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    Does anybody have any idea at all why Sprint would not activate VOLTE on the Samsung S9? Seems really strange how the S8 and s10 have VOLTE and the s9 does not. Is there some valid reason why? Is there a hardware issue with the s9? Just the normal fumbling and bungling? Looks really strange and it sure does not make Sprint or Samsung look good. This type of thing is why many people leave Sprint.
  2. The s9 is good at receiving Band 41, but not transmitting to the cell site. My question is --- why don't they fix this? Kick the s9 off band 41 when it struggles to upload to band 41 and can't do it. Or better yet, get band 25 upload going with band 41 download. Do something. Just fix it and yesterday.
  3. The September update for the unlocked version is available today if you manually check for it. I have it installed. No option to turn on VOLTE. No new carrier aggregation options. This is getting old. Reporting this same news month after month. I have had about 8 or 9 monthly updates to this UNLOCKED S9 since it was new and I am not seeing any improvements to it. Why would a S9 be getting ignored? My CDMA 1x service works fine and I really am not suffering because I lack VOLTE. But it just is the bungling and fumbling on getting VOLTE active and it is for no apparent reason. Then they allow band 41 to take over about everything and keep me on it almost everywhere when upload does not work well on band 41. This upload issue was known before they even launched B-41. Being connected to B-41 on LTE+ at levels of -110 to -130 is a disaster. And it just continues and continues. No upload at all and the phone stays on the unusable B-41.
  4. Just installed the update on my S9. No VOLTE unless they hid it somewhere. Also, no improved Carrier aggregation either.The last two updates done NOTHING that is visible to me. This is really starting to tweak me. WHY is the s9 being treated so badly? Is there some type of fatal design flaw with these phones that can not be overcome? VOLTE is available almost everywhere, but why not on the S9 which is still fairly new? No new aggregation options. It really needs the 25 &41 aggregation that is talked about but never appears. Due to improvements probably at the cell sites, I am getting locked onto band 41 much more frequently. But it is not usable because of the poor upload from the phone. I actually have LTE+ in my home at levels of -111 to -128. But at those levels, I get absolutely NO upload. No wonder people say Sprint Sucks and leave for another carrier. I do use Wi-Fi at home and that solves the issue at home, but waling into another building somewhere causes the DATA to freeze at these levels.
  5. A 1x*800 signal can travel much more than 3 miles and even with some trees hurting the signal strength. The signal can also be blocked at even less than 3 miles depending on what the obstruction is.
  6. Mine sure can not. I have an S9 with HPUE and it absolutely can not use -128. Also, I suspect that when we use carrier aggregation on 2500, HPUE is disabled. I doubt if the cell phone can transmit at the high levels of HPUE on two channels. Somebody please verify that I am right or wrong on using HPUE on 2 aggregated channels.
  7. Why is Sprint going to -128 or even into the -130's for Qrxlevmin????? This just does not work and is very aggravating. Trying to use data below about -120 is almost impossible, no matter what band. Why do they insist on holding me on 2500 at a -130 level and having everything time out?? Sometimes in a bad spot, they hold me on 1900 at -130 and things crash bad. What happened that they will not allow a transfer to a lower band? This new Qrcminlev is a disaster. They are causing people to experience really bad service.
  8. Just got August update on UNLOCKED Galaxy S-9. Can not find any place to turn on VOLTE. Looks like we did not get any better aggregation options. Actually, I see NOTHING changed or added on a quick look. File was just over 200MB
  9. Probably very little if any. Until things are settled totally, I would think everybody is going to be quiet and cautious.
  10. IF T-Mobile ever allows Sprint Phones to roam on it. I did not see it in two weeks of traveling through both cities and rural areas with poor coverage. Maybe somebody else did?? I did roam on T-mobile quite often, but only on Band 2 or Band 4/66
  11. Your phone is probably so full of errors, lack of periods, commas, misspelled words, etc, and it just shut down.
  12. Live Streaming 1080p takes just a couple of Mbps and it is not always the same. Probably 2Mbps and likely more. So get 200 people livestreaming and things might go south. Plus your other usage at the same time. Then wait till people start trying 4K streaming. I am not a fan for placing thousands of satellites in orbit for this purpose. Wait until they go bankrupt and want to leave the trash orbiting.
  13. I gave up on Sensorly a year ago. It was good for a long time, but not any more.
  14. EXACTLY. Give my good 4G. I have no need for 5G at all. Most people do not. All the hype about 5G is just the marketing dept trying to get users for 5g when there really is not much demand.
