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  1. I snapped a photo driving home last night (yes, it was sunny in Seattle) and figured this maybe a 4G buildout tower. This has been the second tower I've seen with a crane working over a tower. I believe Seattle is in the second phase of Sprint's deployment. I've attached a photo, how can I confirm? Go up and ask what they're working on? Look at their cell boxes? Photo Link: http://i1265.photobucket.com/albums/jj518/drlovety/SprintTower.jpg
  2. I notice a lot of post regarding the markets in IL,FL,TX,PA,NYC.... but how about about the Los Angeles market? I THINK it was samsung doing the set up for the L.A market? Not sure though.... I'm not a sponsor member of the site so I can't really check... if I had a job I'd most definitely donate! Couple of months ago the local towers were all down and being upgraded to NV I assume since Larry from Howard forums said there was NV work being done my zip code. The speeds were better for a bit but now they are awful again. Can anyone (most preferred Robert) make a comment on if there is any LTE activity near 90255 area code? Thanks, great site by the way... I'm a Lurker.
  3. Good to see Upstate NY getting getting more involved in the NV LTE party with the Binghamton / Syracuse markets being announced, joining the recently announced Albany market. Please report any site work you notice or any LTE signals that go live here, I will try to keep the OP updated with new information.
  4. Specifically Metro West area, seeing some really good EVDO numbers. 2.00+ down ~0.6-1.1 up. Sitting at home. Tower info: Operator 310 05116 NID: 27 BID: 4419 Signal: -88dBm Current phone: HTC EVO 4G LTE, PRI 2.45_003, BB, PRL 12124 MeanROM 3.0
  5. does anybody know when sprint will rollout 4G in san diego? i've apoken to a couple of reps and they told me by the end of this year. but i dont really believe that. does anybody have more reliable information?
  6. Samsung Network Vision equipment are highly distinct and fairly easy to spot compared to the equipment that other vendors are deploying. Sprint is Samsung's first extremely massive American contract (baring Clearwire) so there should be no issues in confusing these equipment for another carrier which happens often with Ericsson NV equipment. Below are images of Samsung equipment which includes antennas, remote radio units, base stations, and their mounting configurations. Samsung antenna with eSMR 800 RRU & PCS 1900 RRU A close look at a Samsung setup Next Generation Samsung Configuration RRH-P4 4T4R 1.9 GHz | RRH-C4 4T4R 800 MHz| RRH-V3 2.5 GHz Next Generation 8 Port Dual Band Antenna Setup 4 port 800 MHz RRH-C4 800 (source: dkyeager) (source: dkyeager) Narrow beam setup High Capacity Site with 2 Antennas & 3 RRUs (2x PCS & 1x SMR). Second antenna is PCS only for now. Canadian IBEZ (NO SMR) Special Case PCS Only Setup for Canadian IBEZ Close up of standard antenna connectors Samsung Cabinets Powerpoint slides from Samsung / Sprint *disclaimer - all powerpoint diagrams and images were found through public municipality online databases and is by no means misappropriated through malicious means* *Credit goes to those whom took pictures of these equipment. You know who you are*
  7. Sprint Nextel revealed their second quarter 2012 corporate earnings in a conference call to their investors today and S4GRU was covering for news on Network Vision. Network thinning of the iDEN network is complete, taking 1/3 of Nextel towers off air. The Nextel network was built to support 20 million subscribers, but was only supporting 4.4 million subscribers, so it could easily be thinned without [much] noticeable change in street coverage. Sprint also converted 60% of the Nextel subscriber loss into their Sprint subscriber base. Interestingly, they stated that Verizon has been the biggest poacher of subscribers leaving Nextel, grabbing 50% of former subscribers in the last 4 1/2 years. In that same timeframe, Sprint has grabbed 25%, AT&T 20% and T-Mobile 5%. On the Network Vision topic: 4 additional cities will launch, including Baltimore, by the end of August.