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  1. I asked them that question today on Twitter, and I was told the opposite.
  2. They'll honor hookup, free line promos from after 6/2/2019 and some others, according to an employee on reddit. I'm on Magenta Plus right now with 7 lines (2 paid, 5 free) and a $15 discount match, bringing my total plan cost to $125. If I am understanding it correctly, I can switch to Max for no additional cost. Guess I'll find out on Wednesday. I
  3. This is interesting. Android Police just published a list of older devices that will no longer work on T-Mobile's network come January 29th due to their inability to receive an update that will allow them to continue working. According to the article, "T-Mobile confirms the change is not connected to either VoLTE requirements in 2021 or its legacy network shutdown." I wonder what is going to change then...
  4. That's Multiple Frequency Band Indicator (MFBI) and has been a part of the LTE spec since 2015. https://www.phonescoop.com/glossary/term.php?gid=551 Sounds like it will be primarily a 20x20 B25 carrier broadcasting a 15x15 B2 MFBI so that older or foreign devices that lack B25 support will be able to use part of the spectrum. I bet they'll do this in all markets where they have contiguous C+G holdings.
  5. It's really buried down in there. When first you log in, on the top right corner click on "My account," then "Profile". At the bottom of the next screen, you should see "Multiple Devices." Click that, and on the next screen make sure that DIGITS is enabled. Here's what mine looks like.
  6. Verizon definitely has mmWave in DC - all the very dark red areas on this map are coverage areas. The article you linked was just referring to 5G speeds overall. Verizon's average speed has been very high because they'd been relying exclusively on mmWave for 5G until recently, but now that they're using DSS for "Nationwide 5G," they're seeing average speeds fall. On the other hand, T-Mobile's average speed is notching up because of the 2.5GHz 5G deployments. T-Mobile's known mmWave cities are Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York. They pretty much halted mmWa
  7. Looks like the iOS 14.3 beta has an updated field test mode that at least indicates whether you're on NSA or SA 5G. I am willing to bet there's no mmWave in DC still. They'd be shouting it from the rooftops if there were. The good news is that N41 is blazing fast and they're deploying it at a breakneck pace around here.
  8. I'm not sure what the financial arrangement is for our particular DAS. I know it was installed and is maintained by a third-party integrator, but the building we are in is owned by the US Government, who I cannot imagine is charging the carriers to be on it (though I could be wrong). Legend has it that when the DAS was installed (now coming up on a decade ago), there was a reasonable monetary difference between installing one that could support 3 carriers, and one that could support 4. Leadership decided to stick with the "big 3" carriers at the time: AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. My h
  9. Greetings from the B25 signal on the DAS in my office building. My iPhone is showing the PLMN as 311-490. It did have to drop the T-Mobile LTE signal entirely before it would pick up the legacy Sprint signal.
  10. T-Mobile's LTE network was pretty close to unusable in the Union Station during business hours before COVID-19 hit. My office is right next to there, and has a DAS with Verizon, AT&T and legacy Sprint on it, but they never added T-Mobile. I have to go in tomorrow, I'll be interested to see if my phone grabs on to the legacy Sprint PCS carrier on the DAS.
  11. There's no mmWave that I know of here in DC, but I do have to say the 5G experience on T-Mobile has been much better than I was anticipating on my iPhone 12. There appears to be quite a bit of mid-band 5G deployed in DC proper, at least in neighborhoods I frequent: Brookland, 16th Street Heights, Takoma Park...
  12. Some progress on the Shentel front: https://www.commsupdate.com/articles/2020/11/09/shentel-t-mobile-deal-going-ahead-sale-should-conclude-in-2q21/?
  13. You can message them on Twitter - @tmobilehelp. They’re usually very helpful there!
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