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  1. Any updates on LTE 800 in the Rochester market? Last time I asked sprint they looked it up and said it was not scheduled for the tower near my house. That was a few months ago. I was in Albany last week and noticed I was connected to it out there.
  2. darkvibe

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    Looks like deleting the accounts and re-adding them fixed it.
  3. darkvibe

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    Anyone able to say whether or not the stock email program shows the correct date and time for when it last checked email with POP3 servers on their phones? It used to tell me when it last checked by putting the time near the top of the inbox. Now it says "updated may 19" (when it upgraded) although I still get emails just fine. It just never updates the date and time at the top. My phone is 100% stock, not rooted or anything.
  4. I just clicked through to this site from google and it redirected me to some url4short.info l domain address. I had the same problem with a forum I admin. If you want to test it for yourself you can open an incognito/private browser, go to google and search for something that will bring up results for this site and then click the link in google. You should be redirected too. It will only happen once. Once you visit the site once it will no longer redirect you unless you clear your data or use a private browser window in which case it does it every time. It will also only do this when accessing the site from specified search engines, not when accessing the site directly with a bookmark or typing the address. I don't recall exactly what happened on our site but it was something about permissions for some php file or something. I just admin a forum, don't do the computer stuff.
  5. I am NOT pointing at any one person or persons out but PROPER ENGLISH would be appreciated, PLEASE!!
  6. I noticed LTE 2500 near the corner of Main St. and University and also on and off driving down University.
  7. How can I tell what bands are available where I am connected? I have signal check pro but am not seeing if I can tell from that or not and I'm not searching google for the right terms apparently.
  8. Yes, absolutely. I have been with sprint since 2000 i think and never had an issue until I moved to Penfield last year. Even now my coverage is completely fine anywhere outside of my apartment. I can't believe the sprint people I have talked to didn't say this was a possibility. Thank you guys!
  9. Just did some reading myself. Looks like the G3 has that feature but the G2 does not. I am doing that thing where I pay for my phone over 2 years but can give it back and get a new phone after 1 year, which will be November 1st. I can hold out for 1 1/2 more months and upgrade to the G3. I can probably complain and get them to let me make the switch now. I've called them enough times.
  10. I don't think I can see it. I live southwest of the 441/250 intersection. If I look in that direction I think the buildings across my parking lot block line of sight to the tower. Not sure if I can see the tower from my second floor windows or not. It's possible that I might see it if there are no leaves on the trees. I measured in google earth and I am 0.85 miles from the tower. I've had a weak signal since I moved in last July, before LTE was switched on. This is nothing new. Can I call/text over wifi with my LG G2 if i get some kind of app? Never looked into that but if I can use my number it might solve my issue. I really want to stay. Outside of my apartment I have zero issues with sprint. I really like unlimited everything for $60/mo too. At first I heard "We're working on it", "it's a known issue", etc... endlessly. That went on from December until now. Today whoever I spoke with was actually honest and told me that he was not aware of any plans to roll out an LTE femtocell (although internet articles say it's coming) and that he could not say when 800mhz might be complete since it is not scheduled yet. All he really said was that there was nothing I could do other than switch the phone to CDMA only mode every time i come home and hope that 800mhz penetrates the building better when it's finally rolled out. I don't know what I am going to do. When I was paying $80 I was heading to another carrier on my girlfriend's plan. Now that the new plan is $60 I might try to get Tasker to change the network mode to CDMA whenever i am connected to my home wi-fi network and back to LTE when I am not connected to it. Or look into wi-fi calling like mentioned above.
  11. That’s what I thought. 800mhz would probably make my phone work inside my apartment too. Sounds like I can either keep turning LTE off on my phone so it will connect to my Airave or ditch Sprint. I like unlimited data but I am not really finding another option. Still not sure how I can live less than a mile from a tower and not have coverage that works. How far should a 1900mhz signal work from the tower if there aren't any hills in the way?
  12. What does that mean for 800mhz? I understand our proximity to canada makes deploying that more complicated?
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