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  1. Experienced my first VoLTE call in Orlando last night, and it was pretty nice.
  2. Does anyone know if the Jacksonville market will be included in the next round of VoLTE deployments? I know I’ve been having some issues lately calling out and having calls dropped. Idk if that’s because of testing or whatnot but I’m hoping that they’re about to launch in our market soon.
  3. I got the option to enable VoLTE in my cellular settings after updating on my IPhone 8 Plus, but I’m in the Jacksonville market and as far as I know VoLTE hasn’t been enabled in this particular market yet.
  4. I was getting mad dropped calls entering Jacksonville this morning. Data might not be the greatest, but I’ve NEVER had an issue with dropped calls unless I’m deep in the country. I couldn’t place a call until my phone switched to an extended network.
  5. Thanks for the help guys. It’s really appreciated.
  6. Does anyone know if the unlocked version of the S8+ works with VoLTE?
  7. I think Sprint is turning up the heat in Gainesville to some extent. I’ve been picking up B41 in places that I’ve usually had slow data. Got B41 in front of Oaks mall the other day and now I’m picking it up just down the road from where I live. Unfortunately I get B25 or B26 once I get into my apartment complex. It’s for sure getting better here though.
  8. My girlfriend has an unlocked S8+ but we live in the Jacksonville market in Florida so there’s no way for me to try it out as of right now.
  9. Has anyone living in a soft launch market experienced a true VoLTE phone call? If so, how was the call quality?
  10. I don’t think service is that bad in Gainesville. I was just wondering if her service isn’t as good because it’s the unlocked model. That’s all.
  11. My girlfriend just switched her unlocked S8+ over to Sprint. She says service is horrible, but she’s also used to having AT&T. Is there anything that someone can recommend? IMEI from Sprint possibly?
  12. That’s nice! I’m originally from Live Oak so that’s great news. I’m also in Lake City from time to time. This is awesome.
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