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  1. Permitting to swap from 8T8Rs to M-MIMO antennas is surprisingly easy. On many sites in my market, Sprint replaced the 1900-only antenna with a hexadecaport and left the 8T8R antenna unconnected to an RRU. This is so that they can easily one-to-one swap that antenna for a M-MIMO antenna when they're ready.
  2. There are many cases where L2500 or L1900 signal is too weak to provide a reliable uplink, even though downlink still works well. In these cases, instead of placing users on L800, wouldn't it be convenient if L1900 or L2500 could be primarily used for downlink while L800 was used for uplink? This would save L800 capacity for real edge-of-cell scenarios where L800 is the only available LTE network. I don't think L800 should be aggregated with other carriers in areas with strong signal strength, though. This would be unnecessarily wasting the little capacity it can provide. A setup where L800 could be the PCC but not an SCC would be ideal.
  3. How is signal propagation compared to before and other bands now?
  4. Yes, I've seen Band 7 bear the Canadian border. EARFCNs are between 2750 and 3450.
  5. E-UTRA stands for Evolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access. It is just the LTE air interface. An E-UTRA neighbor is just a neighbor LTE cell/sector that your phone is measuring (possibly for cell reselection).
  6. It's likely Field Test just being buggy as usual.
  7. Any device with an ISIM can be updated with an IMS profile for VoLTE.
  8. I'm headed back home in a week. I'll definitely be able to get high resolution photos of the new 8 port dualband antennas. Some of them might have C4s.
  9. Is there any change this guide could be updated with photos of the new RRH C4s?
  10. Not a small cell. That's likely a new macro. 8109 is a typical 5x5 L1900 A block carrier and 8775 is the 3x3 L800 carrier by the canadian border.
  11. Yes. This would be really awesome. Did you have a chance to grab the SouthernLINC LTE EARFCN?
  12. Maybe an 800 MHz spectrum sharing agreement could be reached with Sprint in exchange for a roam like home agreement. This would allow for 10x10 L800, if I remember correctly. Also, quick question—what is the EARFCN of SouthernLINC's current L800 carrier?
  13. There is. Oftentimes the fields just take a while to populate.
  14. If possible, you should report the coordinates of new colocations so we can add them to our maps. It would be much appreciated!
  15. RAvirani


    Likely one of the new octoport 800/1900 antennas.
  16. As 5G will only be initially deployed on 2500 MHz, it should have no effect on CDMA which runs on 800/1900 MHz.
  17. https://ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/10301137950860/800 MHz Monthly Report for MARCH 1 2019.pdf
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