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  1. Billing question for you. I have three lines on Framily. Two of the lines have the unlimited data add-on; the third line has the base 1 GB allotment. However, when viewing usage on the My Sprint website, all 3 lines show usage out of Unlimited. Has anyone else seen this? Was there any announcement about converting limited data plans to unlimited? Nothing has changed on the bill. I'm curious if I could just drop the $15 unlimited data add-on from the other 2 lines but actually still keep unlimited.
  2. You can email the developers and ask for an enthusiast's license. Usually good for 6 months at a time.
  3. Could be. There is a site in Louisiana where, after RRUS 11 -> 31 swap, they set the B25 eNodeB ID as 0x4BB68. You know, 310120... It's still that way today, years later. But in that case, the site actually still works, so nobody ever noticed.
  4. Just Magisk/Xposed. I don't suppose it could be something with GravityBox? Pretty sure it happens even with that disabled, but I will confirm. To re-produceable, make sure you're switching away from SignalCheck WITHOUT using the back button (e.g. with the home button, and then using the NOTIFICATION to switch back. Sent two diagnostic reports just in case there's anything in there that might help. One is after following the above steps several times to trigger the bug (but BEFORE trying to exit), and the other is immediately after the first exit attempt (when the app just opens again
  5. Sorry for the double post. Made a video of the bug in action: To reproduce: 1. Switch away from the app without using the back button. 2. Use the notification to switch back. 3. Try to exit app.
  6. Mike, I'm on Pixel 2 (not XL) running Android 8.1 and there's a really annoying, consistently re-produceable bug with multitasking. Apologies if it's already reported, but I'm pretty sure it's been in multiple releases. If you use the BACK button to back out of the app, and then switch back to it again later, you can exit the app normally. If you use the HOME or app switcher buttons instead, it's like the app creates a new activity view and pushes it onto the history stack. It's cumulative too, so sometimes you have to end up pressing BACK or menu -> Exit multiple times to back out of
  7. Public channel. You're saying under the latest beta, if I'm a Sprint user, and I roam onto T-Mobile which presents itself as 311490 on the tower, and I already have a note saved for the same GCI under T-Mobile 310260, I'll be able to see that note?
  8. T-Mobile uses Clearwire 311490 as a secondary PLMN on their sites to enable Sprint roaming. I'm asking if you can make notes from 310260 show up for 311490, similar to what you are doing with 310120 and 312530.
  9. Mike, Can you add something to make T-Mobile (310260) notes show up when roaming from Sprint (311490)?
  10. I understand the benefits of higher-order MIMO and receive diversity (and I am aware Sprint is focusing on 4xRx diversity for 800 MHz). What I do not understand is how the setup in the linked permit would achieve that without a C2PC on the RRH and something to tie them together.
  11. I don't see anything in the actual permits to hint at higher-order MIMO for 800 MHz. I do see mention of (and support for) a second 800 LTE carrier. Taking occupied bandwidth into consideration, Sprint should have enough spectrum in most markets to do two 3x3 LTE carriers + 1 CDMA carrier in 800 MHz (as opposed to one 5x5 LTE + 1 CDMA carrier). That makes a lot more sense to me than trying to get 4x4 MIMO into tablets.
  12. At least they're finally using Google Maps officially now. No excuse for not making that change years ago.
  13. Ericsson has already been doing these in New Orleans with 2x RRUS 11 B26A.
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