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  1. Why would you think Dems. Are for the "little guy"? Why are we F... In the long run if the merger goes through? What do you think would happen if we get to three carriers though bankruptcy and VZW and ATT snatch up most of Sprint's spectrum? What does the industry look like then? Are we not F with two strong players and a weak third? Dems raise more money from billionaires than Rs, seem weird they are for the little guy or weird that stoping this merger would un F us. If you want to have a understanding of the world that explains more of reality that Dems are for the little guy and Rs are for the rich you might want to think about the fact that both parties need money and get most of their money from billionaires. Once you do that you can ask which billionaires give to which parties and that leads you the fact that telecom tends to spend more with Rs and content (like google) spend more on Ds. This way of viewing the world allows one to understand why each party takes the position it does much better that D are draped in light and good and Rs are the exploiters.
  2. So a justice department under obama started an anti-trust investigation because trump wanted it? Weird. Did i hurt you feels, i am sorry but grow up. You are making wild and dumb claims. Both Dems and Rs are for and against this merger and two admins tried to stop it and you want to blame Trump because "orange man bad". Any insults you feel you earned.
  3. That doesn't make any sense and you are confusing what you see in the media with reality. The DOJ under Obama stared the process of stoping the Time warner/ATT merger. The Trump admin merely continued this policy. Your paraniod and basely claims are why we can't have nice things on the internet. Unless, you have proof Trump personally intervened in this case? I mean I doubt a random person on the internet does but you never know.
  4. Trump isn't invovled in the approval process, no president is. So, it is completely a non issue. And your "orange man bad" comments have no place here.
  5. I don't understand why people don't seem to understand the concept of ROI. Not one penny is or is ought to be spent unless you can believe with a degree of certainty that spend will maximize ROI. They pay people good saleries to make these assessments and they manangment alot more to make capital allocation decisiona based on the assessment they are given. Istead of asking why sprint (or really any company) doesn't do X, given that as part of their decision making process they have more expertise and information that any of us has, you should ask what their actions tell you about their outlook on the company, what that means for their future growth and profitability.
  6. They didn't. What he is saying technically true but misleading. They could have spent money on more spectrum but given the can't afford to put all their current spectrum to use i don't think they could have spent billions on spectrum and billions deploy it and billions deploy massive MIMO. So yes, they could have bought some but that isnt the end of the story.
  7. I think Califonia challenging the merger would fail. The Constitution is very clear that the Federal government has Primacy with interstate commerce. I think it is rather obvisious that both Sprint and Tmobile fall under that category.
  8. All that is baseless libel. Evidence of wrong doing? Nope! Then don't accuss people of crimes or disparage their reputation without evidence
  9. I don't know if you noticed but the sited Dish's reply to T-mobile, not the T-mobile or sprint filings. Click the embedded link, in downloads Dish's reply.
  10. Baseless allegations that qualifies as libel.
  11. 5g is a bit different than 3.5g. Nationwide coverage isn't regional coverage. That is the point. There is alot more to pricing and an efficient market than number of producers.
  12. High fixed cost means fewer players make for lower prices!!. Prices would be retarded high and we would still be on early 3g tech if the maket kept its 8 major players it had in the early 2000s.
  13. How does the merger get to a monopoly? There woukd still be three players?
  14. Your individual example means absoulute zero to the general point he was making. You might has well said the second planet from the sun is Venus in response.
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