*Edit* Cities were disclosed VIA press release following the conference call. They are: Baltimore, MD Gainesville, GA Manhattan/Junction City, KS Sherman-Denison, TX Over 2,000 sites are currently online with 12,000 sites to be online by the end of the year Network Vision towers are seeing 10-20% additional voice minutes usage per tower, overnight after activating Network Vision. This will equal roaming savings for Sprint, and ESMR will only increase that savings. CEO Dan Hesse confirmed that Sprint will be releasing the Motorola Photon Q "in the very near future." It will be a QWERTY slider "with robust business and consumer features." It will also be sporting world phone capability. Several hundred Network Vision sites are waiting for backhaul, and will turn on when the backhaul is installed, several hundred more sites have birds nesting on them and Sprint won't be able to turn them on until the birds leave, according to the conference call. Sprint sold 1.5 million iPhones during the quarter, even though other carriers saw slowing of sales with rumors ramping up that the new iPhone would support LTE. 40% of the iPhone sales were to new customers. They also stated that iPhone customers require less customer support and are expected to churn less than customers on other phones. Mr. Hesse confirmed that Sprint is not looking to change plans in the near future. Things are looking up for Sprint. This quarter saw their highest ARPU and their lowest churn rate to date. They posted a larger loss than Q1, but beat their revenue goals for Q2. For more detailed financial information, check the source link below. Source: http://investors.spr...spx?iid=4057219 http://finance.yahoo...-141200985.html -Thanks to S4GRU sponsor marioc21 for finding this link!
  8. If anyone here is in the Houston Texas area, are you or have u gotten any 4g lte connections around town and if so where about? If not, does anyone have any info as to when lte will go live in the city
  9. I was in the zip codes of 33993 and 33991 today and did some speed tests on speedtest.net I got speeds of about .8 Mbps with peek rates of 1 Mbps. I tried to upload pictures but the uploader said files were to large but even though they were below the maximum file size
  10. When will the North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, & Wilmington) areas start with LTE Network Vision? When will we expect coverage in the area? Also, how good will this Advance 3G be when revised for better data speed coverage?
  11. Here are the Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) Network Vision equipment for Sprint. Their equipment consists of 2x base stations, 6 or 9 Remote Radio Unit (RRU) setups, and 1 standard NV antenna of with connectors on the bottom (4x PCS, 2x SMR). Below are images of Alcatel-Lucent equipment. In these images, you will find Alcatel-Lucent base stations, Sprint Network Vision antennas, PCS 1900 & SMR 800 RRUs, and their configurations. Alcatel-Lucent 4x40w 25 MHz PCS 1900 B25 RRUs (Panasonic) [old] Alcatel-Lucent 4x45w 1900 MHz B25 RRU ALU 2x50w B26 800 MHz RRU [KMW Communications] Older Panasonic Setup [4x40w 25 MHz B25] Standard Alcatel-Lucent Setup Utilizes 2x50w 800 MHz B26 RRU and 4x45w 1900 MHz B25 RRU and compatible antennas. Closer Look at the connectors on the bottom of the antennas Special Case Mexican IBEZ Setup Note the lack of 800 MHz RRUs though the antennas are capable of 800 MHz. High Capacity Setup High Capacity no SMR 800 IBEZ setup * Credits go to those whom took the images of these equipment. You know who you are."
  12. We use this thread to keep track of all the markets announced or completed with Network Vision and LTE deployment. It will be Pinned to the top of the Network Vision Forum. This will be convenient for linking so you can post in other threads and forums. TOTAL NUMBER OF MARKETS (99) FIRST ROUND MARKETS (14): First round markets have no preceding markets before them. NV OEM's will mobilize in these markets and begin deployment. These markets will deploy slowly as there is a significant learning curve to Network Vision. Most first round markets started between December 2011 and March 2012. Atlanta/Athens Austin Baltimore Boston Central Jersey Chicago DFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth) Houston Kansas (Kansas City/Wichita) LA Metro (Los Angeles/Long Beach) New York City San Antonio SF Bay (San Francisco/Oakland) Washington DC Updated as of Friday, March 6, 2015.
  13. I have been looking and reading on the internet for months and not once have i seen any talk of Rhode Island getting LTE?? anyone kno where i can get a lil info on when my state mite get LTE?? thanks
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vVxAHVUvU4 Goal = 250 Million pops covered by mid 2014.
