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  1. The coverage map was updated again today. It looks like we've lost a huge amount of roaming on the west coast. WA-542, WA-547, WA-530, WA-20, US-2, WA-207, WA-410 and US-97 (between US-2 and I-90) all appear to have no service now. Roaming on the east-west highways surrounding I-5 in Oregon is gone, and roaming in west Oregon and northern California have vanished too. I'm hoping this is an error...if not I will likely be an AT&T customer very soon.
  2. Here is a rough draft small demo map with a few MMIMO sites in the greater Seattle area: https://projects.viranifamily.net/s4gru/mysql-maps/?map=mmimo_western_wa This is what most users will see. I will be making performance enhancements in the coming weeks, although the map seems to perform well with all of the datasets I've tested thus far - up to 9,000 pins. I currently have not had time to make a publicly-available backend for people to fiddle with, but @S4GRU had a chance to take a look at it and can speak to how it works.
  3. Yes - I forgot to mention it has a bulk uploading feature, as well. You can specify whether to replace/update already existing sites or leave them as is (this is because site IDs are unique - they're set up as indexes in the MySQL table). When uploading you can also specify field delimiter, record delimiter, column enclosure and escape characters. You can download data in TSV format (tab-delimited). You can also download a SQL script that will input the data into any other SQL database.
  4. I've went ahead and yesterday built a rough draft of the application I was talking about. It allows you to edit rows (single site records) with a GUI that then updates a map. You can also use SQL to edit records. The program additionally allows you to manage several maps in one place. Using it feels very similar to using fusiontables. I've PMed a link to @S4GRU and am awaiting feedback. I would share a demo here, but the map I'm using for testing has information for ~1000 Sprint sites which I don't think I can post outside the sponsor forum.
  5. Champaign, Illinois, a town of probably about 150,000 people, has 5 M-MIMO sites. We're seeing permits and swap outs for M-MIMO all over the greater Seattle area even though Seattle isn't an official launch market. I'd say Sprint is moving full steam ahead with NR upgrades. As dire as Sprint's accountants are making their situation look, they are more than capable and more than ready to survive sans-merger.
  6. The Google Maps Javascript API is $7 per 1000 loads, and you get a $200 per month of free usage. As long as we stay below roughly 28,500 loads per month, we shouldn't have issues using the Google Maps API. https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/pricing/
  7. When I heard about the fusiontables shutdown, I played with building a map solution that uses a SQL database (which can be edited row by row with a GUI) and the google maps API to display pins and data on a map. I did get it working although didn't really test it with a high volume of pins. The problem with rendering a lot of individual pins is that it takes a lot of memory/processing power on the client side. Fusiontables got around this by rendering the pins as image tiles on the server side, and serving these to the user. I know that if I switch from exporting single data points to exporting KMLs, the pins can be rendered as tiles server-side, but I haven't really investigated this. Effectively, I'd be trying to create something very similar to fusiontables where you can edit rows in a GUI and display the data onto a map via server-side-rendered tiles. If you cannot find any other suitable map platforms, this is something I can look into... Here is an example map I just threw together with a few M-MIMO sites in the greater Puget Sound area: https://projects.viranifamily.net/mysql-maps/
  8. Yes, there are areas like that in the greater Puget Sound area, too. I've verified that there is no longer roaming coverage along several highways which are serviced exclusively by Verizon.
  9. Yes the site at the Mountlake exit off 520 broadcasts 5 L2500 carriers. Many sites in the area do nowadays. The B12 is T-Mobile/AT&T roaming. If it's displaying as Sprint, it's T-Mobile roaming and it's unlimited and unthrottled.
  10. I would measure it in weeks, not years 😉.
  11. Almost every Verizon site upgrade that has happened in Seattle in the last year is an LTE-only setup. All new builds are LTE-only.
  12. They were purchased by Mosaik a while ago. Ever since then, they've been on a steady decline. I think the only reason Mosaik bought them was to eliminate what they thought was a competitor offering data for free.
  13. All of the Verizon upgrades happening in my market are LTE-only. The new equipment they are installing isn't CDMA-capable.
  14. I'm not sure if anyone noticed this, but as of the 10/11 coverage map update, roaming on the LTE/NR coverage map now mirrors AT&T's UMTS/HSPA/LTE coverage. That being said, it notably no longer includes Verizon roaming coverage at all. The EVDO coverage map doesn't display Verizon roaming either. Verizon CDMA coverage is only displayed on the voice coverage map along with AT&T UMTS/HSPA coverage. Looks like were going to see a lot more AT&T roaming and a lot less Verizon roaming soon.
  15. Ericsson Massive MIMO 29 GHz equipment. EDIT: Tim beat me to it.
  16. This is just not my day 😂. I thought you typed 311-480. Yes, 311-490 is a Sprint PLMN. It's used for Virgin mobile. I really need to get some sleep.
  17. Correction #2: No, it is used for Virgin Mobile.
  18. FDD/TDD UL CA is not in the short term plan. The goal is to use L1900 for uplink where possible. Even a 5x5 L1900 carrier with 4x4 MIMO and 256QAM can upload in excess of 30mbps.
  19. It seems all markets are moving towards these 2x 6/8-port LTE-only setups. And in some cases, like yours, an antenna dedicated to CDMA is left for legacy devices.
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