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  1. There was a UMTS variant that ran on TDD made by IPWireless that I think it has since been absorbed. Now UMTS TDD is part of the standard.
  2. I am pretty sure that the merger will be approved by the FTC/FCC with some CYA conditions.
  3. No, I am talking about their TV Venture before then. You needed an external antenna and it was supposed to replace VHF and UHF over the air broadcast TV and cable networks. It was Multipoint Distribution Service (MDS) and Multichannel Distribution Service (MMDS) systems before becoming BRS.
  4. Want to correct some inaccuracies in this discussion: 1. Nextel did not have a lot of 2.5 GHz spectrum. Just 30MHz of BRS. Sprint through their failed Wireless TV venture that later became their failed fixed wireless venture owned the other 30MHz. But that BRS they got from Nextel came with a deployment mandate and that what brought forth Wimax. They could have chosen to implement UMTS on it but they did not. Clearwire leased the vast trove of EBS from educational institutions and the Catholic Church. 2. Sprint was a partner along with Cable companies in the first AWS auction. But they did not have money to deploy it and the cable cos sold it to Verizon for $4.4 B and the promise for cheap MVNO rates. Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile are their children of that sale.
  5. For those that think that if Sprint/T-Mobile merge the end of the wireless world is near, look what happened in Japan. Rakuten, the Japanese e-commerce giant is constructing a greenfield wireless network. Who says that some kind of consortium involving Dish won't be able to do the same here? https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/rakuten-builds-a-greenfield-wireless-network-japan
  6. Basically what this means is you skip the first generation phones powered by the X50 chipset and go for phones with the X55 in them. Which means waiting for 2020. Which is OK since the 5G networks in this country will have minuscule coverage in 2019.
  7. https://www.fiercewireless.com/5g/carriers-struggle-to-make-business-case-for-5g It seems that the carriers are having a hard time making a business case for 5G, given the massive infrastructure costs to upgrade to 5G. I still believe that hotspot duty in high traffic areas should be all that the operators should invest in with much slower adoption rate than 4G.
  8. No 2x capacity advantage for 5G over 4G over the same spectrum absent massive MIMO which can be used by both. Maybe 1.25x-1.5x? Now latency will be much lower for the tower to the handset portion of the network. Network slicing, virtualization, massive amounts of spectrum becoming available for 5G...
  9. Money talks, Sprint does not have any. I also discovered a singe channel band 41 site and it is not a SC or an MM and the nearest full build tower was decommissioned and replaced by an MM. I can't wait till the merger is complete.
  10. Everybody but Sprint would have taken care of it by now. Forget about 4xCA, why is a major tower on a major intersection in Melbourne still have only 2xCA?
  11. Look, I am paying $15/month+taxes for a kickstarter line on Sprint. I am sure Sprint is not making any money on that line. There are other limited duration deals that other people have taken advantage of. But the trend has been to raise prices.
  12. T-Mobile's rates have risen to almost Verizon/AT&T levels so him promising they will not rise is a rather empty promise.
  13. Then it has never been updated. Mine never moves from WiFi. if I reboot, it never completes the boot up process.
  14. My release numbers:,
  15. There's nothing to optimize. You tell it which WiFi AP it should use, give it the password and off it goes. On LTE backhaul it has to optimize which Band 41 channel to use from which tower.
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