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  1. So the republic wireless phone would be unable to use any of the 800 band technology and Can only use the 1900
  2. Yeah but still the city is almost blank lol yeah if they put the petal to the metal buffalo could have alot of lte in a month
  3. weird thing is i see some places within the ibez that has cdma 800... which is just weird... lte buffalo is waiting...
  4. Fredonia used to be 1x only now it has 4g awesome
  5. im still confused... i like it though... he's giving us a show!
  6. Driving to florida from buffalo new york on friday... with a friend... gonna try to be the driver through the virginias ill die of slowness! i remember from some other years not getting signal or 2g only 3g when i entered a big town and even that was slow... GOD DAMN YOU NTELOS!
  7. family roadtrip through to florida! from buffalo new york... hopefully tons of 4g for netflix lol but wIsh me luck the virginia's DAMN YOU NTELOS. First time ive done with with a 4g lte phone (done it once before with wimax) legit mapped my trip where i was gonna get 4g for a long time!
  8. Well thats new... Dunkirk and i think its jamestown in the south of the market have officially launched.. Thats nice! Especially because i know Dunkirk/ fredonia state college did not even have 3g now they have 3g and 4g.. Go Sprint!!
  9. i hope your right... but i doubt it... i was thinking that when i left there would be widespread 4g in buffalo when i came back for christmas break... not the case.... very little progress (except south towns)
  10. Speed of 3g could improve with 3g accepted but when ur gonna see a big improvment is when 4g lte is accepted bein everyone with. 4g phone will b off the network.. plus more data speed through them.
  11. Samsung galaxy note 10.1 (2014 edition) that way u can use the multitask and the pen! its already out and its way better than any ipad.. or anything else on the market!
  12. I like there... when I'm not in college... I live like 2 mins from crosspoint... or 6 from ub
  13. Google wallet is so fun to see all the countryish people amazed here in oswego where im going to college. such a small ass college town... like legit
  14. i want to find out if those towers in amherst ny (suburb of buffalo with 990 running through it are gmos or full builds anyone wanna help!?
  15. Looks like 4g is coming for christmas... lol hopefully... but taking major strides with all this 4g lighting up today in the report and maps
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