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  1. Sounds like some type of change in spectrum holdings B41 licenses aren't issued the same way as others. Its radius dependent unlike other bands that are more county dependent. Bottom line, B41 licenses might be different on one street down from you within the same county. allnet did an article related to this a while back.. https://www.allnetinsights.com/blogs/news/transforming-the-2-5-ghz-band
  2. Its pretty amazing how much further along Sprint 5G is vs the competition. Especially when you realize the most powerful wireless company's attempt at this deployment is particularly sad. This 5G deployment has more drama than a Telemundo soap opera.
  3. Tim has the inside scoop, and he knows his stuff. Looks like they will both co-exist, don't know why, since we know Sprint has had issues getting those Airaves built in the past and the new MB will have CDMA option. But looks like new ones are eventually coming down the pipe.
  4. So the Airave and Gen 3 MB/CDMA module will co-exist for what reason?
  5. Airave's have been canceled. As far as I know Gen 3 MB is the planned replacement once they enable ethernet backhaul and some type of CDMA module to go along with it.
  6. This is the direction they will are moving towards. Maybe not 100% , regardless if the t mobile deal is approved or not we will end up with something somewhat the same with esims.
  7. Id still expect a nice bump in battery performance taking into account GS8 battery degradation over time+ 300mAh smaller battery+less efficient processor.
  8. Im assuming you mean the e model or regular gs10, because from my observation gs10+ battery life is quite a bit better than my GS9+ and even better than my N9.
  9. Small tip: turn on Touch Sensitivity to increase fingerprint accuracy and just general usage. I found that it helps quite a bit, assuming built in screen protector isn't helping any either.
  10. Where did you find this info. The only reason I went with the 512gb model was for the 12gb of ram.
  11. Wasnt the white ceramic supposed to have 12gb of ram?! Only seeimg 8gb.. http://imgur.com/gallery/jIJ6Ro0
  12. Finding solid RF performance on ceramic model. Seems to hold on to signal slightly better than my N9. Also Volte performance is excellent here in NYC as expected, but better yet, holding onto B26 at nearly 1x levels. Very pleased so far..
  13. Man, I can't really speak to it's durability, but it's almost imperceptible.
  14. Calling Plus is no longer being added to new devices unfortunately. Would have been cool to have the option still for those that aren't in market's that have VoLTE live.
  15. Sprint finally updated the shipping info from pending to delivering EOD today. Ceramic white! Can't wait!! Wierd that I just got the shipping confirmation today and I'm also getting it today.
  16. No separate carriers just a single 60mhz channel. That's one advantage of NR, it supports up to a single 100mhz carrier.
  17. I think I'll leave my Sprint pre order alone and keep it..
  18. How did you go about getting the $100 off, did you just try to cancel the pre order after paying or before paying? I already ordered mine off Sprint's site, but I'd order it directly from Samsung if I can get another $100 off since I also did a preoder from Samsung but obviously did not pay for it.
  19. Not 100% sure, most likely something related to asset management, thats always a complicated subject, considering they are in the middle of a merger that might have something to do with it.
  20. If I'm not mistaken the COO mentioned that they are participating in these auctions under a different name.
  21. It happens on occasion, usually with roaming or some configuration change. Report it using the my Sprint app. They will fix it.
  22. My sister just switched to Tmobile, its faster at her job. But awful at home. Massive variation depending on location.
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