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Odd sms message with reboots


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I've enjoyed using Mighty Text, which makes my tablet a satellite device for my phone over a shared Wi-Fi network for texting. I've noticed that every time I reboot my phone, Mighty Text reports receiving a text like this:






//LL:1563:1440510661294:A5B:X:rkS8 TO6q4p5fzUNLlTxFKQsBQk=:XXXXXXXXX:KRRQUVZARSM7ND4F385ZOP6WTXP7S9FZ


The format is the same, but the content varies. It always includes my number (which I've disguised with X's). Nothing on the phone itself. I suppose it has something to do with a kind of handshake with the network. Anyway, I'm curious as to what this nerdy mumbo-jumbo means, and figured one of you might know.





Sent from Tapatalk on either my HTC One M9 or Tab4 10.1, it kinda depends

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I actually had to go look up what MightText was.


A quick search online indicates your issue seems to be an issue with 3rd party apps. A Google search specifically mentioned HandCent and GoSMS.


If you used Handcent, the 'fix' was to uncheck the option to disable other message notification. For GoSMS it was to go to Settings / Advanced| / Recieve Settings / Disable other message notification. Then reboot.


Not sure if MightyText has a setting like, but it may be worth checking.

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Thanks for the idea. No such setting in either the stock HTC Messages app or in Mighty Text. So for grins, I texted this in reply:


If there's a human there, I'm curious about these messages when I reboot my phone


and received this prompt reply:


If you have received this unexpectedly, please reply STOP to end.


Fun diversion on this lazy Sunday :-P


Sent from Tapatalk on either my HTC One M9 or Tab4 10.1, it kinda depends

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Interestingly, my normal language reply and that last response both appear on the phone, but not the previous "tech-ese" messages.


Sent from Tapatalk on either my HTC One M9 or Tab4 10.1, it kinda depends

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I get those texts when I have two devices active which are currently or have previously been assigned to my number. For example, I activated my G4, and then my G3 was turned on and attempted to gain access to the network. I then received a text like that. Every time my G3 was powered up and not in airplane mode, I would get another one.


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