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  1. OK, here we are a couple weeks shy of 2 years later. I got tired of waiting for the signal/speed to improve and with the merger and all and Sprint not doing any more improvements I went ahead and switched to T-mobile. I got a LG V60 (gets 5G) and holey crap is this a great phone, along with a LG G Pad 5 tablet that doesn't get 5G. The speeds are slightly better in the same areas as before except in 5G areas where its screaming (like around Prairie Meadows). I'm told when they cannibalize Sprints band 41 and put it on 5G the coverage/speed with improve alot.
  2. I don't get a different icon on LTE+ (with the + as opposed to LTE) on my LG V20, the only way I know is looking at Signalcheck Pro. Maybe a setting or something? I also noted that the speeds have slowed down dramatically, after the new vision towers were activated the speeds were screaming (30 - 60 mbps) now the same spot is maybe 3 - 5 mbps. can't wait for 5G!!
  3. Hello ironman, I have 2 questions if you would have time...........1. what do you think of the LG flex 2? I'm getting my daughter changed over here to Sprint and she uses a LG Flex (and loves it) on T-Mobile and I am suggesting a Flex 2. I am on a LG V20 so I can't tell her about it....... 2. Has the tower in the racetrack parking lot in Knoxville, IA have the LTE turned on yet? at times there are thousands of people there and there is virtually no data (3g at less than 1 meg if at all). we get our lap times and lineup through the phones now and last season was terrible for data. maybe you might know who to talk to. thanks for your time......Dennis
  4. B41 is showing up on the northeast side of Des Moines now, (WHOOO HOOOO) getting speeds of 37mbs on my LG G3
  5. I didn't know that but suspected something like that. I got the ZVA update but it was doing it before that. the 4G was working great to begin with, wonder what broke?
  6. when the NV was completed here I got good 4G (spark) all around here and better voice in the house using the 800. situated right in-between 3 towers I got consistant B26. but for the last several weeks there has been only 3G (1x). using a LG G3 and signalcheck pro, all updates and settings for LTE/CDMA. did they shut off the 4G, has anyone else seen this around town?
  7. Launched, what we have been waiting for! wonderful except i haven't seen 800 cdma since 55018 PRL came out, even when the 1900 (band 25) got so weak the call dropped out! any ideas?
  8. ok, good to know, now how do i set the PRL back to an older one??????????
  9. Thanks bmoses, I have been dropping ALOT of calls suddenly and my signal check pro hasn't come up with 800 on those occasions. I have it set in the notification bar to show connection. I am on 55018 PRL, maybe I need a different one, hmmmm
  10. For awhile I was getting 1X800 and in many locations 4G LTE, but now I still get the 4G but no 800, only 1xRTT. Did they shut off the 800 or something? I'm back to poor coverage in the house.
  11. wait is over, i just got the 4.4 kitkat and 5.5 sense update on my HTC ONE! now i gotta play with it to see whats new
  12. the LTE on the default freq band (1900mhz) does not penetrate buildings very well because of the high frequency, in radio waves the lower the freq the farther the signal travels and better in building coverage, but lower bandwidth meaning a "channel" is wider and limits the number of channels. higher freqs go shorter distances but wider bandwidth so more channels available. Sprint has now 3 different bands of these freqs. They are adding 800 mhz and 2600 mhz for a great tri-fecta, hence the Spark. when it is done Sprint will have a great network using 800 for house penetration and distance, 1900 for normal use, and 2600 for dense areas to give many users fast data (limited range) such as a downtown area. All this is why we need to gravitate to the tri-band phones. The LTE and the CDMA (talk, text) are separate radios so you can get one without the other. i don't know about the iphone but most of the existing androids (except the G2 and the updated S4) get LTE on 1900 and CDMA on 800 and 1900. when buying a phone look for LTE and CDMA on all three bands.
  13. it's so cold that when a Verizon smartphone freezes up - it has an excuse
  14. it's so cold i can't even dial my phone --- no way i'm taking off these gloves!
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