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  1. Not sure. As far as I know it’s still 10x10 B25 and there have been some B41 upgrades but I don’t connect to it until I get closer to the interstate on my way home. I live in Gainesville but work in a small rural town about 15-20 minutes away.
  2. My data has been better since VoLTE launched in our market. I don’t have to turn of LTE while I’m at work anymore. Social media loads pretty good with only one bar of signal
  3. That’s good to know. Additional coverage was definitely needed there.
  4. There’s T-mobile roaming out east? If so, I didn’t know that. I used to take my daughter to track practice out east and data was terrible. That was a year ago though.
  5. Is Ocala really good? Don’t go there much just pass through on my way to Orlando or Tampa. Service in Atlanta was excellent when I was there last September. Left Atlanta then went to Knoxville and service was good there also.
  6. Nice! I was hoping that with their agreement with cox that we would see small cells but at least they’re increasing backhaul. Service where I frequent except back in Live Oak my hometown is usually good. I don’t care about being the fastest I just want usable data for the most part.
  7. Service for the most part isn’t bad at all, but I work in alachua and I’m stuck on B26 until I leave work and it’s fine most of the day until around 1pm when I take my last break. I have to turn off LTE and use 3G for my phone to be able to load Instagram or Facebook.
  8. Sheesh. Smh. I thought that sprint would have improved back hail and add small cells with their agreement with cox, but I guess not.
  9. Do you know if sprint is benefiting from cox at all here? When they made the deal with cox I was hoping to see a bunch of small cells popping up being that they are the only cable provider in Gainesville.
  10. Alright cool. I’m not as informed as you guys are, but I try to learn from you all because I find these kinds of things interesting. Eager to see how VoLTE will perform. It was flawless for me in Orlando.
  11. Something has to be up because I usually get B26 in my apartment complex and sometimes B25, but now I’m able to watch YouTube and scroll Instagram on B26 without much of a problem. Before I couldn’t do either while on B26.
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