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  1. Don't forget that the US Government paid AT&T $6.5 billion to deploy B14 FirstNet spectrum. AT&T took advantage of those subsidized tower climbs to upgrade its own infrastructure to 5G-ready, and add all of its spectrum holdings. Smart move. T-Mobile doesn't have that subsidy, but I agree that any tower they're going to touch from here on out should be fully upgraded, and I think we'll see that with the Sprint "keep" sites for sure, plus anywhere they add NR equipment.
  2. T-Mobile is certainly a marketing machine, but that's part of their success story. They've convinced consumers that their network is good enough for the prices they're charging. Sprint certainly never made that happen, even when they were giving away lines for free or dirt cheap. I think it's only real enthusiast-types like us who really care about what bands we're connected to, speed tests and the like. The average person doesn't care what band their phone is connected to, or what their peak speed test is, as long as their devices work acceptably the majority of the time. T-Mobile can achieve that by deploying capacity where it's needed most, without spending the extra money where it would just sit unused.
  3. That's a bummer. T-Mobile's network is pretty congested already in DC proper at least, it's going to be unbearable if they move Sprint users over without shoring up capacity.
  4. Looks like T-Mobile has activated 2.5Ghz 5G in parts of Houston, LA and Chicago today, with at least one report of native T-Mobile LTE in B41 as well. https://www.t-mobile.com/news/network/opensignal-5g-availability-win-june-2020
  5. There's a redditor in Chicago claiming to have gotten 2xCA on LTE B41 on his T-Mobile SIM yesterday. As of today, it's gone. Maybe some testing happening? https://www.reddit.com/r/tmobile/comments/he9mod/tmobile_sim_band41_access/
  6. I’ve seen a few Band 25 neighbor cells registering on my T-Mobile iPhone, but I can’t tell if that’s just MFBI on Band 2 or something else. Is there an easy way to tell?
  7. I'm a T-Mobile customer who works in a building with a Sprint DAS, but not a T-Mobile one. When I had Fi, there was no elegant handoff between the two - I either had to wait for the phone to realize T-Mobile was gone and switch to Sprint manually, or force the switch with a dialer code. I'm hopeful we'll hear more about network integration on or around "Day 1," in August, when the Sprint brand is officially sunset. It'll be great when I can get on that DAS and not have to rely on a prepaid SIM in my office (whenever we return, which may not be until 2021 from what I'm hearing)
  8. The Fi method is also a kludgey hack - the SIM actually has 4 phone numbers assigned to it, one on T-Mobile (your primary Fi number), and three "ghost" numbers for each of Sprint, USCC and Three UK, and the Fi app switches between them based on your location and signal strength. It's a neat trick, but it's a lot of overhead that T-Mobile isn't interested in adding as it's just going to integrate Sprint sites and spectrum into its existing network.
  9. There's no cyberattack (DDoS or otherwise) going on outside the baseline activities we see every day. Seems like a call and SMS routing issue isolated to T-Mobile with other carriers' customers reporting problems because they're trying to reach folks on T-Mobile.
  10. There are mixed reports online about other carriers being impacted, but legacy T-Mobile seems to be hard down at least for voice calling and SMS. Even calling customer service gives a "technical difficulties" message and hangs up.
  11. Not a good day to be a T-Mobile customer... https://www.reddit.com/r/tmobile/comments/h9mpei/megathread_outages_across_the_country/
  12. Probably only folks who have a VoLTE capable handset with all of the T-Mobile bands, perhaps whose primary usage is in an area where there’s extra capacity on the T-Mobile network. There’s a method to their madness to minimize any negative experiences for existing T-Mobile customers and folks who are being migrated from Sprint, it’s probably just not obvious to those of us who don’t have inside knowledge.
  13. This Redditor seems to have found some 2.5 panels added to a site in Chicago.
  14. Honest question... is there value in referring to bands 2 and 4 separately from 25 and 66 any more, since the former are just subsets? I could see a case for 4 and 66 remaining separate since I think there are places where New T-Mobile doesn't own any AWS-3 licenses, but is there anywhere they don't own PCS Block G at this point?
  15. Looks like the first "Uncarrier" event of the New T-Mobile will be tomorrow at 8AM PDT (11AM EDT)... will be interested to see if it's anything of substance, or just another marketing stunt like they have been lately.
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