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  1. pushing 103mbps down on the MBG, used to cap out at 90, now i can top 105mbps
  2. It is regrettable that that t mobile is doing this, but not unexpected. Just signed up for verizon, another regrettable decision.
  3. I noticed this at home, thought it was unusual the signal strength was too low. Thought it may have been the device. I've yet to test my other MBG, which covered an entire 140,000SQ foot building. I'll find out to see if they actually did cut the transmit power, in the mean time anyone else have issues? Otherwise still running full speed 100mbit/sec on the MB from the devices.
  4. i certainly hope they do not force the t-mo network as primary for some time...in san diego t-mobile is absolute garbage. i'm forced to use a t-mo s20 for work and its useless, easier to tether it to my sprint device. all over the county, t-mobile sucks.
  5. How do you check the GPS location for the magic box?
  6. yes. another test after rebooting router : https://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/5640435048
  7. great news... looks like they just enabled ethernet backhaul on the magic box 3 gold in San Diego... using spectrum cable isp for BH Check out my Speedtest result! How fast is your internet? https://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/5640195945
  8. does anyone in the San Diego area with a magic box 3 gold have ethernet or wifi backhaul working yet?
  9. arg, so wired backhaul is working? can't get it to work on my MB3 still.
  10. A real erosion of choice for the American consumer, regardless if you use t-mobile, sprint, or neither.
  11. looks like a 1x site note for an Airave 4 also applied to the Magic Box Voice Amp, and other Airave 4's. Is there any way to distinguish between them? My site note shows on 3 different locations =D
  12. It takes a while for the phone to connect to the A4, both on LTE and 1x. Make sure your profile, and prl are updated, and reboot the device. Then try making some calls and see if it connects.
  13. Request the magic box gold, and ask for the voice amp add-on. They are both available, we just ordered and received both for a friend.
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