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  1. I do that all the time.. well.. once a month or so.. I haven't seen one pushed to my phone in a long time.. no other iphone in my home got the update either.. so far.. But I'll take it! Thanks!
  2. On Monday night my iPhone 5 got a popup message saying something like 'Carrier update' or some such message stating some Sprint related thing on my phone was updated... My wife closed it out before I could see it.. I have the GM of IOS 8.. Anybody know what that was.. or what it does? Thanks!
  3. It is my fault about the Cardiff/Solana Beach/San Elijo lack of LTE.. seems everyplace I actually spend time is being left out... plenty of LTE in the areas around where I spend time though.. Sorry!
  4. This zone has been just incredibly slow to upgrade! In Temecula we got one tower upgraded.. many months ago.. and a whopping one other tower has gone live since.. unless you are walking you go into and out of LTE so quickly here that I find it better to disable LTE on my iPhone. My phone tries to hang on to a very weak LTE signal when a much stronger 3G signal is available.. both are terrible, but in most cases the 3G is better. I suspect if there was any sort of overlap with LTE that would be different.. but the rate in which towers are accepted is so painful in Riverside County.. I see trucks with lifts working on towers all over the area, but to date not one of them has been a Sprint upgrade.. T-Mobile and Verizon mostly.. I had hoped, as was the case in other areas, that once we saw a tower or two light up there would be others following quickly behind it.. this most certainly has not been the case. It is rough to see Verizon put up a new tower in a location that already has Verizon 4G signal, and in a location where Sprint has no signal.. at a High School.. It is frustrating to not see progress on existing sparsely located towers, but even worse to see competitors putting up new towers to improve the 4G signal that is already there.. I am trying to be patient, as are most Sprint customers.. and I think we all realize this is a massive undertaking.. but the lack of any tangible progress is pretty rough.. As my wife constantly reminds me.. unlimited data that can't be accessed isn't worth much... for something that isn't worth much, I send Sprint a lot of money. Oh well.. maybe next week.. or the one after...
  5. Thanks All! That is all what I had hoped. As long as Sprint can truly exclude all connections except those I add, all will be great! I just don't want anybody with a Sprint phone suddenly being able to get through the firewall.. Students in particular...
  6. Thanks! That is what we will try then. The School's bandwidth is fast, the issue has been no cell signal inside her room and that she can't check her mail on her phone due to the blocking of gmail (and just about everything else). I'm hoping that with the phone connected to the Airave that the data will be allowed to flow without the hinderance of the firewall. I've set the Airave to only allow connection from her phone, via Sprint's website.. if that works...
  7. My wife wants to use the Airave in her classroom (She is a teacher).. The cell signal from Sprint is almost non-existent in that room. She has been using the school's wi-fi to get data, but that is so restricted due to the firewall setup by the district that she can't get her mail (gmail) etc.. I was able to get the IT department to allow the Airave to be installed inside their network and they will open the necessary ports for it to work.. my question is.. If the phone that is connected to the Airave is also on the wi-fi at the school, will data always use the wi-fi if available vs. the Airave? Do I need to turn off wi-fi in or 'forget' the school's wi-fi in order to force the phone to use the Airave for it's data? Thanks!
  8. Saw LTE flickering on and off while watching my son Practice near West Valley High School on the western edge of Hemet. Signal did not get better as I drove north on Sanderson toward a known Sprint tower.. must have been picking it up from somewhere else...
  9. At the rate they are turning on LTE in the Inland Empire.. we should be all lit up in.. what 3 or 4 years? I had hoped that when one tower went online, that other towers that hand off to that tower would go next.. instead they seem to be lighting up just one.. then another that isn't geographically close enough to the newly lit up tower to start canvasing an area. This works if you live or work in that single tower's umbrella, but is not much help to anybody driving through those areas.. So.. I'm betting Hemet is next, then maybe one out in Banning, then perhaps over to Yucaipa...
  10. Temecula is live again.. I'm assuming it is the same tower I reported as working over the weekend about a month ago.. I hope it is up for good this time!
  11. The Temecula tower at least was wonderful.. for the 3 days it was active.. was kind of hoping it would be the first of several coming online within weeks of it turning on... but not a blip from it or anything in the area since..
  12. Does the timetable posted in the evaluation at the top ever get updated, or is it unchanged? I see elsewhere on the site that this area has about 23% completion, but to date only a couple sites have switched on.. briefly. Is there any way to know if the upgrade rate is going as suggested.. 45 sites a month or so?
  13. The Temecula site was only up for 3 days.. and hasn't even blipped back on since.. I was hoping to see other sites near it pop to LTE.. but so far.. nothing...
  14. I live in Hemet too, and Sprint coverage is not good at all.. They really need to add another tower. Frustrates me that other carriers put their equipment up on the Hemet High's Football light towers, but not Sprint.. As soon as you walk in the door of the high school you go to extended 0. That whole stretch on Stetson and to the south of Hemet out by the Western Center.. is almost nothing.. the two schools off State street there get no signal either. I did see Sprint finally did accept one tower in Hemet, but it isn't LTE live yet.
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