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  1. Hey ingenium....just wanted to say, I put those two other DNS server entries in ACL whitelist and it works like a charm. I got all green lights. Thank you for your help.
  2. All great ideas...thank you.. Ill report back what I get to work.
  3. Actually now I am confused.... As I block all DNS traffic except to OpenDNS...and the Airave 4 doesnt come up.. So it is trying to reach a DNS server that is not DHCP served it seems...I just dont know which one. It comes up fine when I drop my DNS restrictions. I can try some ACL logging and see if I can find out but it isnt easy in my setup.
  4. Hi ingenium, can you please relay what the Sprint DNS Server hardcoded IPs are? I need to make exception to them as I generally force all DNS traffic to OpenDNS for security reasons.
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