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  1. Is there a way to force the device to use a different PLMN? Maybe via chameleon (like on Samsung devices via ##omadm...need the engineering password though) or some other method?
  2. really weird that my Note 9 can not connect to any b26 sites...my moto z2 force can, at least according to cell mapper logs. I went to ruffin and balboa, and forced the note 9 to b26, and just got a ril emm error, same everywhere else where b26 is...too bad. maybe they aren't completely open yet?
  3. I have uploaded some b26 data to cell mapper... If you filter for b26 you can see some sites now
  4. Where was this site? Can you name the landmark it location? Was this in clairemont or further south?
  5. spotted today.
  6. MB not completing setup, is typically indicative of maintenance on the towers. give it a few days.
  7. Holy macaroni in San Diego https://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/4673147604
  8. My fastest speed on my gen 3 magic box gold using a U1 note 9: https://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/4661756327 How fast are others getting on the magic box gold??
  9. Scroll up in this thread I posted locations earlier.
  10. There is a new B41 small cell near there, Law and Gresham, it's not online yet but should be soon.
  11. Indeed in the Pacific Beach/ La Jolla area, there are many sites which have slow backhaul and or B25 only... Some in places where b41 would really benefit... Lots of small cells popping up in San Diego though, many coming online everyday. T mobile is terrible for me all over San Diego, Sprint generally shines for me where I travel in town.
  12. New Additional mobilitie small cells
  13. Makes sense, though I only get great reception in one area of the attic, in this spot my UE note 9 reliably always pulls 200+ on B41... The MB3 Gold @ -95db, 19+ SINR unreliably pushes 90mbps max. And it needs a reboot multiple times a day, with speeds fluctuating down to 4mbps...still working with IBS to resolve these issues, so far they have pushed some new firmware, has fixed some other issues... Just wondering what others are seeing in real life usage on this new model
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