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  1. cdk

    HTC Bolt

    Fair enough, the battery isn't that great (the Bolt's is much better). I guess it just hasn't really bothered me much...
  2. cdk

    HTC Bolt

    My Bolt was working great until the screen went dead (seems like an occasional HTC issue for several models). Before that happened I thought it was a really nice phone, I do need to get around to getting it fixed/replaced though. My biggest grip is it isn't a stripped down android OS (I really grew to like that). I actually like my A9. The only grip I have is the same one I have with the Bolt. I might consider an LG, but never Samsung again...
  3. That looks a lot like the Verizon small cells that are all around Baltimore (minus the brown paint).
  4. Interesting. I don't know if its a typo or not, but I could see a scenario where that is possible.
  5. I thought this thread derailed a long time ago....it is like the junk drawer of S4GRU, just throw whatever into it.
  6. If they want to continue to run with their all networks are basically similar theme that they have been touting for the last several months and give people confidence that they (Sprint) believe that (and in turn believe in the product they are selling), they don't need to go to $60/month, match the terms and offer it at $70 or $75 a month. And keep investing in the network....
  7. Openmobile had 15MHz of PCS (The C1 Block) and 22 MHz of the 700MHz Upper Band. I do not have any information on how much of that they are using for LTE. Assuming the purchase is approved it would boost Sprint's spectrum position considerable in Puerto Rico. Unless I am mistaken, they currently only have 30 MHz of PCS there.
  8. Thanks, I took a few blind (I know almost no Spanish) stabs at links on their site but missed. I imagine those towers covering the interior could be upgraded as the networks are integrated.
  9. I couldn't find a coverage map on Openmobile's website. Do they provide coverage in the interior portion of the island where Sprint does not? The spectrum situation certainly looks much better for Sprint (in PR) with this purchase. If they where really aggressive and decided to run a minimal number of CDMA (2 probably) they could run two 10x10 Band 25 LTE carriers. Hopefully they keep the 700 MHz license as well, it would be beneficial for several reasons: The initial transition for existing Openmobile customers, the roaming revenue from Verizon customers visiting the Island, it provides another 10x10 LTE carrier for capacity, and it solves the low band problem that Sprint has in this market (although it would be unavailable to most (or all) of Sprint's current customers initially).
  10. Can we have a separate thread for the completely baseless merger speculation please? This thread is unwieldy even without that.
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