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  1. Having issues here in St. Pete. Glad I'm not alone
  2. I wanted to start a separate thread to help track down an issue with my phone and likely others as well. What is happening is I'm not always getting phone calls or able to make calls from my Sprint purchased Nexus 6. Here is what I know so far in my week of having it. LTE is fine, voice works fine as long its set to 3G only, voice seems to be flaky when the phone is picking up Band 41 where no one can reach me by phone and I have to make at least three attempts for a outbound call. The B41 is new info for me so I haven't been out to test much yet but will today. So some of you guys that are in Spark deployed areas can you see if calls are an issue when connected? Try a few times if you can. Also, I don't make a lot of calls or even get a lot so I may have never caught this if it wasn't for one of my persistent friends. So what I'm saying is you may have an issue and not even know it.
  3. Yeah. 3G seems to work alright though. Worse is Sprint has no idea how to fix it.
  4. Has anyone found any trouble with making calls. About half the time I'm able to receive or make calls. The other times it just sits dialing. Seems to only happen on LTE though. Data is rock solid though, no issues at all about that.
  5. I'm not an expect on this matter so I'm going to ask because I have seen many of you write on the subjects of frequencies, radios, and blah blah blah. I'm sure a bunch of us went thru the Nextel fiasco and when you look back at what some of the folks that worked there said about the failings it seemed to fall into 2 categories. Culture and Technology. If I am wrong please say so. I'm hoping that the culture part can be worked out this time but from a technology stand point can someone explain what this will look like if this gets completed? Is it just a matter of new phones with chips to take advantage of all frequencies on both networks? Is it just LTE frequencies the chips would use. We're just speculating but this is what we do right?
  6. Can someone explain what digital roaming is and why I seem to be doing a lot of it around Pinellas county lately?
  7. I chuckle a little reading this post. Wild, this site is your white whale. It seems like you have been watching this site for at least 6 months. Glad to see is finally paid off
  8. I think that state regulators need to be involved for them to roll out programs like that.
  9. Especially that mall during the holidays. I lived over there for a few years and from late Oct until mid January I would do anything to avoid that area. What a clusterfrack.
  10. That's funny want Jax online with a site before us? Sent from my One using Tapatalk now Free
  11. It could be a case of getting to the towers before birds start nesting on them. Its starting to be that time of year..Rooftops typically aren't where Osprey next but even so they are pretty easy to work around on a roof..
  12. Feech


    Thanks guys so far I'm liking for the hardware. Still seeing the same issues with LTE performance though. I will get out with it some in some areas that were troublesome and see how it performs. Sent from my HTCONE using Tapatalk now Free
  13. Feech


    So for all you former LTE users that went to the ONE what was your experience like between the two phones. I'm thinking of picking up the ONE today but I'm a little gun shy because of the issues with the EVOs radio performance. Can any of you reassure me that performance will be better from your experience? Are you seeing any of the same problems carrying over like the hard hand offs, delays in connecting, or not picking up LTE at all. I know I have a 14 day window but its my sons upgrade and I would rather not return the phone after switching numbers and then having to do that all over again.
  14. I mapped DT St. Pete yesterday. Pretty good coverage from what i could tell..extended from Vinoy park to 8th st where it faded
  15. yup thats the big hole..The good news is there is like 4 towers that need to come on line in that area..
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