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Appears the G-series is indeed confirmed dead (UPDATE: Now the LG 'Velvet')


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Or, at the very least, its dead as a high end phone series.  Sounds like they're going with a new more midrange line and probably staying with the V-series going forward to compete at high end:



Also articles like this popped up yesterday regarding leaked design info - full reveal May 15th:


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13 hours ago, Grabber5.0 said:

Velvet?! LOL okay emoji1787.png

Yep, I know.   This begs the obvious question of, is the phone going to be available in Blue, such that users can say they have an LG Blue Velvet phone? 😂

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Yep, I know.   This begs the obvious question of, is the phone going to be available in Blue, such that users can say they have an LG Blue Velvet phone? [emoji23]
And of course Red Velvet, and the first time one gets run over it's a Crushed Velvet. Perhaps a Velvet Elvis edition? [emoji13]
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I talked with a Sprint rep who told me they won't be getting the LG Velvet. I asked if Tmobile will and they said yes most likely they will. Does anyone know how that works as far as Sprint legacy plans? In other words can we keep our Sprint plan and get the Velvet from T-Mobile?

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    • Author kinda doesn't know what they're talking about, as they assumed their speeds were n71-only (it's like they half-read the PCMag article they cite). The speeds they're mentioning are 100% from n71 + n66 SDL, which also explains speeds dropping off a cliff when they walk indoors. In fact, Dish has some paired AWS-3 in Spokane, albeit just 5x5, so I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't bothered deploying that and are just doing 71 + n66 SDL (the former at 5x5). May head down to San Marcos and New Braunfels tonight to do some testing. I expect either n71-only or n71 + SDL, not sure which. n71 is 5x5 here as Dish has leased half of their 10x10 to T-Mobile. When that lease expires they'll be at 10x10, and they could get another 10 MHz FD (albeit not contiguous) from speculators if T-Mobile didn't outbid them. Will be interesting to see who buys what when.
    • The Verge wrote an article on Dish’s network.    https://www.theverge.com/2022/7/1/23188077/dish-wireless-project-genesis-first-week-testing-speeds-coverage
    • I guess that makes sense. I know that ZiplyFiber (my ISP) has had issues with sourcing fiber as well.  Also, that recently upgraded site is interesting. NOt only does it have a strange eNB value, 236960, which  is different from the ones usually around here but also, all of the LTE bands (including B41) are on the same eNB. This is the first time I have seen  T-Mobile do that in this area.  Also found another upgraded site, eNB 84770, by FireStation 26 has been upgraded with B71/n71 (no n41). 
    • Almost the exact same thing happened on my Verizon Galaxy Flip a couple days ago. 
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