  15. Flompholop, you need to take a trip into Shentel territory. Lots of B-41. Not on every site, but it is on sites that need it. In my area, we have a 10x10 and a 15X15 on B-25. Also 2Xca on b-41 and also one B-41 channel at 10 wide. also the standard 800 channel. This is what we have in what is considered a small town. Nearby small towns mostly have the same thing. You can find rural sites with much less capacity but they are adequate for now. Only occasionally do I see any issue. Right now I am in Tucson, Az which is considered a big city and I see multiple issues. When I travel outside Shentel territory is when I have issues. Shentel is not perfect, but they are doing a great job is a very tough area to cover. Miles and miles of rural territory with big mountains and smaller towns.
  16. chamb


    I bought TWO Galaxy S-9's at Best Buy a couple of days AFTER the S-10 was released. Those thousand dollar phones were selling for $499 each. You have to keep looking for that type of thing. You do not need the absolute best new thing. In the S-10 case, the phone was a dud for many people. Some of them had major issues.
  17. They might have fixed things so you can use VOLTE at -120 or worse, but they sure did wreck using normal data on your phone in weak areas. Normal data does NOT work well below -120 and especially on band 41. Lately I am being held on very poor signal levels when much better levels are available on other bands. Yesterday, I was sitting in a parking lot trying to look at my Gmail. SCP showing I was rotating over 3 different sites. I was getting band 41 from all 3 of these sites but all 3 were at levels worse than -118. I was not able to see any e-mail especially if it had any graphics. Very aggravating. I could not get away from the weak band 41 when the other two bands would have worked fine. Somehow they need to make sure you are not held on these weak signals to the point that you can not use normal data. I am also being held to extremely weak data on other bands at time too. a transfer to other bands does not happen when it should. Just not working right. I am in Shentel territory if it makes a difference.
  18. Charlie needs help. Without Sprint and/or T-Mobile help, he will never make a network fly. Nobody should have to GIVE him anything.
  19. This is a classic case of how companies ruin their reputations. We all know how Samsung & Sprint blamed each other for the horrible S-10 issues. Customers had very serious issues for months and it just lingered with nobody offering a solution or even a hint as to what the trouble was and who was going to fix it. Now we have the S-9 running on the April Update in July. Not old phones but actually very recent phones. Nobody wants to offer any clue as to why this is happening. No VOLTE, various CA options not available, original radios were poor and the April update made it worse. HPUE not effective at all. Get locked onto a poor Band 41 signal and can not transmit anything to the cell site. Locking people onto band 41 at a -130 level does not work but I have this happen every day. Yep, both Sprint and Samsung are seeing reputations go deeper into the sewer every day.
  20. My UNLOCKED S-9 can not transmit to the cell site if Band 41 is weak either. It supposedly has HPUE but I do not see any improvement over phones without HPUE. To make it wore, recently the parameters have changed that allow me to hang onto Band 41 and band 25 with a signal of -130. Nothing works at the level, but apparently somebody decided to keep me on extremely poor connections and not allow the phone to drop to a better band. It probably was done in preparation for VOLTE, but it sure has killed my data experience. If I am trying to download an attachment to a G-Mail message, I can not do it on band 41 when being held to very bad levels. -120 was not working and now I find my phone hanging onto -130 level.
  21. No No. Do not give DISH anything. Just the opposite, play the take away game with them since they have failed to meet the build-out requirements for their spectrum.
  22. I use otterbox. Over the years, I have decided I need a phone hanging on my belt all day. I like the otterbox as it grabs onto my belt really good and does not pop off when doing something unusual. It might not be as pretty as some other cases, but it sure is protective. I have no knowledge of Syncios Samsung App. You will need a screen protector that is not part of otterbox. I bought two at Best Buy that would not stay on the phone. They kept coming off. Not sure what brand they were, but I would never buy them again. I bought two replacements at Wal-Mart and so far they are ok. They were a different brand.
  23. I have more trouble than you do when attempting a move to T-Mobile LTE. If my Sprint signal on LTE goes to -130 or worse, the phone totally drops from Sprint LTE. Sometimes T-Mobile LTE is available, but the phone just seems dumb and does not connect to it for a minute or even more. Not sure what would happen on a VoLTE call here because my unlocked S9 STILL does not have VoLTE operational.
  24. Mike, Concerning the TA Value, on April 18 I reported to you that my s9 was showing I was about 8451 ft from my cell site. I am actually about 16,000 feet. Now, with this update today, I am seeing just over 16,000 ft. At least for me, it is now fairly accurate.
  25. I bought two S-9's at Best Buy to replace two S-7's. There actually was a Samsung employee at the store that took all 4 phones and used Smart Switch to move everything over to the S-9"s. A few apps did not transfer but most of them did. I was not sure what was going to happen with the transfer process, so I did remove almost all data and photo's from the old phones. Stored it at home so it would not be lost no matter how any transfer was done. I think the process went much faster since there was not much data or photo's to transfer. Watching the Samsung employees do this convinced me that many people could do this at home themselves.
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