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  1. Like texing and driving, uploads can wait. Very few people care that something up loads instantly. Why woulf they, the point of uploading something is that people can view it whenever.
  2. Whatvare you talking about? For the vast majority of people, spring's upload speeds work fine. Your complete inability to separate you needs from the vast majority of people and tendency to generalize your experience to the majority of people makes talking to you extremely annoying.
  3. Then sprint isnt for you. 99 percent of people don't care. Stop complaining about it and use a service that fits you needs.
  4. You only had to look at the fact that they cut CAPEX in 2016 and 2017 to understand what was going on. The point where Marcelo misled/lied to investors about their network investments in 2015/16 was the breaking point for me. I think the only reason the FEC didn't slap fines on him was because he misled with the consent of Softbank, the majority share Holder. Sprint has a choice: they can be the discount carrier and be unable to invest in their network, they can invest in their network and loss subs by keeping their prices competitive, some magic fairy can come and dump a ton of money in their laps and not care about what kind of ROI they get or merge with T mobile. I favor the merger because it offers the best chance for utilizing all of sprint 2.5 resources. Here we are, over 4 years after soft bank bought both Sprint and clear, with less than 50 percent of sprint's 2.5 spectrum having been deployed. How anyone can think this company can be a viable 4th competitor on it's own is beyond me.
  5. Whocares? Why do you care if it takes an hour or 20 mins to upload your photos? Are there people on the internet breathlessly refreshing what ever page you are uploading to, hoping to be the first to see these photos? If so, you are unique and sprint is not a good pick for your needs. But 99 percent of people wouldn't care.
  6. I think it is clear that everything here is opinion. I think it is also clear that everything anyone ever says in the future tense is opinion. But good looking out.
  7. If you arent stremaing the video why do you care how fast it uploads?
  8. Sprint can not succeed as an idependant company. The required investment is too high and the return isnt there.
  9. utiz4321

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Here we are with a company that is limping along and is not likely to make the kinds of investments it needs to make to have a competitive network, just like a year ago. If you add subs at the price of topline revenue growth you are eating your future.
  10. utiz4321

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Not with the kind investment they will need to make. Top line revenue isnt growing. Cash flow has been improving do to operating cost reduction. You can't cut your way to growth, it has never happened and never will.
  11. utiz4321

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    They wont be able to compete. I don't why anyone thinks that a company has: the highest debt load in the industry, falling service revenue, the worst margins in the industry, the worst scale in the industry and spectrum assets that require a denser macro network than the competition, stands a chance as an independent player. It is merger or irrelevancy for Sprint.
  12. utiz4321

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I dont think sprint will have a strong 5g network. They will have a 5g network and it will be somewhat more dense in some markets than today but they dont have the resources to do it right. That has been their problem since the Nextel merger.
  13. utiz4321

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Turned into? Everything that requires government approval is an ass kissing contest. It is called, regulatory capture.
  14. He once worked for Verizon, he is not currently a verizon "agent". That would imply that he is taking payments from Verizon and unless you have evidence to that effect that comes close to libel.