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  1. If a site is ready but hasn't been accepted, will there be time where it's being tested and then turned off? I've noticed that the 4g from this tower on 29 is very... Sketchy.
  2. LTE around 29 mile and Van Dyke south of Romeo. I had a weaker signal by 29 and Jewell; took a Sensorly reading that should update soon.
  3. If you're into custom roms and rooting, cyanogenmod shows correct LTE signal strength when connected like an iPhone does. I personally love it over the tedious engineering screen.
  4. Those speeds are my average 4G. Since Sprint 4G towers are so far and few between, I'm usually in the 1-2 bar range. The fastest I've ever seen is about 12mb down (Considerably slower than my friends on verizon at 20 meg) but that's fast enough in my book. I can relate to you with my first 4G speeds (300k down), but they are making fast progress and by summer there should be more consistant coverage. I can't wait for their 4G coverage to be everywhere, because I plan on streaming HD Netflix and using tons of my unlimited 4G just because I can (to make up for all the stuff I wish I could
  5. Mine shows the correct type of signal (3G, 4g, 1x). However the bars for everything but 4g aren't accurate. See screenshot. Network signal monitor is accurate because I know I'm in a 5 bar signal area, but my CM bars say I've got nothing.
  6. I have a galaxy s3 running cyanogenmod. Unfortunately that Rom doesn't support it and never will. I've been using network signal info as a widget and it's working pretty well.
  7. Does anyone know what's going on with the google play store while on LTE? I can never get it to download apps or update. Other than that I can browse apps and use my data however I want.
  8. So glad they got that in! Now if I could only change the bars to show the right data while on 3G... Still, as 4G becomes more common I guess it really won't matter. Thanks!
  9. Just upgraded to the latest version of cyanogenmod (10.1) and it seems now whenever I connect to 4G the bars will suddenly change to an accurate reading. I know whenever I'm on 3G the bars show my 1X signal strength, which on sprint apparently is terrible, but as soon as the 4G light comes on the entire thing changes completely. Does anyone know if in Cyanogenmod the bars don't lie and in fact show your true signal strength?
  10. Mapped a little LTE in Romeo today. Coverage is pretty spotty, though. Can anyone tell me where the tower is so I can map a radius around it?
  11. LTE live on Van Dyke north of Romeo around 34 to 35 mile rd. Will map on sensorly tomorrow.
  12. I agree with you completely. I've found myself stuck on 1X occasionally and it sucks... I really hope it's due to work. We'll see in a week or two.
  13. Has anyone heard anything about 4G in Romeo? Data was useless today and I was stuck on 1x for quite a while. Tried airplane mode a few times but signal wouldn't improve.
  14. Just tried flashing the stock SystemUI apk and... It did nothing. I initially thought it was going to work, too. Hmmm. I think it has something to do with Cyanogenmod's theme chooser and constantly changing systemUI files.... I'll play around a little but if any one hears any thing lmk!
  15. I know this forum is kind of done, but I'm having some trouble in cyanogenmod now. I realize that cyanogenmod's status bar (and more specifically the signal strength) is very different from the stock, and after about a month I find myself wanting to return to stock just for the signal strength meter in the status bar. Does anyone know of a way to change the entire signal status icon along with the 3G/4G data up/down thing to the stock one? Or if its easier can anyone suggest a stock-like rom that gives me the speed of cyanogenmod? Its speed and reliability is what keeps me using it.
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