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  1. Anybody else's phone bounce around the bands. I keep sending out 3/4 texts at a time etc. Only thing I see is my phone is switching bands a lot. Goes from lte 25-41-26 and back and forth. Just curious. Reside in south Minneapolis if that helps.
  2. So what you are saying, I should be able to get a t mobile sim to tryout and have no problems going back to sprint(don't want to cancel sprint service yet). I have a couple of spots where my sprint service is hit or miss and supposedly the tmobile 700mghz is live where i have hit or miss coverage. I just don't want to have problems going back to my sprint account. If the t mobile coverage is good, I plan on switching to project fi. I should be able to just remove sprint sim and insert t mobiles sim and go from there. Let me know if that is correct or not. basically wondering if I can
  3. Does anyone know if I go to tmobile, to test, with my nexus 6p and back to sprint is that gonna be a problem like it is with project fi. Looking at trying project fi, but don't want to have the issues people are having with comming back to Sprint. Just curious. Thanks
  4. Mine says: leaves warehouse by november 2nd. (Graphite, 32gb) purchased on October 1st.
  5. Just wondering when ordering is there a place to indicate sprint sim or just order and all will be good. Thought we were supposed to check something!
  6. Food for thought... Wouldn't Google want their newest handsets to work with project fi? I would assume then that it would work with Sprints network. Just thinking out loud.
  7. Mystic has been good.... B41 has been awesome out there!!!!! Boom
  8. I was in the paynesville, new London, spicer, willmar area over the holidays. I feel as voice was very good and data not so much. I would roam and have lots of 1x for data where I used to have 3g. Where I did have LTE I thought it was quite good. I'm thinking nothing must be optimized in this area.
  9. You should post in the sponsor thread when discussing sponsor level info. Sorry I will post the question there... My bad..
  10. Anyone have any information on the sites in new melle and defiance. I see new melle is 3g accepted, I'm assuming waiting on back haul to go to 4g. Defiance is still legacy. Thanks in advance..
  11. The golf course is located just south of the high school west end of town. I was in and out of service and little LTE. Not sure what is going on. Just doesn't seem good, with 1x800 I thought service penetration would be good for voice. Even roamed on Verizon in town maybe its my nexus who knows... Only time will tell..
  12. I was out on a golf course near paynesville, 56362, and service was terrible, even though things are upgraded. Really hope the site needs to be optimized, always had great serivice , now it was in and out of service, nexus 5. Anyone know anything about this.
  13. All I know about the sim card problem is that I walked into a corp store and walked right out with a Sim card. Went home to activate my nexus and that is where I had a problem. I couldn't get it to activate, so went back to the store and they activated it, and was back home in less than 15 min. This was about 2 wks ago. Really no problem for me. Located in south mpls. Maybe MN nice.
  14. Any info out there on a Moto spark device. That is what I am really looking forward too.
  15. Anything new in the Edina, Richfield, Bloomington 494 corridor.
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