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  1. Long live Wimax, Clearwire, Sprint Spark, Sprint LTE Advance, Sprint LTE Plus, Sprint!
  2. They definitely need mmWave on U st lol. But yeah they acquired the spectrum in March. They will most likely deploy it sometime next year.
  3. I think this is their mmWave Footprint . I remember it being small. However I do think T-Mobile and Sprint acquired nationwide licenses earlier this year
  4. Shentel bought some. I wonder if tmobile will acquire it or if Shentel will keep it for fixed broadband
  5. Tmobile to buy Shentel Wireless https://www.lightreading.com/services/t-mobile-to-buy-shentels-wireless-biz-but-price-isnt-set/d/d-id/763498
  6. That's a really good plan. I may go with this next year. I plan to buy the 2021 unlocked iphone through Apple.
  7. Some of you do realize the merger just closed 4 months ago right? Things take time. I don’t think they prepared for a pandemic or other roadblocks. Geez lol
  8. That’s what I’m doing. I’m going to use it for a week. Test out the dc metro area.
  9. Moto Edge is on sale. I think it’s the cheapest 5G smart phone right now. Specs are pretty good and it does activate on Sprint/Tmobile. I may buy it so I can locate N41 in my area
  10. I cant believe today is the official last day of Sprint. Not sure if I want to celebrate or cry or both lol
  11. I hope they address why they took down the free popeyes chicken sandwich lol.
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