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  1. There's OTA broadcasting, cable, satellite and fiber/DSL TV competing for the same subscriber, not to mention wireless carriers offering rural broadband/TV. Not everything is available everywhere but...
  2. I think that the DOJ will not approve the merger of Dish/Direct TV unless Dish Wireless is spun off. So only the Dish satellite part is merged with Direct TV. It seems to me that the old model of broadcast TV whether over the air, satellite or cable is slowly going away. Satellite companies better reuse the spectrum to provide broadband for video
  3. I believe the whole thing will go away if they promise to match Verizon's coverage in the whole US within 5 years.
  4. Sprint's pilfering of Lifeline funds really did not help they case for this merger. I believe the merger will go through but I hope that Sprint has contingency plans in case that does not happen. It is now clear that the acquisition of Sprint by SoftBank was a disaster. Softbank was never interested in investing in Sprint. They always wanted to merge with T-Mobile. So what are the best options for Sprint? 1. Acquire Dish's wireless division and get acquired in turn by a consortium of Cable cos 2. Cable cos and sprint acquire the rest of EBS in rural areas and use that and CBRS to provide fixed wireless service/TV programming to rural areas 3. Cable cos become facilities based MVNO of Sprint 4. Cable cos provide strand based and pole based 2.5 Ghz +CBRS based small cells I have no idea what Sprint can do to survive on its own.
  5. I can see Apple adding 5G/LTE modems to laptops and iPads. I. can also see them offering some kind of cell service on their devices as the revenue from the iPhones keeps going down.
  6. Just like I suggested: "The companies are considering a number of ways to appease the AGs. One idea T-Mobile has floated is to help fund a similar program to the federally-subsidized wireless program for low-income people, known as the Lifeline Assistance Program. The program allows eligible people to buy mobile telephone services at a discount and could potentially offer people in the program broadband service as well." https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/t-mobile-sprint-open-door-213234891.html
  7. Yep, but if T-Mobile is smart it would give them discounts as long as they use T-Mobile's service nd network.
  8. The settlement with the states is all about contributing to some fund to subsidize poor people to get cell service, maybe for some years, 3-5 years. This is all political, they need to show that they stood up to the big, bd corporations.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ It's about time for the FCC to actually get the final order circulated and signed.
  10. I saw it mentioned somewhere that Dish will be employing a cloud based virtualized C-RAN (Centralized Radio Access Network) architecture, ala Rakuten in Japan which means no basestation equipment at macro sites, just RRHs. Will the new T-Mobile adopt the C-RAN standard? It seems to me that it has a lot of advantages vis a vis the traditional enodeB architecture.
  11. I wonder Milan has a spreadsheet for like the top 100 markets.
  12. Milan Milanovic has a very nice blog post about PCS contiguity between Sprint and T-Mobile and then total 600MHz spectrum between T-Mobile and Dish. One very interesting tidbit is that Dish has an option to purchase Sprint's 800Mhz holdings but if they refuse they have to pay substantial penalties. So it's not a foregone conclusion that it will be sold to Dish. If it does not get sold, T-Mobile has the option to auction it off or continue using it. While there is a lot of contiguity between T-Mobile and Spint in the PCS band, there is also lot of opportunities/challenges in spectrum horse trading. There are quite a few markets in which Block G is stranded. https://www.speedtest.net/insights/blog/new-t-mobile-spectrum-coverage/
  13. Instead of waiting for another 4 months, can T-Mobile and Sprint come to a side agreement and start integrating their networks by Sprint leasing their spectrum to T-Mobile and having them free roam on T-Mobile? Basically do the same thing as agreed but without waiting for the trial.
  14. Yes, the T-Mobile has the option to lease Dish's 600Mhz spectrum. Dish is obligated to deploy their spectrum and cover 70% of all Americans within 4 years.
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