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  1. I have been advocating this for at least 5-7 years now if not earlier.
  2. If they don't merge I would say that network sharing is the next best thing. Hell they might just include Dish in it.
  3. Since you made the claim and called me uninformed then back up your claim by proving that they were big cogs in all of those mergers.
  4. The Federal government was the one that did not approve the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, Verizon did merge with Alltel and AT&T merged with Cingular. So what exactly did the SAGs accomplish? A big fat nothing! Stay in your lane SAGs! You have plenty of things to worry about within your state like the opiod crisis. See if you can make a difference there!
  5. I am thinking that they probably are roaming on AT&T now.
  6. What was Sprint roaming on, out on the West coast, Verizon?
  7. But it still has CDMA :). I have no doubt that such phones will start appearing shortly. Sprint has a problem with SIMs. There are too many different types because they don't have a sophisticated back end so they put a lot of info on the cards that should be part of the back end business logic. They have neglected that part of the infrastructure so T-Mobile will try to move Sprint accounts over to the T-Mobile system as soon as they possibly can. They can let the two subscriber groups roam on each other's networks for a little while but moving Sprint subscribers over quickly is critical.
  8. I am sure that the chip makers (Qualcomm) can make a chipset/RF front end that has all the bands that the combined company supports without cdma. The problem would be if there is a loss of voice roaming for Sprint if CDMA voice went away and all voice was over LTE.
  9. Sievert has been groomed for the CEO job for a while now. While Legere was the showman, Sievert was the man that actually made the plan happen. They need a man at the top with attention to detail to execute the merger plan on time.
  10. T-mobile will need execution and not necessarily crazy antics.
  11. He has done all the work at COO and richly deserves to be the CEO.
  12. I think that their network chief and their COO will be the ones actually doing the work just like they have so far. John was just the front man. If you need a CEO, Coombes has done very well at Sprint.
  13. OK, I have no idea what they'r talking about but supposedly Altice's 19,000 small cells in the Long Island area have not improved Sprin't's performance: https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/altice-s-19-000-small-cells-long-island-don-t-help-sprint-s-network-much-say-analysts
  14. I agree with the comments above, not bad at all. They have now deployed 2.5 GHz to 85% of their sites. But I still think that they need to merge with T-Mobile.
  15. Boost is gone because it will be bought by Dish.
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