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  1. Can't say, as I don't have a 5G capable phone yet. Is it really worth it?
  2. Woke up to this notification this am. Tapping the notification does nothing. Went into My Sprint app and saw the offer to get a TMo SIM for their "bigger + better network". Tapped on that (with no intention of following through), and got a pop-up re "technical difficulties, try again in a few minutes". Any insights?
  3. TMo coverage here has historically been bad, so I'm not surprised they're still using Sprint (Shentel) towers. Hoping they mostly transition them.
  4. Seems that fits with the delay in the acquisition of Shentel's wireless assets until just recently.
  5. I just turned that on, and it now shows 312530
  6. I'm wondering if those of us in Shentel territory are behind the curve in this process, given the changes in that acquisition.
  7. Still waiting to see how this impacts my day-to-day wireless experience. I've been having more dropped calls lately, even in wifi calling. Don't know if it's this network changeover, just general internet congestion, or the third party service I'm using for work . . .
  8. So, my home connection has changed, and NOT for the better. I can hope this represents some temporary status during a changeover . . . Update: back on Sprint B26 with download of 15Mbps
  9. Trying to figure out what this will mean in C'ville. TMo has historically had terrible coverage here (I believe). Will TMo merely switch over existing Shentel towers?
  10. I've seen zero change in signal quality here in Shentel-land (C'ville), fortunately. I'm changing nothing until I have to.
  11. Really? I'm afraid of losing Shentel's network quality if I switch SIMs.
  12. From your lips . . . Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
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