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  1. RT @WeWuzMetokur: Today's allegations rollercoaster: *Drug Use *Drug Deals *Doxing *Hacking *Lawyers It's like a VH1 Behind the Music epis…

  2. RT @WeWuzMetokur: If you investigate this and find out it's real be sure and tweet the results at me so I can put it in my video tomorrow.…

  3. RT @stillgray: The game is literally called Crusader Kings II, you absolute toenail. https://t.co/gD4SViCpzJ

  4. RT @WeWuzMetokur: I just like a good dumpster fire and I'm feeling some good warmth coming off of this bad boy. Who knows what the next we…

  5. @PattyMayoTV Upload it to your channel a month from now please

  6. RT @MeninistTweet: wage equality please ? https://t.co/ixzVpC9Ew3

  7. RT @ACTforAmerica: This is pretty big news. https://t.co/oVy9krueH0

  8. RT @WeWuzMetokur: "So how did your son die?" "Well...." https://t.co/U9Qv9v0eES

  9. RT @Quantic_Dream: In @Detroit_PS4, every choice matters. How far will you go to be free? Find out May 25th. Pre-order it here: https://t.…

  10. RT @Harry1T6: You’ve literally spent the past month calling the NRA “supporters of child murder” https://t.co/TWJkLGIP4L https://t.co/hAv3C…

  11. RT @WeWuzMetokur: Time for a poll so you can say "I told you so" when the game releases. Will Smash Bros be:

  12. RT @ChrisRGun: Sargon believes you are violent anti free speech bullies ... so you swarm the stage, punch people, and shut down his talk.…

  13. RT @QuackityHD: can someone tell the fucking morons over at @YouTube that these sort of responses only work when your company has an actual…

  14. RT @PattyMayoTV: You guys are savages! https://t.co/A7h2CzrdNF

  15. Internet Insanity: Druid Focket https://t.co/ZMiUJveOoP via @YouTube #TheGreatestShowOnEarth

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