has offered UMTS roaming for CDMA-less devices on AT&T in the past. Maybe they are now replacing this with T-Mobile roaming? EDIT: Premier sponsors can now view this coverage on the Ultimate Coverage Map.
  14. That’s strange. 1250 is an LTE Band 3 EARFCN. I’m not entirely sure what’s happening there...
  15. Yeah—I’m surprised they even tested Calling Plus publicly. I’m not sure what the S9/S9+ will get VoLTE, but I *think* I heard somewhere that the next Android update brings VoLTE to all ISIM devices. Definitely don’t quote me on that though.
  16. VoLTE will always work fine as long as RF conditions are sufficient for a 12.65kbps data session. QoS takes congestion out of the equation. Your experience on Calling Plus is not at all indicative of the experience on VoLTE. To give a personal example, Calling Plus never worked at football games for one of my friends but VoLTE has no issues at all.
  17. You should be able to fall back to Verizon/Sprint/USCC/other regional carriers’ 1x for voice...
  18. VoLTE is now live in the Central Illinois market.
  19. Just placed my first VoLTE call in the Central Illinois market! Voice quality to other Sprint and Verizon users is great. I’ll test with AT&T and T-Mobile soon.
  20. RAvirani

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    There have been scattered reports of this on reddit today too. Not sure what’s going on.
  21. Still waiting on Central Illinois...