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  1. You can message them on Twitter - @tmobilehelp. They’re usually very helpful there!
  2. You can still use this on T-Mobile, but you may have to go in and make sure “DIGITS” is enabled on your line on the website. It took me quite awhile to figure that out!
  3. Your data is being routed through the T-Mobile network core now, so the phone Speedtest identifies the network as Sprint but the Internet provider as T-Mobile. Your hotspot speed test only knows which Internet provider it’s using, so it shows only as T-Mobile.
  4. Perhaps the re-launch and re-branding of their T-Vision TV streaming service?
  5. Thanks for explaining... now I’m curious: What does the R stand for in RMOCN? How is this different from what they’re doing with the 311-490 PLMN that T-Mobile customers can roam on now?
  6. The $30 difference is actually a discount applied to the iPhone 12 (not Pro) handsets when you buy them and attach them to an AT&T or Verizon plan. AT&T and Verizon are clearly subsidizing the extra $30 here, just so Apple could say they didn’t raise the price of the handset by adding 5G. The margin on the Pro must have been big enough to absorb the cost. I’m sticking with the Pro line this year, so no skin off my back, but it’s a little bit frustrating to see this type of carrier wheeling and dealing from Apple. I was especially surprised to see them give Verizon airtime during
  7. Consider the outlet that the journalist works for, and the weird use of "consumer 5G hardware." This was clearly written to cause confusion amongst customers - and if you look at the replies to the original tweet, it's a lot of "my family will take their business elsewhere if this is true..." I'm trying my hardest not to dive into politics here (and someone slap me if I get too close to the line), but it's no secret that T-Mobile got VERY cozy with the current DOJ and FCC in order to get the merger approved and the divestiture of Boost and the 800MHz spectrum to Dish facilitated. As
  8. Given that they're all supposed to be 5G devices, I would not be surprised if they were homed to T-Mobile by default if the user's plan and area are eligible for the T-Mobile Network Experience. It's an easy opportunity for T-Mo to migrate customers without requiring another interaction later.
  9. Looks like the CBRS licenses Shentel purchased in the latest auction are not going to be sold to T-Mobile with the rest of the wireless business. https://www.telecompetitor.com/shentel-adds-cbrs-spectrum-launches-beam-internet/
  10. To be fair, doing any of those things would potentially change your bill amount anyway - it doesn't mean they'll force anyone to change rate plans when they make those changes.
  11. It makes sense that they'd want to use the iPhone 12 launch to move folks over "organically," especially since it will have 5G and the Sprint LTE Network Experience will continue to deteriorate as they refarm and reallocate spectrum. This lines up well enough in advance of the launch.
  12. It seems like they've got a multi-pronged strategy, at least from what we can observe, with many of these things happening in parallel: (Pre-Merger) Roaming agreement for Sprint subscribers to use the T-Mobile network when Sprint isn't available Implement the ROAMAHOME SOC for certain Sprint subscribers to use the T-Mobile network as primary Network integration: decommission Sprint 5G, begin to refarm 2.5GHz spectrum for T-Mobile 5G and LTE, similarly begin to reallocate PCS spectrum from Sprint to T-Mobile in markets where spectrum is contiguous. Additionally, it appears th
  13. I'm having the same issues - this is definitely a step backwards from what used to be there.
  14. It's not visible to the end user, you have to call or chat with support to get them to check. There's been some talk that Neville Ray (T-Mobile CTO) was aiming for the end of this month for "network integration" to be substantially complete, so I think folks are going to start seeing this more and more over the next few days...
  15. FYI for anyone with a recent multi-line T-Mobile plan, they're offering another free line for life if you call in or chat via T-Force on Twitter/Facebook/iMessage. I now have five lines of Magenta Plus for $125, all taxes included. (Three free lines, plus a $15 discount match from when I ported one number over from Verizon that had an corporate discount attached to it).
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