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  1. Any reason for me to sign up for priority status? I don't need a new phone but I might bite at the right price. thanks
  2. So currently, some old sprint customers are excluded to data prioritization as long as they don't upgrade. Do you think it'd be safe to assume these customers will fall under t-mobile's data prioritization policy after the merger?
  3. yeah I could care less about that but I get some people may like that.
  4. I'm able to get it down to ~819 by taking advantage of the right promotions. Sell the headphones for another $100 and it's at 719. Sell my current device and it gets even lower. Having said this, I'll probably wait for the S10.
  5. I prefer the unlocked versions myself.
  6. There is a huge dead spot on Benedict canyon, starting just south of Hutton for about a mile or so towards sunset.. I've reported it to Sprint but no changes. Seems to have started at the beginning of May when the construction started. It was solid before that.
  7. I think Sprint is rumored to have a $70.00 plan coming up, with a $20.00 discount for BYOD. Assuming I understand it correctly, that is $50.00 before tax for unlimited with HD video and they won't slow your speeds until you use over 50GB. This $45.00 plan is limited to 480p and will slow you after 20 GB.
  8. RCS also allows Android users and developers access to things like chat bots, and business messaging. As another user said, Apple won't adopt RCS until the only sms messages being sent are between Android users and Apple users. Currently, it is supported by 55 mobile operators. It is in everyones best interest for it be available on all carriers so it does not turn into a fragmented mess. I'm not sure what T-Mobile is doing but it doesn't really seem they are as actively trying to get RCS enabled for it's users as they say. Sprint did it in 12 weeks. T-Mobile has apparently been working on it for over a 100 weeks and can only launch on two devices so far.
  9. I've had the MB for awhile now and up till today I haven't really seen many improvements except for increased battery life on my phone. Typically would see 8-25Mbps down whether connected to the MB or not. Randomly did a speed test and found speeds have increased quite dramatically with my highest being 60Mbps down / 4.5 up with a 50 ping I restarted the MB to see whether my phone would grab any new towers but I just connected to b25 10x10 and had a speed test of 5 Mbps down. (edit: managed to connect to band 41 nearby and got similar speed improvements, so I guess something in my surrounding area has changed) Not sure whats changed but I'm impressed. I'm curious, has anyone stumbled upon a MB connection in the wild?. Also, I've had many calls with voLTE/callingplus with the hidden VoLTE setting enabled on the galaxy S8 while connected to the MB and haven't noticed any delays or quality issues while speaking...although I haven't been looking for it either.
  10. Yea the workaround is still working for me over here.
  11. There is a way to apparently add calling plus to the unlocked S8. LTE Test is under com.test.LTEfunctionality and Enhanced LTE Services is under Mobile on my device. credit: https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s8/help/sprint-calling-plus-update-unlocked-s8-t3730053
  12. Update just now started downloading after I clicked the manual update button. Give it a shot.
  13. It seems the update is not being pushed to Sprint users on the unlocked model. I hope that changes soon. I really do not want to need to flash back to Sprint fw.
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