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  1. bigsnake49

    Charter Introduces Spectrum Mobile

    Spectrum mobile is selling the iPhone X for $600 or the 64GB version. That's an excellent price!
  2. On the Nexus 5x I have a handy little app called Fi Switch which allows me to paste the dialer codes into the dialer. I decided to not go back to Google Fi since I am actually waiting for Spectrum Mobile to enable BYOD on their Verizon based MNVO so I can switch my main line to that. I have a Kickstarter $15 line on Sprint but I have not seen any T-Mobile roaming yet. I am wondering if T-Mobile roaming is enabled on a market by market basis in conjunction with VOLTE or is it because it is a BYOD phone.
  3. OK I have a question. Under Network Settings/Advanced/Preferred Network on my Moto G5S Plus the following options appear: LTE (Recommended), 3G, 1x and Global. Global is selected. Does that setting allow me to roam on T-Mobile or does it allow me to roam globally?
  4. The blog is not detailed enough on what does not work. So it falls back to T-Mobile only? Or do you have to manually switch? I have a Nexus 5x I can throw back at it.
  5. That's wonderful from a phone selection and it needed to have been done 3 years ago. Why do you think that the network switching might not work?
  6. bigsnake49

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    That is the biggest irritant when it comes to Sprint.. Oh it's not a Sprint branded phone. It's not going to work even if it has all the frequencies. Sprint should die just for that sin.
  7. bigsnake49

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Now, there could be some transition pains. T-Mobile's network is oversold in some places and T-Mobile said that at some point they will transition all of Sprint's LTE customers off band 41 and onto the midband 4, 2 and 25. Now hopefully by that time they will have enough 5G coverage on the remaining 2.5Ghz spectrum and would have enough 5G phones and customers so that the midband does not become congested.
  8. bigsnake49

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    T-Mobile CFO thinks the deal might close in the first quarter: “The only remaining thing that is happening is depositions with the DoJ, which have started and will be completed in a few weeks,” CFO J. Braxton Carter told the Morgan Stanley TMT Conference in Barcelona. “At this point, it’s more pointing to the second quarter as more probable (but) it could still be first quarter,” Carter said. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-sprint-corp-m-a-t-mobile-us/t-mobile-says-sprint-deal-may-close-as-early-as-first-quarter-next-year-idUSKCN1NL0Z9
  9. bigsnake49

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    They are turning the T-Mobile roaming and VOLTE on on a market to market basis. My market has not been turned on. Maybe your market is not either.
  10. bigsnake49

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    The FCC restarted the 180 day merger clock. All indications are that the merger will be approved. And no roaming on AT&T and T-Mobile is because they never expanded LTE coverage to match CDMA coverage. Also they can no longer roam on Verizon CDMA after 2019. That leaves them with a big hole in voice coverage. Now they are scrambling like mad to make up for their criminal neglect of the network.
  11. bigsnake49

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Sprint is mainly doing the roaming thing with T-Mobile and AT&T because of VOLTE.
  12. bigsnake49

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    That looks like my speediest on Sprint inside my condo.
  13. bigsnake49

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Even if Sprint stays independent, the old days of free iPhones and discounted plus are going away, Sprint and even T-Mobile will need money for expansion and 5G deployment. The good ole days are gone whether Sprint stays independent or not.
  14. bigsnake49

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Yeah, they need 20,000 sites to even match T-mobile and 40,000 to mach the big 2.
  15. They will only be adding TMO bands to the 10,000 Sprint sites that they will end up keeping.