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  1. That’s what I’m doing. I’m going to use it for a week. Test out the dc metro area.
  2. Moto Edge is on sale. I think it’s the cheapest 5G smart phone right now. Specs are pretty good and it does activate on Sprint/Tmobile. I may buy it so I can locate N41 in my area
  3. I cant believe today is the official last day of Sprint. Not sure if I want to celebrate or cry or both lol
  4. I hope they address why they took down the free popeyes chicken sandwich lol.
  5. It really is b/c Sprint could have been that wireless carrier. Especially in the 5G realm. All SoftBank had to do was build out 2.5 nationally, participated in the 600mhz auction and upgrade the back haul.
  6. is it possible to turn off 5G? if so, what are the speeds like on LTE? I would assume you will be connected to B41 LTE....
  7. I wonder what happened to the Boost stores in Shentel land.
  8. I need a glass of Rosé champagne. Today has been a long day 😞
  9. dang thats a lot. I say we all should come together and create a 5G startup, sell it to tmobile or have them invest in it lol
  10. I keep forgetting they are subsets. I’ll say 25/66 going forward lol
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