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  1. Dish does not have any money.They spent it all on spectrum.
  2. First DOJ can only reject it based on ant-trust grounds or national security. The effect on prices or jobs is not under the purview of the DOJ. FCC can extract concessions as far as too much spectrum but when you take into account all the spectrum holdings of the other 2 the merger passes the spectrum screen. There will be some concessions as far as roaming deals are concerned that Sprint signed. Also the deals that Sprint signed with rural providers to lease spectrum to them in return for cheap roaming would have to be honored. If the merger is not approved it will be for political reasons and then then Sprint/T-Mobile will sue. DOJ is still licking their wounds from the AT&T court battles so I am not sure they would be eager to take on another one. I think all of this noise is posturing to gain concessions not to reject it outright. Also discount Dish. They're butt hurt because T-Mobile no longer needs their spectrum. A weakened Sprint would be much more amenable to help Dish deploy their spectrum than a strong combined company.
  3. I am willing to bet that Sprint will declare chapter 11 soon after the merger fails.
  4. I wonder what grounds the DOJ has for rejecting the merger. It cannot be on anti-trust grounds. I also wonder if Sprint and T-Mobile will take the DOJ to court if it is rejected. Last time the DOJ went to court on a merger they lost (AT&T, DirectTV)
  5. I am a victim of that strategy. Sprint elected to ditch their traditional macro near my condo and instead moved their voice to a monopoly and moved LTE band 41 to couple of mini macros. LTE coverage suffered. They did send me a Magic Box but that is probably not cheap. Sprint cannot stand on its own anymore. They need a partner that will infuse some cash into the operation. Maybe a three way partnership between the cable cos, Dish and Sprint.
  6. When is Sprint's quarterly earnings presentation?
  7. Beginning/middle of March 2019. After that, my results have really been pretty nice.
  8. Yeah mine is also doing pretty well also: 59.8/7.25 44.5/6.60 64.7/.26
  9. If you're using mmwave as anything other than in a hotspot manner as in stadiums, malls, etc. You will need millions of small cells. That's why all the players in the US want to secure sub 6GHz spectrum.
  10. They can always employ it in CBRS which has both a shared and an exclusive mode. Also LAA and soon C-Band. Also don't forget that Dish is always lurking.
  11. Dish is too cheap to actually contribute money to the merger. Now, Sprint Dish and the cable companies might make some sense. Comcast has some 600Mhz spectrum which combined with Dish's 600Mhz will enhance Sprint's low band holdings. Deploying Dish's + Comcast's spectrum will take some money which Sprint does not have. But Dish does have some useful spectrum for sure.
  12. No, I want the network run by an independent company in which both T-mobile and Sprint have shares. The members of that company should come mostly from T-Mobile.
  13. If the merger does not go through, I hope they revisit the idea of combining network assets and spectrum and have have a separate company run it which then sells capacity to both T-Mobile and Sprint. T-Mobile then become just marketing companies (MVNOs). I do think that they will fight this in court. AT&T fought it and won.
  14. restructuring your debt does not mean that you don't pay the debt but you may pay it over longer time period so the amount per year is less. Unless course you declare Chapter 11. Then some of your unsecured creditors might take a haircut.
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