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  1. Mike, Yes, this did resolve the missing CDMA data on my S9. Thanks. Great job as usual.
  2. VOLTE may sound much better if you are in a good signal area and it works correctly. The issue is poor signal areas. VOLTE does not work well there and everybody knows it. Walk into a well built building when on band 41 and watch VOLTE start crashing. The phone may transfer to band 25 or even band 26, but even still, the LTE just does not have the range as good ole CDMA. My s9 is still on CDMA and will stay there probably for a long time.
  3. Same here. Shentel has a very good network and handing it over to somebody else would not be wise. Allowing Shentel to combine the two networks and then totally manage the resulting network will result in one "KILLER" network. Nobody will beat it.
  4. I turned on VOLTE long enough to give it a good test. It was not satisfactory. People would tell me I was breaking up, or that they could not hear all of my conversation. This was because I was being held on Band 41 at very poor levels mostly inside buildings. VOLTE will not work on Band 41 at levels of -115 to-130. I will never understand why Sprint decided it was a good idea to use band 41 down to -130 levels when nobody has a phone that could transmit back to the cell site. I have an S9 with Android 10. Most of the new aggregation options are checked. Some aggregation is happening, but not 25 or 26 with 41. When they fix that, I will try VOLTE again. Now using old reliable CDMA 1x and SCP is not showing the CDMA stats.
  5. If there is a problem with VOLTE, you discovered it. Volte will work sometimes with a crappy signal, but other times it will not. Does not work as good as the old CDMA in very weak areas. I am still using CDMA and will continue to do so because of this issue.
  6. If they are smart, they will snuggle up to Shentel and have them combine the two networks. Then have an agreement for Shentel to manage and operate the new network. Shentel sure gets things done and it gets done right.
  7. I have a s9, just have android 10. Lots of new aggregation options showed up but were not checked off to place them in service. I manually added some. 25+41 did stay activated but I never see it happen. Apparently I am in an area where it it not ready yet. I also added the check mark to activate 25+26 and I do see that happen. I see 25 as primary with 26 as secondary and I also see 26 as primary and 25 as secondary. I really do not see much value in the 25 +26 as 26 is congested and probably not able to help download anything. It does appear to me that I am only seeing download aggregation and not upload. I am in Pennsylvania on Shentel service.
  8. Yep, I have basic UNLOCKED s9 on Sprint. Upgraded to Android 10. No SNR and no BW. Aggregation is showing but not always correct.
  9. I am in Shentel, Probably still Alcatel/Lucent from way back. Hopefully the problem is being addressed. It is a major issue. It is great that Shentel has b41 working fine on the downloads but band 25 is really really needed for uploads. This problem is very serious and causing people to depart for another carrier. The next one could be me.
  10. Agreed. Underwhelmed. VOLTE is enabled and it may work for some, but not in my home. Band 41 is in my home at a -112 or worse. On VOLTE, I get drops on my transmit because the phone can not reach the cell site. I enabled some of the carrier aggregation options like 25+41. While I was able to add the check mark to enable it, it sure does not appear to be working. If it is working, I can not prove it. It sure does not make VOLTE work on band 41. On a VOLTE call, I show band 41 3xCA download but only one B41 upload. Of course, VOLTE does not work well using band 41 upload when you are on the fringe. Band 41 probably works fine for VOLTE if you are close to the cell site, but it sure does not work my home without some upload. Are we ever going to see any VOLTE that uses band 25 or band 26 for upload and band 41 for download??? I will be using CDMA for along time maybe. I have b41 everywhere, but as soon as I go into a building, the phone still hangs on to the band 41 sometimes down to -130. When it does this, no data of any kind can be uploaded. Therefore no VOLTE inside many buildings but CDMA does still work. I am about ready to just turn band 41 off.
  11. Downloading G960U1UEU7DTA5 Right now on my UNLOCKED S9 on Sprint Android 10 One UI2 January 1 Patch level 1836.68 MB I asked if an update was available, and there it was. EDITED-- do not start this download and update unless you can babysit it for awhile. This one takes some time. EDITED AGAIN - Now see 3 Channel download Carrier Aggregation on B-41 Download. Never had that before. I do have all the good new Aggregation options, but the new ones we need like 25+41 are NOT checked. Signal Check Pro does show 20+20+15 and that is correct for this location. Engineering Screen does verify it.
  12. What is NOT Shown?? Yeh, the Upload Speed.
  13. You might be getting the benefits of improved aggregation. Band 25 aggregated with band 41. Band 25 gives improved upload, band 41 gives great download. Or maybe a new site has been added near you.
  14. Was just able to download and install the Dec update for my S9. AGAIN, no VOLTE, NO additional aggregation expansion. AGAIN, after just a quick look, I see nothing that improved or changed. Same old story for months. If we can believe the rumors, the next update should make big improvements.
  15. WOW. GREAT. At least the options are there. Maybe we can get activation on this real soon. If it ever shows up on my S9, I probably add the check-mark on some of this to see if it will work properly. Might have to go back and un-check it, but I would try it.
  16. Bring up dialer ##DATA# View LTE Ca enabled Is there anything indicating 25+41. If so, note if it is checked or unchecked
  17. Great. Did you look at the ##DATA# menu and see any new aggregation options? Especially 25+41
  18. How does 5G fix the band 41 upload issue??? I have to see that. The only way I can fix it is turn off Band 41. Maybe moving to another carrier where there is no band 41 would fix the issue too. At Sprint, 5G uses band 41 for both 4G and 5G. So 5G on Sprint probably has the same issue. Poor upload. Maybe MIMO on 5G helps, but the phones just can not transmit a strong enough signal on band 41.
  19. Maybe you have a NEED for 5G. I surely do not. Just give me 4G that works well and I am happy. Right now, I need Sprint to activate 25+41 aggregation. I have plenty of band 41 signals around here but the upload on my S9 just does not work on weaker band 41. I do not see anybody coming up with an activation date for 25+41 but it is making life horrible without it. HPUE sure was not the answer to band 41 upload issues.
  20. Good find Trip. But I will NOT be buying a new 5G handset today and maybe for years, especially on T-Mobile. MAYBE, just MAYBE, if T-Mobile does team up with Sprint and get enough spectrum to do 5G right, I may consider 5G. Not now however.
  21. Glad to do it , Robert. Especially now with all the work to convert and update all the maps. I know you and some others are really putting some major time in on the project. I look at your S4GRU site every day and most of the time, I am looking several times. The cost to operate the site is often overlooked. So many sites today are supported by paid ads that just destroy the experience at the site. This site is very clean and easy to navigate. Just loaded with info. Everybody that uses the site should step up and make a donation.
  22. Just received the November 1 security update for my UNLOCKED s9. No VOLTE. No 25+41 aggregation either. The last few updates did absolutely NOTHING that is visible to me.
  23. Like I posted earlier. Extortion. I wonder if T-Mobile and/or Sprint could sue the Attorney Generals in these states after this is settled. Sue them for Billions. What has T-mobile or Sprint done that is illegal? Nothing. They just asked politely to join forces. These are National companies regulated by the Federal Government. I see no state or Federal laws being broken.
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