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  1. The US has already automated all of that. There are vey, very few automation efforts that need the low latency of 5g. For example control system scans for Utilities are 3-5 secs. Automated metering data are cached and only need to be sent at 5 minute intervals. IoT connections are $1-2/month. Automated cars and trucks need precise GPS and collision avoidance but no cellular connectivity, unless you want to stream audio and video. There's an effort to utilize Cellular V2X over LTE but the technology is way ahead of its time. Let's get the autonomous driving part down before we use V2V or V2N. Plus those applications can be just accommodate by IEEE 802.11p a short range comm protocol.
  2. I love this stuff: “Standalone 5G really is the future of wireless connectivity,” said Karri Kuoppamaki, vice president of Technology Development and Strategy at T-Mobile, who noted that SA is what enables the more transformative 5G capabilities like self-driving vehicles, super-charged IoT and real-time translation. https://www.fiercewireless.com/tech/t-mobile-launches-nationwide-5g-standalone-network Good luck making money out of IoT. 🤣 Which reminds me, N41 is not included in the 5G SA launch so they have to expend additional time to bring that over. They could not wait until now to connect both n71 and n41 to the SA network?
  3. I did note that they are buying NR 26 capable equipment. I am surprised and not what I would do but it is what it is.
  4. I hear excuses. You can roam on each other's network but they set the roaming threshold too high. You have to completely lose service before you roam on the other network. Band 25/2 is a total mess.
  5. I have not seen any improvements around here either. Granted we are not a priority market, but...I have been critical of T-Mobile's strategy of emphasizing 5G to the detriment of LTE from the beginning. I was expecting a smoother integration experience on a market to market basis. They have had about 3 years to plan and execute this.
  6. According to American Towers, the T-Mobile/Sprint merger has not had material impact on their business during the second quarter. Basically there have not been any Sprint site decommissioning or new sites added. They expect activity to pick up later this year. https://www.fiercewireless.com/financial/t-mobile-moving-slower-than-expected-post-merger-network-american-tower
  7. B41 in our area was implemented pretty well using a combination of mini macros and traditional macros. At least good enough if you were driving around. Inside your own house or condo though it was not so good. Most of the time in the interior of structures you would fall on Band 26 which was severely overcrowded. The thing they did wrongly is that they actually replaced some macro sites by mini macros thinning out an already thin macro network. If they kept the macro network intact, added b41 on all sites and then added mini macros it would have been a dynamite network. I understand, we are not a major market, Sprint over the years lost their market position from second to AT&T to distant 4th so they cut corners. T-Mobile inherited a very good MetroPCS network in Florida when they merged (Metro copycatted Verizon's macro network). If they don't screw it up and try to cut corners they will end up with an excellent network. We will probably be in the last batch of areas to be fully integrated.
  8. Is it because it went from 2x2 to 4x4 on 600 and 700MHz?
  9. Sprint's problems predate Softbank, but yes Softbank could have invested some money in Sprint and made it a much better carrier. They overpaid on everything they bought after Sprint.
  10. I got the same text but I am not doing it until I see them taking away B41 backhaul.
  11. I probably should not repeat myself but I thought that moving/merging band 25/2 should have been job 1. As in move enough Sprint spectrum over to T-mobile RRHs to fill up 20MHz, then when they visit the site to add band 41 they can add another RRH if there is some band 25 spectrum left.
  12. The problem with covering rural Northern California is that they don't want new towers to be built because it will Martha natural beauty. I understand it but then if you want coverage you have to compromise.
  13. Yep Northern California is not well covered by either of them. Neither is it well covered by AT&T at least about couple of years ago.
  14. I am sure that they can cover the 70% of American using their low frequency spectrum no problem. The only problem would be the relatively low customer count. They will have to partner with somebody to spread out the deployment costs.
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