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  1. dang thats a lot. I say we all should come together and create a 5G startup, sell it to tmobile or have them invest in it lol
  2. I keep forgetting they are subsets. I’ll say 25/66 going forward lol
  3. Can’t wait. I won’t be surprised if they shut off LTE on b41 completely by end of the year. I latched on to b66 the other day and i couldn’t tell the difference. Plus bands 2/4/12/25/66 and some of 71 should be sufficient to manage LTE traffic for both sprint and T-Mobile customers
  4. He said the same about Sprint for many years. “ Masa and I will turn sprint around” blah blah. He can go too.
  5. Lol I would for Hesse to send a petty tweet. And nice. I may wait. Not sure yet. Hopefully we will layer cake in dc.
  6. Exactly! oh well we cant change the past. At least T-mobile is executing Dan Hesse's vision with Layer Cake (Triband). Mr. Derrph, will you be buying the iphone 5g this year? I think I may hold off until next year.
  7. Whatever happened to pepper the robot? I thought sprint was going to carry them and have them at sprint stores lol
  8. Right. Masa f'ed Sprint and now he f'ed his own company.... See, when you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite. Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split ya....
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