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  1. Cardi B new album is ridiculous. Fire ?

  2. Progress? https://t.co/ftZ0gEtnPP

  3. RT @ABadDadJoke: When you hear a theme song outside of its show https://t.co/WoZ5fh6Qlq

  4. I've just got a new #fan! Get access to my unseen and exclusive content at https://t.co/FqS1zweNiy https://t.co/8BVyCVeiQd

  5. RT @JeremiahBaker_: Me: “that’s it, I’m REALLY going to bed early!” My insomnia: https://t.co/jTjpuTSBoS

  6. @Rookii24 It's an enormous Canadian coffee company. They leak over the border in New York and the like. There's lit… https://t.co/AVCj2WiC4y

  7. I'm just miserable about being miserable. All. The. Time.

  8. Like ???? https://t.co/GHVxdqHPwC

  9. Like ???? https://t.co/GHVxdqHPwC

  10. I look 6ft3. I'm not. https://t.co/orIn8k19va

  11. I mean, it's kind of like, if I were straight she'd be the perfect woman. @Loeybug Beauty and Scary AF. https://t.co/KxVDsX0d8x

  12. SLAYYYYY?? https://t.co/MWomzxh92F

  13. ☀️ https://t.co/RAqM7T988b

  14. RT @AmaziingPuppies: The hardships our mothers go through, thank you mummy https://t.co/2FPTSAA129

  15. @markypoohs28 I just took ibuprofen. I'm sure that'll probably do the trick. I just normally try to make it go away naturally first.

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