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signal vs houses


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I would assume that a structure built out of wood would be the best in terms of signal penetration. The worst would probably be concrete, mainly because concrete is usually poured within a metal frame to keep it from shifting. I suppose I would say metal would actually be the worst, as anyone who has ever tried to make a call within an elevator would know, but I don't know of many houses made out of metal.

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It varies.  The wall type and roof type both matter, to varying degrees.  If your site is close by, is tall and has severe downtilt...then roof type is more important than wall type.  If the site is pretty far away, or low to the ground, then wall type is more important.


Typically, wood frame is the best wall type, with wood siding.  Metal frame with metal siding is bad.  Wood frame with stucco is usually bad too.  Concrete/CMU (cinder block)/Masonry (brick) are really bad.  Adobe is the worst.


With roof types, wood shingles is the best.  Asphalt shingles is worse, but not too bad.  Metal roofing is bad or very bad.  Concrete tile/Spanish tile are very. very bad.  And commercial metal roof deck on steel joists and girders (think big box stores) is the worst.


Also of concern is windows.  The more windows, and the larger the windows, the better for RF getting into the building.  Unless you have very high performance glass like LO-E and LO-E2, or other equivalents.  They block RF very well.



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But what about TD-LTE 2600?  I have got to get high up off the ground with an RF permeable roof.




You should be on WIFI at home Master AJ-WWAN  :P


Regardless if you need help moving into your hut give me a call, you have my #.

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