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  1. This cellmapper app has a lot of issues with working then not working.
  2. When cellmapper comes up with a new tower it finds how does it come up with the tower number?
  3. Definitely belongs to that tower using signal check have confirmed it multiple times. It's actually Verizon who uses 5 bands of LTE. I use to go searching for all of the towers info when we had Sprint. Went all the way to Norfolk, Kearney and Missouri.
  4. Thanks for your help yes this app definitely needs work. Too bad signalcheck doesn't have a mapping system I would rather use theirs.
  5. Thank you so much that really helps. Another question, let's say a tower is on the map with 3 bands detected and someone previously has confirmed it so it has a green circle around a red dot. However driving around this tower it picks up a fourth band but it's only picking it up on one sector due to switching to another established band so it places a red dot on the map near the other established tower estimating where this band is. I can move the red dot on top of the established tower but how do I manually say this is definitely established here and get a green ring around it?
  6. I have tried to understand how to use the cellmapper app but it is not easy to understand. First I launch the app and drive around the cell tower. It will pick up bands and frequencies and approximate the location on the map with a red dot. Does anyone know how to make the locations confirmed and add more bands and pcis manually. The help center is not helping and the people im speaking to about it on twitter seem to be from another country and we are having language issues. Please help
  7. On a normal shared plan you can put anyone you want on it but if you do and they fail to pay then you are responsible for the whole bill, so only a limited number of people would risk this. But for FRAMILY you could have anyone on your plan to help reduce costs and not be responsible to pay the whole bill. You could put complete strangers on your plan and never had to worry. So many people were doing this that Sprint was losing more money then they had imagined. So they said "it was too confusing for people" Even the sales people at the Sprint stores themselves were putting comple
  8. I have VoLTE on with Verizon and at least in my market it works really well and sounds great.
  9. Sorry if this has been discussed but I couldn't find anything about it. Does the Nexus 6P have wifi calling for Sprint and has anyone tested it out? Thanks
  10. Does Wi-Fi Calling Support Messaging (SMS & MMS)? For Android devices, messaging is supported in Wi-Fi Calling mode even if there is not any coverage from the Nationwide Sprint Network. For iOS devices, messaging is still handled by the Nationwide Sprint Network. If you do not have coverage then messaging services are not supported. This functionality is expected to be supported over Wi-Fi in the future. iMessage on iOS is supported over Wi-Fi.
  11. So as long as it's Iphone to Iphone that works but all others are hit & miss because they rely on the cell towers. Once again apple is a closed system.
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