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  1. Didn’t do a Speed test. If I’m still on B12 I’ll try to get one.
  2. Not sure I have it. I called CS and they said it’s not available for me. Not sure why I’m seeing B12. iPhone 8+ if that helps any.
  3. Might be off topic, but usually at home I’m latched onto B26. Today for the first time I’ve been connected to B12.
  4. That’s good to know. Im sure they’ll make their way up soon.
  5. That definitely makes sense. I hope they are upgrading the area.
  6. You’re most likely correct. I’m still on the Sprint network too. I haven’t roamed on T-mobile at all. Only once back around November in east Gainesville.
  7. I got the same e-mail this morning. I have an iPhone 8plus.
  8. I’ve only latched onto the T-Mobile network once. That was around November. I locked onto B2 for a little bit. Then when I left that area my phone started showing B25. Normally I would be on 3G, 1x, or barely useable B26 in that area. I noticed that Instagram was loading really fast. I did a field test and realized that I was on B2.
  9. I know I won’t ever have B71. It wasn’t supported until the XS as far as iPhones go. That wasn’t what I was trying to get at. I was just asking if there was going to be an OTA update that would prioritize the T-mobile network, and the LTE bands that they have. Just curious because the only news about updates going out have been about 5G devices previously released by Sprint.
  10. Does anyone know if T-Mobile will be sending out OTA updates for iPhone users? I have an 8 plus. I’m only missing B71.
  11. I have seen my TAC as both 326323 and 64003. Idk which TAC belongs to which company. Help?
  12. After the merger closes, and updates are sent out...will our phones still display Sprint as the carrier, or will it display T-Mobile?
  13. I can confirm this. I posted a question about this in the AT&T network thread. I was very surprised to see AT&T instead of Extended Network.
  14. Idk if this is the right thread for this, but my phone was paid off and unlocked last week. In an area where i usually get 1x, Sprint 3G, or extended network, I now see AT&T LTE at the top of the status bar.
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