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  1. Its clear that the device side back to the site is mostly the issue. I think it says a lot that Big Red decided to only make MM WAVE transmit one way for now...
  2. In my opinion, this isn't a bad compromise. Shoot for higher arpu customers and limit it to markets that actually have 5G deployed. Just seems sensible considering Sprint's position and that it isn't free to deploy.
  3. While we are on the conversation of 5G. It seems that Verizon is using LTE for uploads, I wonder if Sprint will do sometime similar.
  4. Auto-correct from my phone did a number on my post.. 162nd grand concourse 161st St? This is on 162nd st, I never saw site on 161.  157th street Gerard ave. 158th St? YUP just different sector most likely.  151th Grand concourse two sites in the area there Probably same site, but different sector.  150th ST Amsterdam ave 55st and 9th ave two sites near by on 57th and 53rd 55th is a different one. 47th St ave missing details 9th Ave. 34th and 9th Ave 58th and lex is this the site on 55th and lex I already shared? Most likely. 47th and lex. 33rd St and Madison - This is the site on 32nd above Fields good chicken that covers my office YUP Most likely different sector.
  5. Been meaning to post some that I confirmed are on air.. 162nd grand concourse 157th street Gerard ave. 151th Grand concourse 150th Amsterdam ave 55st and 9th ave 47th St ave 34th and 9th Ave 58th and lex 47th and lex 33rd St and Madison I have another 12 but I need to confirm in person again.
  6. Thinking more like Charter not Dish. Also, Sprint already has a running network, and so does Charter. I am sure that integration between those would be potentially more lucrative and organic than Tmobile completely taking down an already running network and trying to integrate.
  7. Cable Co would be the ideal partner. Watching cable companies struggle to compete against the industry as a whole, this would put them back on the map in more ways than one. Plus huge benefits from a network integration standpoint. Backhaul and customer acquisition(from both sides) would be two huge benefits for this marriage, The whole Tmo+Sprint thing just seems completely inefficient and a massive waste of Sprint's extensive network and efforts.
  8. I've found between 20 and 30 myself. I'm trying to get a better quality pic of Sprint's own NYC M-MIMO map. But, as you can see there looks to be over 100 in NYC alone. Not to mention I have seen more beyond what this map is showing (in the Bronx and in BK) All confirmed to be live.
  9. Look at the BSL, your getting 1x from the west side definitely not the SC. LTE is SC, EARFCN is dead giveaway.
  10. I should have been more clear on that, Intra meaning non-contiguous CA within the same band and inter for different band CA.
  11. Most modern devices released 2018 and beyond support it. But who knows where, could be one city/state, county or block for all we know.
  12. Most of the presentation is the stuff we already know about. But a couple of cool details Over 1000 M-MIMO sites are live now! Just waiting on final 5G NR software to be pushed ENDC Bonded LTE/NR will allow the full 120Mhz to be used on 5G devices and still keep legacy devices up to 60Mhz of LTE LG V50 will have a GLOWING 5G logo on the back LOL! (RGB everything life!) **WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!** They also have live QnA and I posted one question,. he actually ANSWERED LIVE! Intraband CA is coming in weeks guys!!!!!!
  13. For those interested, John Saw is about to do a presentation on 5G at the BK 5G Summit. Its streaming live at 2 30pm est. Link to live stream.. https://www.comsoc.org/2019-brooklyn-5g-summit-live-stream
  14. What a coincidence.. https://www.fiercewireless.com/5g/t-mobile-says-5g-mmwave-deployments-will-never-scale
  15. This Gif though.. mmWave Maybe in a world without walls mmWave would be a thing.
  16. Regardless if they are limited to single carrier they do not cover a huge area, so with Docsis backhaul they perform quite well.
  17. Has been awesome, smooth, fast connection, VoLTE has been great! Also, after taking off the factory screen protector, the in screen fingerprint sensor has been quite a bit faster and more accurate, still not as good as a classic one, but im good with the tradeoff.
  18. MMS works perfectly fine on my end post update. But then again, I never had any issues.
  19. From 34th and Park Ave... http://imgur.com/gallery/CKvqN1n Those M-MIMO pings are crazy!
  20. Most likely is M-MIMO I've seen a few new ones crop up in that area last couple of months.
  21. What area is it? I've spotted a couple more in Murray Hill..
  22. Sprint will end up with quite a 5G coverage advantage on day one. The question is, how long will they be able to hold that.
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