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  1. Let them fix their network first. Then they can worry about T-Vision.
  2. TM is much better in this area. They were neck and neck (with TM slightly ahead) 5 years ago until Sprint started replacing macro sites with mini macros. What a disaster!
  3. My Gold version MB is still going strong, using B41 as backhaul since T-Mobile has done no work to move us Sprint subs over to their admittedly superior local network. Where is my TNX SIM card T-mobile?
  4. Which reminds me, the new iPhones are out or will be shortly. So all of you guys that have 5g even if it is just one tower can rush and buy them 🤣. Me, I will wait until they have basically blanketed the area with 5G before I upgrade. Meanwhile I will wait for the integration of the 4G networks or they move me to T-Mobile whichever comes first.
  5. I think you missed the point above. I said in places that T-Mobile has the superior network, throwing up B41/NR41 and moving Sprint customers to it will improve both Sprint and T-Mobile's customer experience. Later on they can add new sites, fill in with Sprint sites for capacity, etc. For example, in my area, T-Mobile has a much better network than Sprint since Sprint decommissioned full macro sites and replaced with mini macros. My experience will immediately improve if I am moved to T-Mobile's network fortified with B41 M-MIMO. I understand fully that in some places the reverse is true. In
  6. Fine, in those cases that you had the superior network, just add a B41/NR41 128x128 M-MIMO antenna on every T-Mobile site and then for a particular market move everybody to the T-Mobile network. When you have accomplished that, then you can reuse the Sprint B41 spectrum for added NR41 bandwidth.
  7. I am also disappointed in their integration strategy. I was expecting them to integrate the 2 networks market by market starting with the biggest markets first. That would include 4G & 5G. Is there an actual strategy?
  8. I hear that switching part from a lot of my Sprint friends. Locally, Sprint's network is nothing to crow about and T-Mobile has a better network so I keep telling them to hold on and test the T-Mobile network before they jump ship but T-Mobile brought this upon themselves.
  9. I am happy that they are reusing the Samsung equipment. It would be really stupid if they didn't.
  10. This is part of the TMX test program to allow people to migrate to the T-Mobile Network with a T-Mobile Sim but tay on the same Sprint plan. It is limited to Seattle and KC which just happen to be the HQs of T-Mobile and Sprint respectively.
  11. Well, I have no idea why or why not it is working for Mexico but if the additional spectrum is shared with FirstNet which then wholesales it, I think it can work pretty well. Firstnet already covers 99% of Americans and 2.61M sure miles and will cover 2.74M square miles or 76.2 % of the land mass.
  12. T-Mobile has a lot more N71/B71 than the measly 7MHz/3Mhz in border regions of B26
  13. One can dream, right? Any way the Department of Defense has let out an RFI (Request for Information) for a Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) of DOD spectrum in the 3100-3550MHz spectrum band. No they don't want to clear it for a future auction, they want to share it and make it available for 5G for commercial purposes. Of course the CTIA, the representative body for the major cellular operators is opposed to the idea since it will devalue whatever spectrum they just paid and will pay for in the C-band auction. Anyway, here is an interesting blurb from the article: "According to the Wall Stre
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