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S4GRU Google Search Forum Redirect Hijacked


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I just clicked through to this site from google and it redirected me to some url4short.info l domain address.  I had the same problem with a forum I admin.  



If you want to test it for yourself you can open an incognito/private browser, go to google and search for something that will bring up results for this site and then click the link in google. You should be redirected too.


It will only happen once.  Once you visit the site once it will no longer redirect you unless you clear your data or use a private browser window in which case it does it every time.  It will also only do this when accessing the site from specified search engines, not when accessing the site directly with a bookmark or typing the address.


I don't recall exactly what happened on our site but it was something about permissions for some php file or something.  I just admin a forum, don't do the computer stuff.



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Hello All,


We are aware of this issue and it's currently being addressed.


Thank you and have a great day.

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IP Board has completed a security upgrade that should resolve this problem.  Let me know if anyone should discover this happening ever again.  Thanks!



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    • Curious as to how SCP works with it regarding NSA, particularly in markets with n41 BW=100 and second channel.
    • Downloading now. ****DVK3, 2.3 GB in size. 
    • T-Mobile eNB 879491/879493/879494 on the keep site map is located at 40.77536940167816, -73.92011957697034. Sprint eNB 5762 is now T-Mobile eNB 306271. Located at 40.582064139078206, -74.16175767702059 Weirdly both of the new Sprint conversions that have been found in Staten Island (eNB 306271 and eNB 326459) were sites I visited earlier this summer but neither of them were broadcasting the keep PLMN at the time. In fact, Sprint eNB 5762 was completely offline when I visited. I suspected both sites were keep sites based on their location relative to neighboring T-Mobile sites so I was surprised when I didn't spot 312-250 coming from them. Glad to see T-Mobile still kept them. Also T-Mobile isn't done with non-conversion new builds in the city. T-Mobile eNB 894075 is a brand new site added this summer on Rockefeller University's campus in Manhattan. It gives me hope for neighborhoods like Red Hook and Williamsburg that desperately need sites along the waterfront.
    • Nearly every site I encountered in the Bronx was running N41 SA. Consistent pings in the low teens and speeds were actually great. Sprint eNB 9294 got converted but isn't live yet. Location: 40.83091697219704, -73.8178106151994   Sprint eNB unknown, now T-Mobile eNB 310677 Location:40.880070855974395, -73.83644046611454   Sprint eNB Unknown, now T-Mobile eNB 894775. Bonus speed test with 2CA and N41 SA. Location: 40.8989406640668, -73.84564472722599   Sprint eNB Unknown, now T-Mobile eNB 894854. 40.86220687471859, -73.86242513896488  
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