  15. So I have a tower that I've been keeping my eye on. It is a "Legacy" Marked tower, and it shows on the Maps as such. Looking at the tower, it looks legacy. Old panels still up on the tower. Now At work, I have a new NV Tower (New Panels, RRU's, etc.) and I connect to it on 3G SID: 4159 NID: 305. I go to this tower (Legacy Looking), sit right under it with a -58 signal and have the same SID: 4159 NID: 305. Now here's my big question. Could this possibly be either: A. GMO Site (According to a previous article, the Orlando Market didn't have any) B. Full Build with RRU's on the Ground (Cannot tell because of where the cabinets are cannot see them) C. Still Legacy (We are in an incumbent Market so could they be the same NID? Or does this only apply to eCSFB?) Or...Am I totally off in thinking that the SID/NID are different with Legacy/NV Equip? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
  16. I have a situation with Sprint, nTelos, and signal reception. I'm wanting to join Sprint to take advantage of the new unlimited plans but apparently my part of their network isn't that good. Knowing that Boost Mobile is an MVNO for Sprint I bought a cheap Boost phone, the Kyocera Boost and took it to places where I go. I have 75% to full signal at my house and almost everywhere else I go, except work. I get about three bars in the parking lot, two at the door going inside the building, but once I get to my desk, I have zero bars or no service. I live in north central West Virginia, about an hour away from the Pennsylvania border on I-79 which puts me in nTelos land, so I don't believe anything like Network Vision will be here any time soon given how nTelos is dragging their feet with just about everything they do. On the coverage map, everywhere I go appears covered under the Sprint network. Boost Mobile is an MVNO but I'm not sure if they are treated exactly like native Sprint phones on the nTelos network, would a native Sprint phone fare any better in testing at my workplace? The phone I tested was a Kyocera Coast, which is very inexpensive, the phone I'm wanting when it comes out is the Samsung Ativ S Neo. These are two vastly different devices with different levels of quality. Would the Samsung device be better at finding a usable signal at work? If you look at a Sprint Network Vision map, upgrades happen around Pittsburgh and go south on I-79 stopping right at the WV border. Has Sprint or nTelos mentioned anything about Network Vision in this part of West Virginia?
  17. OK, so I was bored on a Sunday afternoon and started lookin around the various places I visit when I have vacation time. One of these places is my home town in South East Texas. I remember way back when, circa 1997, Sprint came to town via UsUnwired. It was great if you were in Beaumont but anytime you went north to the lakes after Silsbee you were roaming. My uncle had a Nextel phone from about 1999-2007 and I remember he never would lose that coverage until Jasper. Today, I found that the highway north outta Beaumont had iDEN towers, while Sprint never built any antenna/towers/cells along that same route; even after the Merger in 2005, this area since then has remained as it was. So, fast forward to today. I've lurked and read, thought it through, and concluded the following. The iDEN towers in this area are not being "pruned" at this time do to no overlapping coverage. These iDEN towers will be decommissioned sometime between now and 2013 Since these towers do not co-locate any former UsUnwired or Sprint CDMA equipment, upon such decommissioning, there well be a resounding null of native Sprint coverage in this area. For the few area's where there are some overlaps, such as Silsbee and Lumberton, where iDEN equipment is on one tower and seperated by anywhere from 0.25 - 1.5 miles, Network Vision will only be implemented on the Sprint CDMA towers. For the areas that had Nextel iDEN service, they will not be receiving new CDMA Sprint service, even when 1xAdvanced is deployed in the EMSR band vacated by Nextel iDEN Would these conclusions be valid? Is there any hope for those areas where there is Nextel/iDEN but no Sprint/CDMA that they will not be left behind. I know this area I am referencing may be small, but what of the iDEN customers when decommission happens; as there would be no CDMA coverage, they would not be able to get Sprint DC, so does Sprint just say: "Sorry, you're SOL?" Here is a little map i spent 20-30min putting together from Sprint's website; I know its a little "cut-and-paste" like, but the information necessary is available to see.
