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  1. @Allegiant #NoShame #60seconds #Allegiant https://t.co/0BJgoo75Zp

  2. @iflymia 20 mins for the first employee shuttle to show up and pick up the 9pm end times! First Transit SUCKS

  3. @TMobile Fav space resident? Hands down @SpaceX man driving @elonmusk Roadster. #TMobileTuesdays #contest

  4. @CaseyCagle @Delta @NRA FUCK you Casey! Extortikn at is finest, hope you drive @Delta to leave ATL so you can be a… https://t.co/OqiuMD950u

  5. @TomiLahren Now, if one of your friends or loved ones HAD been there, you would understand...or maybe not because y… https://t.co/fpyDVzVfyL

  6. @duranaca @AmericanAir @jxpaton @SoySilicio @BIEspana @Aeromexico @Iberia Group 1 FC , 2 Exec Plat, 3 is Plat, 4 is… https://t.co/p8Abk5VrJm

  7. @iflymia Its not just a cleanliness issue, its that by D5 you have 3 working stalls for the mens rest room and an e… https://t.co/qnYN6soyY4

  8. @cataphant @AmericanAir Bag inspected means ot was @TSA sooooo go bark at them ?

  9. I just want to lets you know your network is still shit at the Miami airport @JohnLegere @NEVILLERAY DO SOMETHING FFS!!!

  10. Before I forget, FUCK you @comcast . #NetNeutrality

  11. @JohnLegere Yo John, whats going on? Your service at the MIA airport...seems like a total failure...you and… https://t.co/XcbJgt47pe

  12. @AllanArroyopr @Moluskein No sea moron, llegaron a PR pero el hecho de tener que abortar el aterrizaje y dar mas vu… https://t.co/rweybiRdph

  13. @TMobileHelp @JohnLegere I'll work with you via DMs Charles, I just want to see your big mouth CEO and or CTOactual… https://t.co/EGrOyIONbf

  14. @TMobileHelp @JohnLegere No need to troubleshoot, your COMPANY just needs to fix the site. I missed very important… https://t.co/Qr7bGQfFd8

  15. @TMobileHelp @JohnLegere Check it out and make a public reaponse. Tired of getting the same scripted responses.

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