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It's time. S4GRU needs a community/Sprint news podcast.


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I've been a fanboy of Sprint ever since I got my Palm Prē in October of 2009. I had left AT&T because my iPhone 3GS was stolen, and because precentral.net peaked my interest in WebOS.


So I used those reasons to take the opportunity switch to Sprint. Plus, I like their yellow colour. It's nice to look at.


I had devoted a lot of time (and money) to WebOS over those long and exciting months. Staying up late at night on community forums and chat sessions waiting for OTA's to be downloadable. Testing them out, and raving about "How exciting this, and that was.) I was so devoted to WebOS and Sprint that I had had great success with many family members and friends, switching then to Sprint and Palm's WebOS.


About 6 months in, I had discovered SprintUsers. They had an mediocre community. 30% of the high volume contributors were intelligent. The rest didn't seem to have graduated middle school language arts.


I liked what I saw, save for those rampant bad apples.


And I liked what I heard while listening to the SprintUsers podcast. The podcasters and their guests, most of whom were employees, were fun to listen to at the time. It was an informative and compelling podcast that I'd like to see recreated here in some form or another through S4GRU.

PODCAST LOCATED HERE: http://www.sprintusers.com/category/podcast/

Is anyone up to the challenge? I'd love to see it happen. Whether a staff member heads it, or a devoted forum contributor wants to, it doesn't matter to me as long as it gets up and running.


Might there be a reason not to? Would it be 'too much' public exposure? I'm thinking that SprintUsers were told sternly by the top brass to "quit it" or get a pink slip.


A reason was never given on the forums (that I could find) as to why it was unceremoniously shut down.


I know that my posts as of late haven't been as valuable as I'd like them to be. Normally 1 sentence one-liners, but I'd hope that I can reshape my image in the future with more well thought out posts, that contribute to & further a discussion. Not just adding my 2¢, (with statements valued as such) just for the heck of it.


Please consider this seriously. Everyone. S4GRU has the gravitas and the calibre to achieve prestige at such heights of theVerge, & Engadget.


If it doesn't happen for two months for the sake of being well planned by the Staff, I'd be okay with that. As long as it gets going. It should be a monthly show, say, before, or after the monthly Community Summit chat? (I don't think "summit" is the right word)

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I don't believe that any of us have the time capacity to dedicate to the hosting, producing and editing podcast at this time. It's a great concept, but the resources needed are more than one would think.


Recruiting members to do such is not so easy as well. There is a lot that goes into selecting moderators around here. Selecting a public voice will require a lot more. It's a great idea, not shooting it down, but consider that.


I don't see S4GRU receiving a cease and desist for hosting said podcasts. It's only an issue of capacity.

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A podcast is not going to result in a cease and desist order.  If Sprint were to take legal action against S4GRU, it would have already happened two years ago.  Now, S4GRU is fairly well protected by its reputation and visibility.  Any legal action would end up being the big guy putting down the little guy who is actually doing the job of education for the big guy.  The tech press would pick up on the story.  The mainstream press might even pick up on the story.  Members would be quoted about how they would have ported out from Sprint if not for the info available here.  It would become a public relations problem for Sprint.



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We have to pass on lots of good ideas because of available time.  Since S4GRU is not a for profit business, we count on a staff of volunteers who all have other careers.  Ones that actually make them money.  So we just are limited in many of the great things we could accomplish.


In the future, we may slowly take on some small steps of progression based on available time.  However, the podcast idea is not likely something we could tackle in the near future.  Thanks for the suggestion.





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Can anyone post any of their recommendations? For telecom news?


I only know of SprintUsers, and The Cell Phone Junkie. (http://thecellphonejunkie.com) These podcasts are exclusively wireless cell provider news-based.


There are other shows that sprinkle in telecom news. There's CNET, and theverge/Engadget...


Any others?

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