  18. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323980604579027133430671484.html?mod=WSJ_hps_LEFTTopStories
  19. I apologize if this question has been asked already, but I couldn't necessarily find it if it has. Well, my question concerns mainly rural towers that are 1x ONLY, as in they don't transmit a 3G signal. In many rural portions of Pennsylvania (where I frequent), none of my phones (2x LG Viper, HTC Evo Shift, Motorola Photon Q) will receive a 3G signal. According to S4GRU's maps, I am in the "Central Pennsylvania Market". On Sprint's Website, this also says that I am on the "Sprint Nationwide Network". I am specifically concerned about the towers located east of Scranton on I-84, which from my experience have been 1x only. This region is mainly filled with forests, hence the PCS band doesn't penetrate very well. This region (specifically Pike County) has poor service from the major carriers. It was originally controlled by Cellular One, a small provider for the region. AT&T's service here remains at Edge, similarly to Sprint service, which remains at 1x. Verizon originally had no towers here, and relied on roaming partners of Cellular One and Sprint, however, Verizon's PRLs later removed Sprint form the list. Currently, Verizon bought out Cellular One and is converting all the original towers. As of now, I believe Verizon has converted most towers, so they are the best carrier in this location. AT&T probably is second best, even at Edge, as their spectrum penetrates better than Sprint's PCS. Well, my house in this region is not my primary residence, but rather a vacation home. After reading about the Airave that is given to places in poor signal regions, I decided to call Sprint and complain. They sent one to me, and it works fine for all my phones. I am sorry for the long intro, but I felt that it might be necessary for anyone who is looking for information on this region. To my questions: Will Network Vision impact every single Sprint tower, even ones that have never been upgraded to 3G? If they are upgraded, will 3G be introduced, or will it just be LTE and 1x? Will 800MHz come to these rural towers eventually?
  20. just wondering from people in areas where NV is starting to go live and LTE is coming on for the first time if anything happened consistently in all markets just before you got your first LTE signal.
  21. So seeing as how Sprint is aiming to have Network Vision mostly completed by the end of this year as well as the apparent inclusion of LTE upgrades to Network.sprint.com, do you think they are focusing on doing strictly NV upgrades or are there still band-aid fixes taking place?
  22. I am starting this thread to keep track of any network enhancements in the above markets. I will update this when i get more information, but until then, feel free to post anything you know.
  23. I have been in the D.C area over the past few days. To be more specific Richmond, Virgiana. I know that the D.C market is a 1st round market for Sprint. During my trip I noticed great signal. I had almost 4 to 5 bars my entire trip on both my iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus. Also running several speed tests I was able to get constant speeds of 1-1.5 Mbps on both devices. During these speed tests I know I was connected to an eHRPD network on my Galaxy Nexus but I am unsure on my iPhone 4S. Will post pictures once I downsize them to smaller files. Forgot to mention that uploads speeds were about .8 Mbps on both phones.
  24. I was driving by a sprint tower today and noticed that the panel configuration had changed. Seeing this I got a bit excited at the possibility of the tower finally being upgraded to network vision since current 3g speeds are about .20 download on a good day. Anyway, I got close to the tower and saw what appeared to be 2 or 3 rru's on each sector and what looked like 2 network vision panels on each sector, which I found odd. At this site sprint uses a shed, and I didn't see any new cabinets that belonged to Sprint. When I ran a speed test, my speeds were still slow and ping was through the roof, as usual. It wasn't broadcasting LTE either yet. So my question is: does it look to you like there are two network vision panels per sector? and does sprint keep network vision cabinets in existing sheds, or do they store them outside in a new enclosure? is this one of the 5% of towers that is going to have 2 panels per sector? Here some pictures I took of the tower, I may update with some better pics soon. By the way Sprint has its antennas at the very top of the tower.
  25. Recently my speeds have been increasing and my ping has been lower significantly thanks to NV. These speeds were taken in Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. The slowest speed that I got of .10 Down and .15 Up was on1xrtt. The reason I was on 1x was because I was in the basement of a church. Either way that is a good speed on 1x. I would like to see if any other people were receiving speeds like this at all.
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