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  1. hello everyone! I hope somebody can help me out with this problem that i have. Everyone know, at least thats what i think, that the sprint version of the iphone 5 does not use a sim card because its a cdma phone, right? so why am i getting this message that says "NO SIM CARD INSTALLED" and instead of having the sprint name on the top corner, all there is is the same message, NO SIM. A little weird.. I tried cleaning the tray and many other things like resetting my phone to factory settings, resetting network settings...and nothing. I also send an email to sprint about my problem, and im waiting for their response, but I'm paying them a visit tomorrow to see whats up. Has anyone had the same issue? and if yes, what did you do to fix it? THANKS!
  2. well if she backs up to icloud, everything gets saved up there..contacts, apps, app settings and configuration, pretty much everything...i dont use itunes at all..never. and i upgraded from a 4S to a 5 , so i restored from my icloud backup and got all my settings and apps back as they were...she may need to enter a few passwords afterwards...but everything will be fine..if you have any more questions, the guys at the genius bar can help you as well. good luck!
  3. im not very sure if it is NV or not, but im getting faster 3G speeds in Chula Vista. watched a 3 min video on youtube with no lag on my iphone 5.
  4. great! just in time for my birthday
  5. does anybody know when sprint will rollout 4G in san diego? i've apoken to a couple of reps and they told me by the end of this year. but i dont really believe that. does anybody have more reliable information?
  6. this forum is great! but we need more info about san diego!

  7. this forum is great! but we need more info about san diego!

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