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Sprint Q3 report discussion (was Sprint loses subscribers in the third quarter")


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They still need to get a better handle on the tech side of things otherwise the bleeding will continue asI've recently turned in two legacy sites that were down for a week.  Sprint tech support acted surprised and opened tickets for them.  I think it was due to the NID change recently.  They pushed a mass change and rebooted the sites.  No one even bothered to check if they came back up and since they don't monitor them they went unnoticed.  Regular customers just think it's Sprint being Sprint, one account I know of is probably leaving due to this as he just thinks they don't cover him anymore after his calls with support.  Makes me wonder how many other legacy sites are still down after this.

more than a few.  i've been reporting a legacy site in frederick, maryland for over a year.

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Sounds like Sprint is not the best choice for you. Since we get called out for not being fair to everyone, note this is a warning for violating the posting guidelines.


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Ya know, bitch on S4GRU and shit starts happening.  Driving home yesterday, the site I've been pining for to have at least 3G accepted started spitting out new location, NID, and BID data, plus stronger/stable signal at my house.  No LTE there yet, but more reliable voice is all I needed until SMR gets turned on.


Get downtown this morning and have quasi usable data (was getting almost a 1mbps down until 10am)!!!

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Release from Sprint with more in-depth details: http://newsroom.sprint.com/news-releases/sprint-reports-third-quarter-2013-results.htm


Odd take on the results from Engadget: http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/30/stub-sprint-earnings-q3-2013/


I'm not really sure why the iPhone is even being mentioned in this context. They moved ~1.4 million of them in a quarter before the new ones debuted. It's sad what passes for journalism nowadays. Thankfully my work computer blocks Livefyre so I can't even be tempted to look at the free-for-all that I'm sure is taking place in the comments there.

Engadget has been horrible since a large portion of their staff moved to the verge.

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For what it's worth, in the Ericsson markets I've been in (Atlanta/Athens and Georgia, mostly, with some of Alabama) LTE-upgraded sites have been fine; Memphis market is the only one where I've seen issues with dead "live" sites. Perhaps Sprint's QA contractor for that area is part of the problem rather than Ericsson alone.


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